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David B (00)
I have the same problem as everyone else. The previous owner manually closed the sunroof and removed the fuse for the motor.

My question is -- WIIL the sunroof from a 2001 cougar fit in the 2000 cougar? Could not find an answer for my question anywhere.


Roscoe (19)
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Abraham (19)
I'll text you later beeg family The system was intended to stamp out bogus colleges which were allowing foreigners to enrol on their books as “students” but never attending courses because they were working illegally.


Javier (99)
An attachment on the passenger side broke off two days ago and I'm looking to see where I can buy the parts to fix it. Water's getting in when it rains hard. Does anyone know, please? Thank you!


Laurence (00)
Sunroof stopped working. I got it to close, but two engineers have sid it needs a new motor. c£750!!


Joseph Vasquez (02)
Sunroof partially opened and now won't move anymore. Will move a tiny bit every once in a while if I press the button.


Haynes (01)
Sunroof opened and now it will not close.


Wesley Head (01)
The track on the left side the metal piece that actuated the movement is broken


Kelo Smoke (00)
Fun car horrible Construction and design... Sunroof is broken won't close and wants to fly off at about 60 miles an hour the Ford dealership here in Fairbanks acts as if it's just not their problem...


Albis (00)
moon roof stopped working, hasn't worked for past 3 yrs.
just froze in partial open position.

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