When the sun no longer shines on your head
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The Purpose: is committed to newer model (1999+) Mercury Cougars and focuses on the sunroof / moonroof manufacturer defect. This site will try to remain objective with the issue and include only the facts. The intention of this site is to collect useful information, links, and sites that you may find helpful if you have a broken sunroof. Also, to maintain a list of people that this has happened to, so experiences and problems can be shared.

The Problem:
The problem is that plastic was used for a weight-bearing guide, which Ford/Mercury replaced with aluminum for the 2001-2002 models. Ford recognizes it as a known problem, but since it poses no immediate safety threat (and no reported accidents due to this defect), there have been no recalls. If your sunroof does break, you can not get the assembly with plastic anymore, they will be replaced with aluminum. To read more about the specific problems, start here.

Enjoy the Site:
Hopefully you can find some information that either helps you to get your sunroof repaired, or at least console you with the fact that you are not alone. If your sunroof is broken and you haven't signed the list yet, get over there and add your story to it.

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