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Matt (99)
48500 miles, passenger side track broke. It broke while lifting it to vent position. Was able to close it. Dealer paying for parts, I pay for labor.

Chip (99)
Plastic clips on belts broke around 70000 miles. Doesn't move at all now.

Scott McGraw (00)
Broken at 58,000 Miles - Build date of 9/99. Currently heading project Hold Ford Accountable"". "

Keith Brown (99)
Build date 7/98
Broke: 56,000 miles
Fixed by buying new track in 8/02

Chris (99)
Build date 11/98
Broke: 49,000 miles
Broke arm off and permanently shut it.

Scot Fiskars (99)
broke at about 50k and ford extended warrenty refused coverage. replaced recently on own but can be reimbersed supposedly if ford ever does antyihg about this problem

Irwn Chen (99)
Build date 11/98
Broke around 41000 miles
Repaired out of pocket for approximately $1,700

Brandon Kessler (99)
Build date 7/98
Broke near 41000 miles
I bought the sunroof assembly online for $667.50 and installed it myself. It was quite easy

sam jerome (99)
model year - 1999
build date - 3/99
milage - 32K
resolution - unresolved

just broke less than 2 weeks ago

Christina Conter (99)
Born On Date - 08/12/98

Cory Rhea (99)
build date-01/07/99
broken when bought at 67,000

Not even gonna post the crap I've been through=)

Greg Peterson (99)
99 Mercury Cougar
Broke around October 2001
Mileage when broke: just under 36K probably around 35,900

we were already in the process of having the state's attorney general's office help us get ford to fix some other problems that they were denying warranty work on due to mods we we just added the sunroof to the list and it got fixed for free under our full claim.

They fixed it by replacing the the whole sunroof with a sunroof with metal rails because the plastic rails can't support the weight of the sunroof.

Nate Miller (99)
At 38,200 miles the PLASTIC tracking on my 99' sunroof broke and the estimate was $1,024.20 for repair from the local Ford dealer. Called Ford, they said they can't help me out financially.

Michael Crabtree (99)
Sunroof broke just recently.. Im out of my warranty cause of the years, not miles and I'm guessing I'll have to shell out of my own pocket cause some genius at Ford thought the plastic rails would hold the weight of the sunroof

Ethan Parsons (99)
Broke early 2002 in the winter still open. Had to force it was the little plastic clip that broke on mine as well. Ford told me that since it is not a safety issue they really dont care. Broke around 66k miles

John Stanton (00)
track broke

John Prendingue (99)
broke during the winter. driver side track. had to have happened after warranty at ~50000 miles (dec 2001). fixed under good will service from Freedom Lincoln Mercury (Chesapeake, VA) for $200.

Katie Hooven (99)
at 20,000 miles my sunroof broke.. it made noises when i would open/close it- then it broke... but ford was nice and they did it like it was still under warrenty

Joe Paneghello (00)
My sunroof broke after about 20,000 miles. I tried to open it and one side worked fine adn the other didnt, causing it to twist. It was fixed under warranty and my dealership told me it was due to the fact that the 99-00's were made with a plastic track and they replaced it with the metal track.

Mark Sobol (00)
Wouldn't open at 2 years old, 22k mls. Dealer replaced plastic w/ metal track assy under warranty.

Andrew Yarnall (99)
sunroof broke at 38,000 miles. Dealer wanted $1500 to fix it. I called ford multiple times to get some assistance. My dealer pushed the sunroof in and put duct tape around it to hold in place. Wrote a letter to the office of the CEO and after a few weeks got it fixed for $750.

Craig Warthman (99)
sunroof broke at around 65,000 miles. I bought the car used so there was no warranty with it. Dealer Quoted me $825 for the parts to replace it and told me that labor would be another couple hundred dollars. Luckily my sunroof did not break while open. It will be a while before i can save up enough money to have it fixed though.

Brien Wienke (99)
51,300 miles.
Passenger side of sunroof would not close completely. opened it up to discover that the rail was severed. I managed to close it myself and bring it into the shop where they quoted me $1145 to fix it. I called for customer center, mention the number of NECO members w/ the problem. they refused to acknowledge the sunroof as a known issue. It still hasn't been fixed

Dave (99)
broke at about 48k miles.
Just opened it one day, POP. One side didn't go up all the way. I closed it right away, now the drivers side won't even move at all. Got a quote for about $1200 to fix it. Needless to say, I've been without a sunroof for about 4 months now. :-(

Tommy (99)
the dealership said that i need assembly kit. the sunroof opens but doesn't go back

Trevor (99)
Sunroof broke after the warranty ran out, but dealership fixed it as if I had an extended warranty. The dealership said that Ford buys the sunroofs as a whole unit from a supplier in France.

Tyras (00)
At 38K miles, passenger side track broke while in the closed position. Driver side functions properly, but passenger side does not move. Have not fixed it...out of warranty.

Julie Jebaily (00)
It was replaced by warranty but it was a major inconvenience when my sunroof would not close.

June (99)
Sunroof went at 32,000 miles, 5000 miles later after I complained alot, it was finally replaced (Today! 8/21/02). Now I am worried b/c it does not close flush as it did inside before the fix :( I guess the first rain storm will let me know all is well :(

Daren Cook (99)
will not close all the way

Peter (99)
went at 25000 miles but out of warranty still dealing with ford to get it fixed

Kevin Wright (99)
sunroof broke at about 45000 miles about 4 months after I bought it. Passenger side seems to open faster than the drivers side and passenger side is now not even connected to track

Amy (99)
sunroof broke at ~42,000km. Can't open it all the way. When it's in the tilt-positition, it's close; when it's in the open-position, it tilts. Dealer's quote = >$1200.

Tim Clark (99)
broke at 36,000 k's. Go figure right when the warranty ran out. It wont close all the way on the passenger side. It use to slide back and forth but wont even do that now.

Carlos Hernandez (00)
got stuck and wouldn't move at 23k. They replaced all the guts"" of it. was still under warranty luckly.

Samantha Legg (99)
Bought used last july 2001. 4 weeks after i purchased the car the clips broke. Ford doesnt make replacement clips, you have to buy a whole new track and after installation the cost is close to $1000 if your lucky.

Ive even called ford and complained - yet they deny ANY COMPLAINTS have ever been made and DENY that they have ever helped a person out with fixing this problem and they CLAIM that there isnt enough complaints to have a recall.

Matthew Hanks (00)
My top opened and made a cracking sound and stopped working wouldn't open all the way or close. Ford replaced at no charge the motor and track assembly. They also put a new headliner in the car b/c they ripped it up when pulling it out to replace the top

Todd Underwood (99)
I bought my Cougar used from a Mercury dealer in November 2001. 2 weeks later the sunroof clips broke and wouldn't seal closed. There were no previous noises or signs that it was going bad. It wasn't covered under my newly purchased Ford extended warranty. Based on advice from the NECO forums I was able to get Ford to pay for $600 of the $1,200 charge.

Ray L Jackson (99)
Broke at about 15k. It wouldn't close and a piece of the track gliding thing broke off so it couldn't get back on track. They gave me a whole new track, sunroof, and liner at no charge.

Tony Dziepak (99)
Broke at about 30,000 miles. Out of warranty.

Keith Neville (99)
the part connected to the sunroof broke and didn't seal when closed. Ford quoted it to be $1400.

Tom Biel (99)
Broke @ 42,000 miles, dealer quoted $1,200.00 to fix.
Living without for now.

Brian (99)
tracks broke.. cant open it at all...

Karen Hopkins (99)
Tracks broke and replaced at 34,000 repaired under extended warranty

Pete Bossman (99)
Sunroof kacked 60 days after warranty expired. Replaced at my own expense via part from @ $675

Screw Ford. This was my last.

W. Rushin (99)
Bought car used. Sunroof broke the first year. Repair shop said track was broken. Not able to repair. Parts must be replaced. No more Fords for me.

Brandi Craven/Shayne (99)
bought car used in august of 2001. the car had 22,000 on it and the sunroof gave out the first day i bought it! so i bought easy care warranty b/c the dealer said, 'sure if you buy our 1,500$ extended warrenty the sunroof will be as good as new'! brought the car in 3 different times to do warranty work and they said it couldnt be fixed by the warranty. this is definatly my first and last ford! living w/o!

Boss J (00)
Yea, my sunroof broke with 50,000 miles on it. And I have a warranty on the car, but i guess its not covered. It was factory installed and all. The dealership wants 1000 dollars to fix it. Screw them!

J Moyers (99)
Yeagh.. sunroof went belly up 30 days after warranty expired.

J. Hart (99)
Just bought my cougar used, with warranty from the dealership. Less than a week into owning and the sunroof goes up only on the right side, left side track is screwed. Taking into dealership for warranty, we'll see what they say.

Manan Karia (99)
Bought my 99 cougar used in march of 2001. It had 29000 miles on it. Sunroof worked fine when i purchased it. Stopped working at about 37000 miles, sux huh...

Ivo Marrachino (00)
Broke around 60000 miles. Needed a new track. Got it fixed through Ford at 20% cost-$200.

S. Chen (99)
Broke at 55K miles. Entire track replaced under Ford PremiumCare ESP extended warranty.

adam (99)
sunroof broke the power windows still work

brent (00)
Had about 25k miles on it and the track broke....fixed under warrantee but a pain in the ass

Daniel Clement (99)
Track broke at 100 000 km... Cost like 2000$ to fix it... Have to seal it
up ;(

Andy Gonzales (99)
driver track is broken i believe, 1060.00 to fix, car only has 26,000 miles. PLEASE HELP!!

Jeremy Kaplan (99)
Sunroof broke at 45,000mi

Haven't tried to get it fixed yet. Oneside of the roof will open, but the other jams. Seems to be the all mighty track problem.

Neil Schultz (99)
27,000 miles, sunroof almost didnt open yesterday evening, it struggled and made a 'popping' noise as it finally released. It closed fine but now does not open again. It tries, but doesnt get past where it 'popped' before, even with mild help.

Carrie West (99)
My stupid sunroof broke on me one Monday back in July of 2002. Then come to think of it in September, I was looking through my paper work when I was getting the car and I happened to stumble upon the Manufacture's Warrenty, which to my suprise I didn't know I had. I bought my car April 29,2002 and didn't even know I still had a Manufacture's Warrenty. Anyway it was already too late to tell them that my sunroof had broken cuz I didn't even know it was still under warrenty at the time. (lucky me) Anyway to make a long story short...I st

dewey (99)
My sunroof broke just a few weeks ago. This is the 2nd time that it has broke since I had the car. They didn't want to fix it, but they had to because of the extended warranty.

Mark Louey (99)
Sunroof broke a mnoth and a half out of warranty, but only 26k miles. Have appointment with dealer tomorrow... not holding out much hope for a happy ending.

Micah freeman (99)
damn sunroof broke 2k out of warranty.. 38K and the dealership wanted like $1500 to install a new one.. forget that.. only if they payed for it... which they wouldn't

Ted (00)
plastic runners broke or something and now it won't slide open and i am not paying ford prices to get it fixed.

Ellen Dunsmore (99)
plastic rails broke when I opened the roof in the cold weather. This really sucks, parts are expensive

Denn (99)
sunroof broke last year right after the warranty expired in the summer, still not fixed

Karl Appleby (99)
I have it fixed about a month ago. one of the rails came dislodged.

Anthony (00)
My sun roof passenger side wont respond to the button, but the driver side does. I hate that my sun roof is broke, I live in FL and it's really nice to drive around with it open. I never would have paid the extra to have the thing if I knew that is would be such a pain. Ford needs to take care of thier customers if they ever want them to come back.

Chris (99)
Passenger side wouldn't close...went to dealer and needed whole new assembly. Costed a little over 1200 dollars which included the labor to shut the damn thing

Matthew Bacis (99)
I noticed mine wasn't working after I was in a small accident. I'm not sure if it was related but they included the sunroof in the repairs and insurance covered it, minus my deduction. I'm just waiting for it to break again.

Ron Zlotnik (99)
My sunroof right side plastic rail snapped while closing the roof after coming back to work from lunch 2 days ago and the whole roof twisted and then the left side snapped from the stress.

Jeff Vorhees (99)
About a year ago, mine broke. The driver's side wouldn't shut. I did a quick fix to get it shut. I then replaced it with a 2001 model sunroof. It as also broken. It will go up, but will not slide back.

Carmen Cappello (aka Cap) (99)
Sunroof broke at 52,000 miles. Only the passenger side would lift to the vent position. I was intially told it was not covered under my warranty (extracare ESP) After discussing the issue with the service mgr and calling quality care the dealer fixed the sunroof at no cost(except the warranty deductable)

Mike Johansen (00)
Sunroof broke 41500 miles. Pasengers side will lift a little but drivers won't budge. Diassembly of the sunroof shows little plastic piece broke. My dealer won't even listen so it's off to a ford factory rep with this issue.

Matthew (99)
My car has 40,000 miles on it and the sunroof broke. Same problem I've been hearing passenger side broke and won't move. I have a Extracare warrenty till next year, but there telling me that part number is not under warrenty. My Ford dealership is being sold so I hope the new owner will help. If you could help me out with what I should tell them it would be most helpfull, thanks

andrew (01)
hey wuts up everyone? i have 60,000 miles on my kitty and i was down at the beach and i was on my way home and i tryed closing it and it wouldnt close and it was pooring out side usual south florida lol. so i guess is there any other way except spending over 1000 dollars for a dealer to do it for me. is there any way i could just replace the motor and ill be fine because my sun roof is stuck open and the kat has been in the garage basically every day ttyl peace

Justin Ymana (99)
Just happened one spring day and just heard a crack. My left side track was shot, the sunroof couldn't open. been about two years since it happened.

John Prendingue (99)
Sunroof broke when opening it during winter. (Yeah, I'm dumb) Then when having car serviced for a recall at a FLM dealer, I mentioned the sunroof and they fixed it for $200 under the guise of a hookup"". Good samaritan or something like that. Oh and I was sans-warranty. "

Tony Wong (99)
when i attempted to open the sunroof i heard a crack and my sunroof semmed to stay open. when i tried to close the sunroof it stayed open. i have yet to fix it. estimated cost between 8-1200$ to fix.

Annie (99)
Sunroof wouldn't close completely last summer (with 29k miles on it) I bought a complete warranty from Ford for $1000 (if I was going to spend that much, might as well get the warranty). The warranty covered it, and two months later my flywheel went out, so I was able to use the warranty to cover that too.

Doug (99)
Some problem - different cougar

Opened sunroof and never was the same. I had to disassemble it to get it closed. I have read alot about the $$$ involved with fixing it. Is there any help out there on this one??

Danielle walls (00)
The right side went down but the left side stayed up.. under warranty back then though.

Dennis Schuster (99)
broken sunroof...........DUH? same as everybody track broke and it doesnt open!

Brandon Roberts (99)
Yeah, Track broke the other week. 60,000 miles on car. Sux. Drivers side track broken in half. passenger side works. Will not shut.

Anthony Prescenzi (00)
I opened it one day and it popped really loud. It was broken and refused to slide. I got it fixed by the dealer under warrenty. I would estimate 30K on the cougar.

Paul Donald (99)
Same problem as everyone else. sunroof noise crack..then won't open. Purchased replacement from auto parts dealer and going to try and install myslef. Happened at approx. 56,000K

David Markham (99)
I put the sunroof back all the way, heard a crack, and when I went to put it back down, only the passenger side moved. Still unfixed.

Elena Milesky (00)
Opened one day to a loud cracking noise. The drivers side arm that lifts up has sheared off occured at 50k - build date 10/99.

Joe Neubauer (99)
Tried to open it one day after school and didn't open all the way. Right side only went up and left stayed stationary. Happened at about 38k

Danny Dunn (00)
At 33,000 miles. Sunroof only opened on drivers side.
In shop now.

Tim Lewis (00)
Opened one day, closed it, then went back out 5 minutes later and only passenger side would lift

Adrian Ramirez (00)
Track broke twice. One side tries to open but gets stuck. First time was under warranty (30K or so), now it is very expensive and I haven't gotton around to it (broke 6 months ago)(65K miles).

Joh Barry (99)
Sunroof broke about 38k. Driver side moved and passenger side was stuck. Cant bring myself to drop $700 on a new one.

Jack Jeka (00)
At 33k miles tried to open the roof and it broke on the passenger side. Had to remove the roof panel to get the track back in place.

adam kerr (99)
metal j piece snapped this winter. replaced whole assembly with a metal one.
Added: Occurred at 65000 miles and paid $875 for new assembly. Repaired by self.

Michael Witte (00)
Sunroof won't close all the way. Its too dark to assess damage.

42K miles, car built March 2000.

Amanda Baker (99)
Broken sunroof track in early 2003. Not under warranty and the dealer quoted me $1660 to fix it! Help!

melissa d. (00)
broke at 38,000 miles. when the sunroof is supposed to be all the way open, it's only it won't open all the way. the cheapest quote i have is $1,000!!!! this is crazy!

Matt Knighton (99)
When I open the sunroof only one side of it will go up and it will not go back down.

DJ Harris (99)
When the sunroof is supposed to be all the way back and fully opened, it only vents. I can then push it back manually, but it's a mess!

Michelle Egnew (99)
Sunroof broke at around 24k miles. Took it to a shop and they said the plastic clip that rode in the track was broken on one side. Been stuck shut ever since.

S. Semmler (99)
Mine went at about 57k both sides went and now only vents, and this must be the second roof in my cat as it has the metal rails!

mike f (00)
broke around 50k, took it in, the shop put some lub on it, got new metall rails, and off i was. covered by dealership insurence, about 2 weeks after geting it

Andy gonzales (99)
24,000 miles the roof broke, it currently has 32,000 plastic track broke, and sunroof was forced shut. Tryed to open itself, but it always opened about .5 of an inch, and at a angle. Almost a 1,000 dollars later its fixed.

Steve Ziemba (99)
I was drving home and tryed to close my sunroof when i heard a crack and hte drivers side wont shut. Now i cant even get the thing closed. I have 36K on it.

Dexter Groenink (99)
Sunroof just broke yesterday, gonna go to dealer today or tomorrow.

Amber Sines (99)
Sunroof broke at about 43,000 miles

Rob McLean (99)
Sunroof track problems. Motor runs but roof wont close. Can move it back and forth by hand but can not lower it.

Joe Russo (99)
At times the motor wont work, so when I try to open it, nothing happens. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

rick (00)
moon roof broke and i think its the rails but still broke at about 40k miles....

Michael Kline (99)
Sunroof will not open. Right side tries but left doesn't move.

Matthew Nemeth (00)
Went to open the roof and heard a cracking noise. Now roof will not open or close. Car has 77K, but that has nothing to due with the moonroof.

Dan Emery (99)
the sunroof is a peice of SH!T....SO, I came up with the idea of cutting the sunroof area out from driver door to passenger door and make a custom targa top made out of fiber glass. That should fix the problem and give me a CONVERTIBLE COUGAR.

Dan Silva (99)
Motors fine, but the a platic piece on the rail broke. Way to expensive to replace unless I can get one at a junk yard.

Matt Eisenmenger (99)
Motor was fine but the track plastic cracked. The Dealership fixed it before I would buy the car and he said that it was $800.00 I have 52000 on the car and no other problems.

Dave E. Mayes (99)
goes up about 1/2 then stops and clicks real hard.... "

david (99)
Delaer told me it would cost $1300 to replace, and wouldn't even get it to close for me when I told them no.

Local speed shop said I was the 4th one this year to come to them with this problem. So he got it closed and pulled the wire, and I now have a non-working sunroof.

Kellie (99)
I was out of warranty and the dealer told me it would run around $1300. After it was all done, the dealer picked up all but $50. And I got the metal rails too.

MrFroge (99)
roof jams part-way (about a half inch)up when opening and stops.. This will be the cougars second time to repair.

adrian santiago (99)
i was out of warranty and i guess it would be the tracks. but it only opens up about .5 in when it suppose to be all the way open.

Brian (99)
Mine broke about 1 1/2 years ago. Plastic tracks...go figure. It's been since fixed, but for how long i don't know. I definately won't hold my breath over it.

David Osborne (99)
Sunroof broke around three months ago, about one month after warranty ran out.(Go figure) bought one for $680 plan to install w/friend this weekend (08/16/03)

Steve Brown (99)
My sunroof broke in three places on the track. If I try to open it, it just makes this horrible noise and doesn't move. Of course my extended warranty will not cover it! I just manually pushed it down so I wouldn't get rained on.

Darrell Reid (99)
Roof opens only slightly, then a rachetting sound. Closes with the same sound. Lopsided ( drivers side up a bit more then passenger side ) and needs to be forced to full closed position.

Janet (99)
Sunroof was broken when I bought it a couple of months ago, looked into getting it fixed, they said the plastic rail was broken, should cost about a grand to get it fixed. Opening and closing it by hand for now.

Joe Buckshin (99)
broke a year ago. one side does not open. did not even attempt to go to the dealer since they wouldn't even honor the altenator job they did 11 months ago due to mileage.
(posted 8/22/03)

Rob (99)
Edit: At 85,000 miles the track broke, had to force closed so it wouldn't leak. Dealer wants $1000 for repairing it.

Melissa Schermerhorn (99)
Sunroof failed without any hint of problems today at 50,075 miles. Went up, didn't slide toward the back of the vehicle... I tried to close it, noting that something was obviously wrong, but it stpped about an inch shy of doing so.
This car is fast becoming a real piece of garbage.

Adam Quirk (99)
Sunroof failed at 60,000 miles. Pulled into the garage and went to close it. I heard a loud crack and noticed that the roof was not closing. The next day I took it to a Mercury Dealer. They called me later that day and told me that a new closing mechanism was needed and that the cost would be $1,200. I responded that the price was ridiculous and that the dealer could keep the car. They then stated that I only had to pay $400 and that the dealer would pay $400 and Ford Motor Co. would pay the remaining $400.
I have used the roof minim

Eric Sansburn (99)
Sunroof broke at 46,xxx miles. There were no previous signs that it would break. The driver's side track broke, the local Ford dealership wants to charge me $857.89 for the metal tracks out of an 02 Cougar. Needless to say, my sunroof is still broke.

danielle walls (00)
my clip broke but it was still under warranty

scott long (99)
plastic rails broke.. still not fixed yet.

Randy Wash (99)
Sunroof broke today when I was opening it. It made a loud crack"" and the nothing. I was able to get it closed...... the car has 44

joe archer (99)
Sunroof broke at 36800 miles. Dealer wanted 1250.00 to fix - would not even close it for me. Following day, the customer service manager I spoke with said they would fix (replace tracking) for $200 bucks as I had just came out of warranty. Paid $200

Robert Walter (99)
Sunroof broke during normal operation at 27,000 miles. Car's warranty has expired. can't find part for less than $650. the motor runs but the roof will not slide.

janice dougherty (99)
damn thing broke almost a year ago, quote I got from the dealership was 1600 can....

paul miller (00)
50k on car 2 years old, pops up half inch on left side, right side doesnt move. motor and transmission is still working so im assuming plastic rails broke. thinking about making my own rails since the dealer wants so damn much for a new roof

andrew windear III (99)
i have 75k on my 99 cougar roof broke at 40k. heard weird noise. later that day noticed one side of roof wasnt fully help to force it shut.
everywhere i check repairing it will be
1000 dollars

Steve Tuscano (99)
Mines broke too dealership 800 to get it fixed i aint spending that much but i heard they were recalled

Ben (01)
Mine broke yesterday... made a loud noise and is jamed in place... i forced it closed but it is dead now :(

John Chambers (99)
sun roof broke yesterday while shopping for a birthday, the passenger side would go up like 1/2 an inch but drivers side was jammed shut so I tried to force it up and POP freakin cheap plastic broke, haven't got a quote yet and sounds like it's going to be spendy, I have to try and push it down though just in case it starts to rain

James Hager (00)
My roof has been broke, my track on the drivers side broke also. I found on a web site one day that it said that if you were going to replace it with a factory assembly to get one out of a 2001 or newer cougar cause they started making the tracks out of metal. If anyone finds out about either a recall or if the newer assembly will fit into the 99-00 cougar plz let me know. I really hate not having a working sunroof, not to mention i don't like the rain inside my car.

Ed Grabski (99)
Sunroof dead, motor ok, what is broke
I don't know... cougar sucks!

Amy Wilson (00)
sunroof tries to open but only vents up on one side. dealer said the assembly has to be replaced and parts are over $850 and with labor thats about $1400!! can we please get a recall?!

alfred sahagun (00)
I was shopping for xmas gifts and the sunroof just stopped opening on the drivers side. Im currently looking for a replacement track

Lora Williams (99)
My sunroof broke 2 months after warrenty expired. My car had 26,000 miles on it. Dealer wanted $1800 to fix it. I ordered new track for $700 & paid $100 to have installed. Mine broke before Ford modified track so I'm sure mine will break again

Anthony Paccione (99)
My sunroof broke about 3 months ago and as soon as it did, I was immediately reminded of my standard thought that except for Mercedes, there hasn't been a sunroof or convertible that can be fully trusted not to breakdown. Anyway, we've been through a number of ainstorms"" here in NJ and I'm kinda fedup

Ashley (99)
i bought my cougar and the sunroof was broken when i got it..they replaced it for free, and then 3 months after that the new track they put in broke not paying to have it fixed, this is ridiculous!!

Matt Leavy (99)
The switch is intermitten and they want $300 to fix it! I already paid $80 for them to tell me it wasn't working. I am tired of throwing money away at this problem.

Derek Thorslund (99)
One sunny day, when attempting to open the sun roof, only one side opened. The whole thing got botched up and I was just fortunate to be able to close the roof at all. My Cougar is out of warranty.

Nick DiBiasi (00)
My sunroof went out right after I opened it. I went to close it and all I could hear was the motor and a grinding sound. It poped off track on one side and broke some small pieces too. I pushed the button and pulled the roof far enough where it wouldn't pour in when it rained. It ruined my front seats.

Jessica Wilson (99)
My sunroof broke shortly after I bought it used from a Ford dealer. It's out of warranty and they want $1350 to fix it.

Bob Cardwell (00)
The passenger side cable attachment broke (small parts found in track). I was able to get the sunroof closed, but that required removing the unit from the car - head liner, sun visors, roof-mounted control panel. A major pain. The replacement part at my local Ford dealer is running $950 + with a 3-day lead time.

Nicole Frey (99)
They told me it would cost at least 800 dollars to fix. Pissed me off. I never had a warranty, I bought it from a private seller. I just wish I knew some way to fix it. I can't afford that kind of money, I'm a student.

Pat Mckee (99)
Broke a track through normal use, figured it wouldn't be that bad to fix. Dealer told me $920 for the track and $250 to put it in. Needless to say that I don't use my sunroof now. I am looking for used parts now.

Vanessa Martin (99)
it is broken and will not close. it stays popped up a little. it doesn't move at all. I was quoted $900+ from the dealer.

Alan (99)
Broken @ the drivers side, happened today 2-16-04 drivers side will not come down @ all however i did find a little broken plastic thingy

Jaime Mercado (99)
Just closing my sunroof when i heard the crack and now it won't close. The dealer charged me $40.00 dollars to tell me it will cost $1,000.000 dollars to fix it.

Dragan Vasiljevic (99)
same as others, broken drivers side

Glen (99)
broke when trying to open on a sunny day:( I haven't been to the dealer to get a price yet, hoping to get a used metal track one:)

Brian Weber (99)
On a sunny day I used my sunroof and it would not close on the passenger side. I contact the dealer that I had purchase the car from and they said it would be about 1100.00 just for the roof. Found a local place that replace with all new parts and installation under 1000.00 Still a rip-off for something made out of cast iron.

Paul (99)
drivers side inop, just bought broken sunroof from ebay for parts...installing soon

chuck soverns (99)
it broke about 2 weeks after the warantee (sp?) ran out. looks like some kind of carriage assembly came off from some kind of pusher thing. Rich Morton's Lincoln Mercury Mazda informed me that to figure out what is wrong they would have to replace anyway for a cost of $1300. so it's been gone and but never forgotten for over a year.

Richard Bangle (99)
Broken at 72000 miles.. no support from Ford. It is still broken and will be exhibited as another job well done by Ford.

Artie Cook (99)
Broke about 60k
still broke, don't have that kinda money to fix it.

brian (99)
my sunroof was broken when i bought my car and i have no idea how much it will cost to get it fixed. it will not move but you can hear the motor running!

Chris (00)
broke at 30,000 miles, one side moves the other doesnt, broke shortly after warranty was up

Theo (99)
Became bad about 50k but was able to salvage it. Completely broke and wouldn't close. Live in FL=Lots of Rain. Had to manually rip out elbow joint to close. Cheap material!

Troy (00)
Bought the cougar six months ago, now that I have just passed the warranty date the track on the sunroof broke,now the dealership wants $1,257 to replace just the track. Ford should have recalled this growing problem and pay for it, we didn't know about the defect when we purchased these vehicles.
Angry Ford Customer

Joe Nolan (00)
sunroof clicked while opening, only slanted up, motor still functions but sunroof doesn't slid back. closes still. motor works, sunroof doesn't open.

Brandon (99)
58,000 miles. tried to close it, right side tries to go down, left side won't. it looks like the track is broken, there are pieces of plastic stuck in the tracks. i can't believe the dealer wants over $1,000. this is bs

jesse neal (99)
i think its the track. It seems as if it want's to open, but gets stuck. then the ever dredful machinegun sound. Oh the humanity!

Shanda Ball (99)
52k. i tried to open it and i heard this creak and the right side tried to go up but the left side wouldn't budge. the motor still works but the track on the left side is broke...i'll live without it for's wintertime...but come summer...i'll still live without it...too expensive to fix!

Dan (99)
i don't remember when it broke, long, long ago, but it goes up and down now but no slide. both of the clips that slide on the track are broken. i was out investigating exactaly what broke, got it to slide out, then retracted it and scratched the sh!t out of my roof. i'm pretty ticked off now. still goes up and down, so the motor is still good. i guess i can be happy that the motor still works???

James (99)
I can actually push my sunroof up and down and when I'm going around 65 or 70 with the air on, it will bounce up and down.

Matthew Nemeth (00)
Mine broke last summer. Only one side of the roof moves. Had to manually close it. Going to try and make the stupid plastic piece that broke. O'yea I have 93K one my Cougar.

Nathan (99)
Mine won't open/close or stay locked closed. When driving on a windy day or at 60+ it 'fludders' open and close. Quote to have it fixed, a whooping $1000-1300!!

Randall Melvin (00)
Went to open it, only one side opens. It was 70 degrees outside when it happened. I had the car for 8 months (bought is used).

Tony Silgrim (99)
Sunroof opened once the week i got it , broke would not close .. after 2 days finally got it closed , will no longer work at all...

Aaron Boyles (99)
Drivers side wont open

beth vaughan (99)
my dad opened my sunroof and went to shut it and the left side will not go down, but the right side will. It only has 48000 miles on it. i am a student can't afford that kind of money. they say i will need to get the track replace. is there any recalls at this time or what can we do has a group?

KenRofrano (99)
My sunroof died about a year and a half ago (40k on the clock). The dealer told me I need a whole roof before I even brought it in and guess what they were right. I called ford we are aware of no product issues with the cougar sunroof"". I have called every where

Gloria Plummer (99)
Passenger side track broke at 34,341 miles, on March 27, 2004.

scott long (99)
rails broke just like all 99's

Chris Mitchell (99)
Rail broke at 52,159 on the odometer. removed and inspected, same typical damage as on most 99's. Contacted dealer about problem, got the usual runaround, and was suggested I purchase a whole new sunroof. Unable to locate local salvage yard with parts i need. Resorted to installing new larger sunroof.

Zach Z (00)
Looks like everyone seems to have a problem with these horribly-designed roofs. Passenger side broke, then the driver side, now it just makes a cute motor noise. I pretend it's a turbo or something. I live in Canada, and it's going to cost $1600 + tax for a replacement/labour. I really hope that something can be done about this.

rebekah (99)
Yup, my sunroof broke. The tracks broke on it approximately 2 years after I bought it! Love that manufacturing!

R Walton (99)
One side pops up(driver's side)
passenger doesn't...43K
Saw where 2001-02 have metal brackets
99-00 have plastic... They saw a problem
and change the part..but won't own up to it.....

Jonathan A (99)
Passanger side of sunroof won't move. I took sunroof apart and it's a little plastic piece that sits in the track. Dealership said sorry but

Julia Soito (99)
The track is messed up on my sunroof, Can't buy part's and Can't find used and a new one is going to cost $1000.00.

Kris Keys (99)
My sunroof quit working today and is stuck half way open. I was in the process of trying to sell it. Try convincing someone to buy a car that the sunroof is stuck open. I haven't had a chance to have a professional look at it yet.

Greg Wilson (99)
driver side stoped going up and back, was showing my friend and then the motor stopped open after 3 open/close. mother F*

Rachael Watson (99)
Sunroof wont open, can hear the motor running and all but nothing will happen. Dealer said it was off tracks and cant be fixed the whole thing must be replaced and will cost around $1300.

James Reed (99)
The passenger side of the sunroof works but the driver side is broken. If anyone has a drivers side bracket and rail for sale please let me know!

june heninger (00)
Just bought the car and the sunroof doesnt work. Went to dealer and talked with the mechanic and he's personally replaced at least 15-20! So, it's obvious that there is a design flaw! They quoted us 900+ for the new track and another 300+ for labor! WTF?

Kevin Sullivan (99)
Sunroof will not close all the way. It is stuck. This should be a recall with as many people as I've seen that has this problem online.

Reya Line (00)
Yep me too. Problem with my sunroof just happenend 4 days ago. Heard a crack when opening my sunroof and looked up and notice the driverside was moving not the passenger side. I want Ford/Mercury to know I am so MAD right now I want call everyday to let then know how much this is a safty issue. Example What happens if the sunroof happens to fly off my car or gets broken in from my for ever slightly open sunroof. "

Kevin Lampe (00)
The plastic on the metal slide broke on the driver's side and the passenger's side, after going through a car wash and dry. The next day I heard it crack and bust up more plastic when opening it. I believe that I will be able to repair the metal to plastic connection with a soldier gun and soldier.

Sgt botruff matt (00)
Welli went to the store and tryed to open my sun roof and it opend on one side then it just made a loud clicking noise and the little piece that props it up at an angle pop'd off now its stuck open and wont go down im pissed

Wayne Nelson (99)
I was closing the sunroof after parking at work, and heard some plastic crunchiness. Driver's side guide broke out of the track. The car is 5-1/2 years old now, so I knew it was coming. No warranty stinks. The replacement track and gear assembly costs more than the sunroof option itself. Ouch! Worst part is I only managed to manually slide it to the front, but can't get it to go down all the way. No choice but to fix it ASAP.

Diane (99)
Mileage: 50,000
Resolution: $375 including parts and labor; and that's with going to my dealer

The tracks took a crap. One side would go up and the other wouldn't move. We tried to fix it ourselves, but it wasn't happening. I think we made it worse.

Nick J. (00)
Same problem as everyone else! Moonroof makes clicking noise and I believe the driver side rail is broken! The passenger side raises up but the driver side does not. I guess Ford/Mercury will never do anything about this though so I guess I'll have to go to the dealership and spend over $500 to get the stupid thing fixed! No wonder they quit making this car! Not to mention the car also has Alternator/electrical problems which a lot of other cougar owners seem to also have! :(

Jon (99)
SNAP!!! happened last May and the dealer wanted $1500 to fix. No more open air driving for me. Outrageous!!!
How about a class action??

Scott H (99)
mileage:92,000KM same issue as everyone else! side track snapped it pops upbut wont slide, dealer wants just over 1000CAD for a fix!

Markus Duckor (99)
Plastic clip on the drivers side broke. Got it fixed for $800.00. I hardly use the sunroof now.

Ian C (99)
Not alone out there. But ducktape seems to work unless you go over 80 with the AC on (air pressure reopens it). Makes me a little concerned when it rains.


Bill Lubak, Jr. (99)
At 63,750 miles, the sunroof would [loudly] slide back and forth, but would not completely lower into the ceiling; only the passenger side would drop down while the driver's side was stuck raised, thus forcing me to keep the sunroof in the vent position. No amount of fiddling, pushing, cleaning the tracks, or lubricating the joint did any good, so the only way I could shut it was to physically twist and break off the driver's side joint, allowing the roof to drop down into the ceiling. Ford QualityCare facility wanted an insane amount of mone

Paul Carter (00)
Plastic component in sunroof mechanism snapped. Now sunroof is closed until I can have it repaired. Not sure why mechanism is made of plastic in the first place.

Brent Kantaras (99)
plastic componet that connects track with sunroof broke and also scratched paint on roof...estimates of 1200 to fix

Rosanne (99)
Sunroof won't close on driver's side. Had to take it to a dealer to close it. Quoted me $1500 to place. Told me it had plastic tracks and they are known to break. Why doesn't Ford pay for this defect....because it certainly is a defect, not caused by user. Happened with 53,000 miles. No resolution other than not using it, which I miss.

Toby (99)
broke, and they want $1200 (CAN) for the part...then there's the service charges!

Any idea where cheaper options are?? Please reply!@

Ron Schnatzmeyer (99)
Sun roof broke just a week after having the fuel pump replaced. The motor works but it appears whatever it is that pulls it open and shut isn't working. It made a cracking sound just as it broke. It does however pop up in the back after holding the button in for a bit and will close again but it won't pull all the way open. I thought this should be a simple fix but after what I read here this is ridiculous.

Eric Neal (99)
Sunroof does not move at all. I can hear the motor working, but it stays put. It looks like the plastic piece on the track. Plastic? Why?

Dan Weitzel (00)
I went to work with the sunroof open and I closed it when I got there and thought everything was fine, when I left work I got by my car I noticed that the left back wasn't closed so I tried to close it and it wouldn't. Got home and had my brother carefully push it down when I tried to close it and it still wouldn't. I bought my car used so I didn't have the orginal warrenty, luckily for me they picked up the cost to replace the whole left track, with parts and labor it would of cost almost $900, so glad I didn't have to pay that D:
ps, bought my car 9-03, sunroof broke like 1-2 months after I got it.

shavaughn a (00)
The roof will not release open on passenger side. Told that I need a whole new unit. Estimate of 750 to fix. This happen at around 38000 miles

Bob Schmidt (00)
Mine broke at about 40K miles. Dealer fixed under warranty. Still working fine now. Moral: If you're buying a Ford product, always buy the extended warranty.

terry (99)
mine would make a pop noise when it would open and then one day it just stopped so i pulled it open and both plastic brackets were broken

Jaclyn (99)
Mine broke with 16,000 miles. Its impossible to find anything about replacing this as far as on the internet goes. If you can help me out I would appreciate it.

Lilly (99)
tried to close it one day..drivers side wouldnt come it won't open at all or close properly...contacted dealer today

walt paskins (99)
the track in the sunroof is broken cant find a replacement without going threw the dealer

Joe Toomey (99)
My '99 Cougar's sunroof just died. PI was able to coax it closed, but now it won't move at all. I expected perhaps $100 to fix this, and when the dealer called back to say that the replacement part (apparently includes tracks plus cable and gear assembly) costs over $900, I couldn't believe my ears. I'd appreciate any lines on reasonable cost parts for this...

Arleen Crenwelge (99)
My '99 Cougar sunroof now is broken on both sides. The passenger side crapped out first, had to break the bracket to get it to close. Now the driver side is stuck open and will not close...and it's raining!!! It slides open but will not draw down to close. I'll probably break the other bracket in order to close it and hope it doesn't suck open when I drive down the interstate at 70 mph. available

Jason Lorfing (00)
My '00 Cougar sunroof is broken on the driver's side. Fortunately it is closed. I will politely ask the dealer to replace it. They should recall these or suffer a class-action lawsuit. Hint, hint.

Amy Burns (99)
My sunroof worked when I bought the car used 7 months ago. Then one day I tried to open it and it would only go up a little bit and it was going up more on one side. I asked my brother-in-law (a mechanic) to take a look at it this past weekend and he got it open... but then it wouldn't close. He said there was a problem with the track and after a few hours he got it to slide back into place but it wouldn't go down all the way. There was a couple of hours left before a thunderstorm was predicted and him and my father worked on it until the

James (99)
mine broke last week. heard a crack, looked up and only one side was going up. so i closed it. i tried it again, and nothing happened. i'm glad i could get it closed though. chalk another one up for cougar owners on this.

Sergei (99)
Exact same thing as with James but... do any of you know whe one could find sunroof parts for the cougar? Please contact me at

Andreas Ahlqvist (99)
My sunroof tilts up but does not slide back.

Paul Whitehurst (99)
Passenger side will not go up...drivers side seems to raise/lower just fine. I have done nothing yet.

Sandra Wong Darroch (99)
Slides back and forth but won't tilt back fown to roof. Motor runs but no futher movement from 'vent' position.

Corinne (99)
motor runs, passenger side wheels move back and forth but don't do anything

Marinus Mellaart (99)
I had to replace the motor and clean the tracks myself. SKAHA FORD in Penticton BC Canada would not cover it under warranty!

Richard M (99)
broke 87k 6/30/04

Scott G (99)
Just broke today and I'm not liking what I'm finding out about it on the net. I can't get the damn thing to close right now. The back is open! ArGGGGHH!!

Amy (99)
Broke around 94,000 - was told the whole thing has to be replaced, even tho the only part I need is the track - the actual sunroof itself is fine!! Have estimates for $1200-1400!! And only the left side of the track is broken!

Jason Sharpe` (99)
I lost my sunroof when my car was only two years old. Haven't replaced it because of quotes of $1,000 or more for the kit and install. Found out a little plastic pin that lifts and slides the panel broke off on the left side. Sucks you can't replace one little part.

Jordan (99)
Broke Around 94,000 Km. Told it was going to cost me around 1,100 to fix...
Can't even get it to close...

shane mellin (99)
one side stopped moving while opening... the motor hums like it is trying to move it but i had to force it to close some so it wouldnt rain in the car

Dianne (99)
The plastic tracking fell apart. Several broken pieces removed and now unable to shut the roof completely. $1000.00 + to fix. Covering with a tarp to prevent rain damage.

Dave Weyrauch (99)
Will only go into vent"" position

Andrew Hable (99)
Sunroof broke - won't open at all. 77,000 miles. Sounds like should be opening... jammed? Dealer says to get new track so searching...

joel rayle (99)
Cougar has 28,800 miles on it. heard crack noise when closing. now will not open(only right corner raises slightly.dealers says $500 & parts backordered

ed graski (99)
Broke at around 100,000 km while opening frozen roof...

Gail Mitchell (99)
Sunroof has broken twice. First time it was covered under warranty and the second time I couldn't afford to fix. The cost was over $1100.00. Still broken.

Tim Herby (99)
Sunroof has been stuck in the open position for several months. I have not brought it to the dealer yet, because it's out of warranty. Hoping that they will still fix it.

William B. Stoner (99)
All the track parts fell inside of car when I opened it! Motor still works but screw might not! The parts and rollers broke off! Trying to find a new track! Deallers want $900.00 for kit! Does anybody know who makes it for ford?

Arthur Wright (99)
Roof is stuck shut. Lift works but doesn't roll back. Happened ~ 66,000 miles.

John Simon (00)
Plastic guide piece in the driver side track broke out of the track. @ 70000 miles

Terry (00)
Without any warning, I went to open it one day and only the passenger side will move. It happened at about 75,000 miles. Luckily I can get it shut, and although I hate not having a sunroof, I'm not paying the 1,200+ to get it fixed. I called Ford and they refused to help.

Scott Cunningham (01)
2001 Cougar
Build Date 10/00

Date of breakage: 7/21/04
Milage: 24500

Resolution: None - Just occurred.

Sunroof fully closed on one corner, partially closed on another.

Bob Schroth (00)
36000 miles bought it used sunroof broke a week ago. Called for estimate 1600 dollars that is bull@#$% this is a major problem and needs to be recalled

Anthony Salabor (99)
Broke at roughly 60k miles. Closed the thing when I got home one night, and it broke the next morning on my way to work. After further review, it's the plastic piece that holds the arm into the rail on the driver's side.

Dexter Groenink (99)
Tried to open it at approximately 70,000 KMS, it wouldn't even angle up all the way, nevermind slide back.

George (00)
Motor supposedly was bad at 52k miles, replace for $600, now at 60k miles they say I have to replace the track because it won't close for $1200. Sounds like all similar problems...a design flaw perhaps worth a class action?

chris bill (99)
broken moon roof in my 99 cougar i guess im not alone any 1 know where i can get parts

Taheera Waterman (99)
Sunroof CLosed all the way except for on passenger side. Now it wont move and it's stuck open. The German ford dealer said it would cost about 1900 euro to fix... Does anyone know where I could order the kit?


Steve Urban (99)
Moonroof broke yesterday... tried to open it when only the passenger side lifted. Opened and closed it with manual help until it would no longer open at all. Now it is stuck closed.

Steve Huston (99)
Will not fully open or close on its own power any more.

Rosanne (99)
My sunroof broke 5/04 with just 52,000 miles. I hardly ever used it. Was stuck open and had to take it to a dealer to close it. Told me it would cost $1500 to replace. YIKES!!! I always wanted a sunroof but not for $1500.

Mark (99)
Sunroof broke about a year ago. Motor works, but will not slide open. At least it is closed.

George (99)
I permanently closed my sunroof yesterday because the track is broken. I have a 1 1/2 year old motor for sale in excellent condition with steel drive gear.

Kane (00)
Passenger side goes up and starts to slide but is being held back by driver side that will not move. Heard a loud crack when it broke.

Dana (00)
Went to open it one day and only one side would go back about 2 inches. Got it closed most of the way for now.

jacob zorn (01)
i owned a '99 cougar and the sunroof broke. the dealership replaced it. then i baught a '01 cougar and now its broke also. the problem for me is that it happened just a couple thousand miles outside the warranty. now it wont close and itis really hard to wash the car. i baufgt both cars brand new off the lot.

Sal Auriemma (99)
The sunroof broke once when the car was under warranty with only about 19000 miles, luckily it broke and i was able to close it. It was the track of course. Now its about 61000 miles and the track broke once again, but unfortunately it is stuck open. Its been two weeks since Ford ordered the part and it still isn't fixed. Got some BS story from FORD waiting for the part to be made and shipped. I love driving my cougar with a trash bag over the sunroof so that the rain doesn't leak in. Gotta Love Ford. (F)ix (O)r (R)epair (D)aily

Steven (99)
I just bought the car with 52k on the clock. The car appeared to be in good shape but the check engine light came on when I was test driving it and I had them fix it. I came back and drove it home not 3 miles down the road, the light came back on. they just cleared the code. Now the damn sunroof broke just after I had read this post. Now we are about to have a huge thunder storm with 75mph winds. I am going back to the dealer tomorrow and see what they will do. If nothing... I will post the name and address of the dealer

Karl Fengler (99)
Broken plastic parts in right side sunroof rail!!! 35,000 miles

Karyne (99)
My sunroof was broken to.Passenger side goes up and starts to slide but is being held back by driver side that will not move

Jason Lesage (99)
I had the same problem as everyone else, one side doens't pop up and the other side does. I took it in to the dealer and they said it would cost $1200 plus labor. I passed on the $1200 and told them to close it. Now the roof opens at the back but doesn't slide open all the way. I've contacted the dealer again and am persuing this as far as I can. I also contacted Ford of Canada and got shot down with legal jargan, stating that by signing the extended warranty I am obligated to purchase all parts that are not included, like a sunroof!

Roy Garner (00)
Moon roof broke, hope that counts as sun roof. The plastic tracks are broke and car is out of warranty.

Dan Ellis (99)
Plastic clip holders broke... :(

Will Hughes (99)
The track broke at about 26,000mi the first time. I had that fixed under warranty. It just broke again and of course it is out of warranty at 58,000mi.

Mike Aiello (99)
Sunroof broke @77,000 miles, unresolved.

Jonathan Jones (00)
Damn tracks broke @ 60,000 miles!!! Still not resolved!!!

Jeff Powell (99)
Sunroof broke 85,000 miles, clack, clack, clack!Unresolved.

Chuck Cotton (99)
Sunroof broke at around 80,000. Same problem as others. Sounds like it is going up but it isn't.

Frank Scheidt (99)
Broke about 2 months after warranty ran out at about 45K. No help from Ford or dealer. My brother, a body repairman, took it apart and found a plastic part broke.

James Sanford (99)
85K on car roof opened now will not close. This sucks

Tim Adamowich (99)
open sunroof never closed car only had 50k on it

Josh Adamowich (99)
My sunroof broke just like my brothers did open but could not close

Geoff Brannan (00)
Broken Sunroof @ 51,000. Dealer wants $979 without labor. Sunroof will stay broke.

terra (99)
broke at 35k still unresolved

Jeff (99)
tracks fine, but the tabs to the roof broke. What really pisses me off is that I know exactly what is wrong but 1) Ford says this is not a common problem 2) the dealership wants to charge me $150 to diagnose the %@!#% problem.

Lizz (99)
I tried to open my sunroof today and it partially opened on one side. I kept trying to open it driving to work, until it made a weird sound when pressing the button. I plan to take it to the dealer soon...

Dan Wallig (99)
Broken at ~ 42K, repair unresolved. Will do it myself like the alternator. I'm not giving Ford any more money than I have to for bad designs.

Brian Tucker (99)
Broke a few years ago. Didn't know it was a massive problem.

Rich (Froge') Bangle (99)
Broke for the last time in the summer of '03.. Of course the dealer and Ford do not want to split the cost of repairing the roof.. I think the responsibility belongs to both of us. Ford for a bad design and mine for being dumb enough to by a Ford in the first place.

Mark Clyde (99)
Broke Aug 2004, 87k
Track is crack, but not broken, tabs that slide along track broke off. Warrantry done, will look for one in scrap yard, Or sell car and buy a 2000!!!

Charlene Risser (99)

Carolyn Greer (01)
The Ford place has had my daughter's car most of the last 1 1/2 yrs. until it ran out of the warranty about a month ago and then the sunroof wouldn't close..with only 24,000 miles on it. To fix? about $1100 although the Ford Place finally agreed I would pay 20% (I am afraid they really aren't fixing it because they said the track "wasn't broken" but I got this appraisal from a reliable mechanic. (I'm going to ask them to put the defective pieces they take off, into a box!)
Good luck..It appears to be a scam/ripout defect and the tracking should be made of metal, not rubber or whatever..

carolyn C. Greer, msw; lcsw

Paul (00)
Similar problem to what's been described. 4 years old, 81000 km, passenger-side plastic tabs broke off. Has anyone had any luck with Ford with this issue?!?

tom christensen (99)
sunroof flips open but stopped sliding open at approx 35,000mi. Dealer wants total of $1400.00 to replace track. Ford/Mercury should do something for so many with the same defect.

Zach Winsett (01)
The pastic clips that slide the roof along the rails snapped. Now the sunroof will only do the "vent position".

Sarah Mott (00)
Motor runs, but window won't open. Appears to be off the track.

Bob (99)
sunroof guide rail cracked on driver side would not fully close dealer said would cost $925 to fix

Tara (00)
Sunroof track just broke this weekend. Amazed at what a problem this is.

Ralph Riganti (00)
All of a sudden without warning, my powered sunroof is stuck in the open position.
It does not make any noise when I press the switch either way. It's not the fuse because I checked for that. It's not the switch because I see the dash panel lights slightly dim when I make contact one way or the other with the switch. It just stopped! I am so upset and I don't know what to do because it's out of warranty and now I must consider the expensive options. Anyone, please help me if you can. Thanks.

Courtney (99)
My tracking broke on my sunroof and like you said they will gladly charge you twice as much for a new one as the retail price!! Its a rip of.

Steve Ayoob (99)
Broken at 50,000 miles

alixandra dudley (99)
sunroof broke 85,000 miles. had ford shut it for $100. may i mention it is f_ound o_n r_oad d_ead

Nick (00)
I have had a similar problem as all of you have had. The drivers side of the sun roof for me wont ever lift up. Passengers side will but not the drivers side which mean that that little piece of crap plastic has broken on it. This craped out at 54,000 miles. That sucks that they wanted to charge you for telling you that the little piece of plastic broke.I was just lucky that my dad would rather look him self before take in there because the dealership near me all the people that work there are ASS HOLES.

Chris (00)
Broke at 35K miles.
Not looking forward to the cost of repair.

Heather (99)
Sunroof just broke at 48,000 miles. What a joke. Can we say recall please? I am so mad to find out this is such a huge problem and Ford is not taking care of it. What can I do - who can I go to??
Update: I took car to Tom Wood Ford on 96th and Keystone in Indianapolis, IN and they are only going to make me pay for $300 of the total 1300 it would normally cost! KUDOS TO THEM!!!!

Gint (99)
wow. $1300 to replace a faulty $1 piece of plastic? nice job, ford.

summer (01)
its my first ford and my last - going back to chevy! with only 60,000 miles my sunroof has broken and the fuel pump problem, well i had that replaced too and now its bad again 15,000 miles later! If i didnt owe more than the piece of crap was worth it would be gone already! On top of it all - my year cougar was supposed to be fixed! I bet they'll start rolling in!

James Hager (00)
Well not only did my sunroof break but the bitch flew off into the highway almost causing an accident as well as causing at least a thousand dollars worth of damage to my roof panel behind my sunroof. If anyone knows the cheapest place to get a new roof assembly and the actual sunroof panel let me know please. My e-mail address is

At 50k miles Sunroof broke... Still trying to get this fixed under "Goodwill" repair.
I'm not paying (a bendover) $1200+ for a flaw in design that was corrected in 2001 by replacing plastic rails for metal ones.
I will grind my top off and make myself a convertible.

Join NECO today!

Jamie (00)
2000 Cougar, sunroof broke at 29000 miles. Passenger side is broken and stuck open. Looking for assembly, 900+ from Dealership.

Ray (00)
At 43K the drivers side track on the moonroof broke. Plastic track is okay but jammed and broke the metal piece the motor drives to operate the moonroof. Have not gotten quotes to fix yet but took 3 hours to take apart and get sealed for the rain to not run in.

Luciano Miranda (00)
My sunroof broke after 3 years and since I live in toronto where I only use it 5 month out of the year, it is very disappointing. they want to change my track and charge me $1300. I hope Ford post a recall on this issue.

Jason Fritz (99)
My sunroof broke and it wont shut. Plastic piece snaped when shutting it.

Stacy Peterson (99)
Sunroof will not open all the way like it should.

Mary (99)
I bought my car and the sunroof worked fine for 2 days. Then it just snapped on the 3rd day. It will vent now, and you can hear the motor working but it will not open. Said it would cost me $1900 to fix it. Why should I pay for something they obviously screwed up on??

chad (00)
I recently bought this car and the moonroof is inoperable. I took it in and they said it would cost about $1100 to fix it. Anyone know where I can get it done for alot less?

Susan (99)
I'm so mad that I could spit. The sunroof broke with the back half way open. Right now we duck-taped it so rain won't get in while we try to find how to get it fixed for a reasonable price. I've been given estimates from $1,000 to $1,500 and the Ford dealership where I bought the car wants $87.50 just to tell me the sunroof if broken!! The car's only worth about $9,000 now so $1,000 to fix the sunroof is just unreasonable! We had a bodyshop owner tell us he would put it down and seal it if it were his car. I wish 1999 and 2000 Cougar owners would start a class-action suit against Ford!!!

Lindsay (99)
My moonroof broke last year (as well as the million other problems w/ this POS car). It had about 55K miles and the part snapped off as I was putting it down. Now it stays down b/c I don't have the extra $1200 to fix it!


Dave Park (99)
Darn Sunroof. 80,000km and the passenger side slider snapped (I looked at it and could see it broken part). I got it closed and will be on Ford's case over this.

Carrie (00)
One side of sunroof track broke around 55, 000 miles. Dealer quoted $1200 for parts/repairs. Was forced to close it manually due to UNNECESSARY HIGH COST which should be a recall! Why is the darn thing made from PLASTIC???!!!!!!

Sean (99)
My sunroof has been out of commission for 2 years now. I originally thought someone tried to break into my car through the sunroof, when I left it cracked open overnight. When tried to close it the next day, it made all sorts of noises, but didn't close. My suspicion grew after being quoted over a $1000 to replace the obviously defective and now broken plastic parts: which couldn't have cost Ford more than a few dollars if that. With a website like out there, it is clear Ford screwed up. This has Class Action Lawsuit written all over it!

Amanda Whitaker (99)
Sunroof will slide open, but only the right side will lower. My car only has around 44k miles on it !

Gretchen (99)
My Cougar has 72000 miles on it and the sunroof just broke this weekend. It opens about 75% of the way and can not close completely. If it is the lift bar, the dealership suspects the cost will be close to $1200. This is not a repair I can afford! I suspect I'll have it closed by the dealership and try my best to get Ford to rectify this problem. I'm open for suggestions.

Jennifer (00)
I opened my sunroof and it made an awful noise. When I tried to shut it and re-open it the thing wouldn't budge. The passenger side was completely broke. I thought that it was off track so when I tried to put it back more plastic broke and even a metal piece! This happened right around 55,000 miles. What junky plastic!

Mike Aiello (99)
Orig. owner, broke in July @70k miles.

Frank Scheidt (99)
Broke just over original warranty at about 40K 2002. Plastic part broke, can't replace, will cost $1200 for new replacement!

Keith Neville (99)
Metal rod that moves sunroof back broke at 60,000. Ford Dealership said I would have to replace the whole sunroof and it would cost $1,200 to fix.

Crystal P (99)
I bought my car used about a year ago with the sunroof already broken. The girl who sold me the car said it would cost about five hundred to fix but that is not what the dealership said. They quoted me over 1,200. I am trying to get it fixed some where else cheaper.

Mel (99)
ok, so yesterday my roof 'broke'--and I'm thinking, I'll just go get it fixed but after reading all this-whats the point

Systous (99)
Bought cougar used, sunroof disabled (disconnected switch0.. should have left it alone. Reconnected switch, motor worked for 2-4 attempts, now motor is siezed, tracks obviously broken. You know what's harder to find than a used assembly, a used motor parted off a working assembly.
I'm now manually operating the sunroof just to seal it.
This is a JOKE!
BTW '89 Toyota Corolla has the EXACT same problem (plastic peices)

Jeremy Geer (00)
Original Owner. 65K miles. Pushed button - nothing. Pushed again - opened normally. Pushed again - nothing. Still stuck open. Tracks in good shape, doesn't sound like motor is even turning.

Jerry Eller Jr & Amanda (20)
I came out of walmart and i opened it and when i went to go into my house I tryed to close it and i heard a loud crack and then my sunroof wouldnt shut all the way and til this day it is still like that last winter i had a heck of the time with the snow and rain to try to keep it out!!! Also my car was covered by warranty until about 3 mths ago and I had went to a Ford Dealership and they told me that it wouldnt be covered by the warranty and that I would have to dish out like 2 grand for it when obviously it is nothing I did consider I am not the only one!

Judy Alexander (00)
My sunroof is also broke and will not close. It is like one side will not work. My moonroof broke @ about 55,000 miles.

Sarah (00)
Second owner-60k. Same problem as everyone else lists where the plastic cracked and now have to spend a lot of money to probably have it break all over again!

Jennifer Puliafico (99)
Sunroof Broke at 55,000 Miles. Will not open all the way.

Guy (00)
25k miles.
Broken sunroof!
Damn you Ford!

Betty Minnis (99)
My sunroof broke open slightly on the drivers side. The little plastic piece that rides in grove came out. I took it to the dealer thinking they could pop a new one in and they broke the track. Told me it would be about $1500 to fix. Having a very hard time trying to locate one in a salvage yard.

j hobbs (00)
sunroof wont close... 'bent' track (inside the headliner). how does that happen? $900 for replacement of ENTIRE sunroof plus $400 labor and tax.

Christina J. Morgan (99)
Broken Sunroof ....will not close. I was quoted 65.00 just to close it and 1300.00 for a whole new sunroof!

Sal (99)
The sunroof broke once when the car was under warranty with only about 19000 miles, luckily it broke and i was able to close it. It was the track of course. Now its about 61000 miles and the track broke once again, but unfortunately it is stuck open. Its been two weeks since Ford ordered the part and it still isn't fixed. Got some BS story from FORD waiting for the part to be made and shipped. I love driving my cougar with a trash bag over the sunroof so that the rain doesn't leak in. Gotta Love Ford. (F)ix (O)r (R)epair (D)aily

Anthony Guiliano (00)
sunroof broke while opening it and wouldn't shut. I had to go in manually and shut it by hand so rain wouldn't get it. It broke around 44K miles. Still broken to this day.

Jeromy (99)
Same as above 60k and it broke. Motor works yet roof won't open. WTF

Diane (00)
We bought the car used (with @10000 miles) - it now has @52000 miles. We don't use the sunroof that much, so it was a surprise when it jammed Saturday night. Of course, the bigger surprise was the price ($1200) and the wait for the track (2-3 mos.) at the Mercury dealership. Great. Just in time for the rain/snow season. And it won't fully close. If we could get that corner down (rear, driver's side), I'd say screw it and not bother to fix it. I'm hoping the extended warranty we purchased from the used dealer will cover the costs, but now, I'm not so hopeful.

Kevin (01)
Got the loud cracking sound as described by others, but this isn't supposed to happen on an '01. Haven't determined specific cause of problem as of yet.

Amy (99)
Just purchased this vehicle w/about 99,000 miles on it...power sunroof was working sporadically until a few days ago, when it stopped closing properly. The dealer sent me to a different shop and they said the cable is broken and I need a whole new track ($1100). I'm having it glued shut for the winter and having it fixed in spring. I just called the Mercury assistance line...she said there's nothing they can do.

Karen Flaherty (00)
We bought the car used, 60,000 miles. We have had it less than 30 days and the sunroof broke. Motor is OK but it will not open or close. What's the deal!!!!!!

Glen 1 (99)
I had the same problem with my couger last winter the sunroof was stuck open and I got a little PO'd so I forced it closed and snapped the clips. Bad temper but this seems to be a very commen problem. I wish Ford motor company would take responsibility for their crap design.

Wayman Motes (01)
sun roof broke will not close i was quoted 800 plus labor any suggestions? dont have money to get fixed. still under warranty but dealer sain only the motor could be replaced not track

Sara Hina (00)
I bought my car a little over a year ago. It was used but seemed to be in great condition. One month after I bought it, the sunroof wouldn't go down completely. Now I'm told I have to spend $1500 to get it fixed. I have met some people who have had the exact same problem, but since they weren't under a manufactor's warrentee, they got screwed too.

I suggest that we all keep calling and writing the Ford Motor Company. Obviously the is a major malfunction and they need to be held responsible.

Bobby Maxwell (99)
sunroof broke retail went down, and no help from my trusty ford dealer, very dissapointing since ford is supposed to be a great service provider.

Dan (99)
My sunroof track has broken too. was told about 1100 bucks to get it fixed. Been trying to find a place on internet to get a new track at a cheaper price, but no luck :(

David Baldacchino (19)
1999 Cougar. The sunroof opens at the back only and doesn't slide. I removed the top part to see what was broken. The traks are non-metal. The part that slides in the track looks like cast aluminum or cast iron...not sure. That part broke off on both sides and that's why it just lifts the back and doesn't slide. No clue about what course of action I'll take. I'll start by complaining to the Mercury customer service first.

Josh Morford (00)
We bought the car used, 70,000 miles. We have had it less than 7 days and the sunroof broke. tHE RIGHT CLIP SNAPED, dealer said oh well, pay us around 700$

Bryan Austin (00)
Sunroof will not open correctly. This started at 36,000 miles - car was bought new. Was told $1000 to replace, and that no fixing parts were available. The roof will elevate on the drivers side, but not on the passenger side.

Very disappointed - I have warned friends and family about the problems I've had with my Cougar.

Used car dealer (01)
Bought cougar, found switch broken, sold it to customer as is with free switch. Customer used switch once and stuck in open position.Customer now mad as a sprayed hornet. Thanks Mercury, you jackasses! Do not buy a Cougar, I'm not!! Rot in Detroit, Ford!

rachael (99)
My sunroof wont open. I was told $1500-2000 to fix at the ford dealer and about $500-700 from a small shop. The man at the small shop said he has a 2000 cougar and his is broken and he will not fix it because its not worth it because he knew someone who did and it broke again after that. Very angry with the whole situation. If i didnt want a sunroof then I would have bought a car without one, but i wanted one and now dont even have one since Ford cant do their job right. Thanks alot ford your a real realiable company.

justin krick (99)
my moonroof will not open with out basically comming out of the track and i tell you what it happened when it started to rain so i drove with my moonroof open for 40 miles in heavy rain. i got soaked the inside of my car got soaked. its very upsetting that they know about this and will do nothing about. i know they know. i wil never by a ford again and i will tell everyone i know not to . what a disgrace.

Becky J Dillon (99)
The sunroof on my '99 Cougar broke a around 15,000 miles. Dealership fixed it under warranty but it took 10 days to get the parts from Paris. Yes France!

Kayla Lowe (99)
I had to break my sunroof to get it closed. My passenger side window motor is starting to go out, my head light fues go out, and my flywheel is bad.

Sue Norton (99)
Original owner. Have had 3 alternators, broken sunroof twice, 1st time under warranty. Have 86,000. opened last week. Will not shut. No motor sound. Those of you who closed manually...please let me know how you did it! Can't afford to have fixed. Luckily, live in AZ, but it's finally going to start raining here! HELP!

Steve Canale (01)
My Cougar has 41,000 and is 4 years old. My opened and then would not shut. I contacted a couple a repair shops, they all told me I'd have to go to the dealer.

The dealer told me the parts were on a national back-order, so Ford knows this is a big problem, but they found one kit in Baltimore. It's going to cost me $1,300 to fix it. Needless to say, I'll be shopping for another car soon and it won't be a Ford.

Bobby (99)
Bought in January, Moonroof broke in June local dealer said we'll call and see what we can get worked out and never did call so it's still broke and my cars retail is way down there!

jeff baker (99)
Sun roof broken. Motor works but will not close. found chunk of cast aluminium and plastic pieces.

Luke Collier (00)
It opened fine and when i went to close it the back left braket would not close with the others. It left one side open allowing rain to come in. I had to have someone break the back corner piece just so it would close

Derek Thorslund (99)
Sunroof broke last summer at 50,000 miles. After lots of back and forth with my Ford dealer and then my Mercury dealer, I finally got it fixed for $500 plus tax.

Derek Deaton (99)
60,000 miles
broke and stuck open
I took a rubber mallet and broke off the two rear pieces so it would shut and duct taped it from inside...pretty nice looking.

Gamblin (99)
Sunroof broke at 25000 miles, left latch wont go down. Mechanism still moves up and down but rear left latch stays up.

Mark Spaeth (00)
Moonroof broke. Won't move back. I think the track is broken...Looking at about $1,000 to fix :-(

Giuseppe Izzo (99)
Moonroof will not open or close. I press the switch all I hear is the gear grinding. estimated cost $1100.

Alicia (00)
86,000 Miles ..had it 3 months.. broken PLASTIC!!

ed Hale (99)
sounds like everyone else, motor runs just stuck open.
Ford knows it is a problem but it doesn't kill anyone so why recall it. It is a shame to Ford that a web site is here to sound off on a sunroof
with a very bad design in the first place.

Ciaran Bolger (99)
Same issue as everyone else. Broke just after the warranty ran out.

Rob Harmon (00)
Sunroof is stuck open. The roof will go all the way forward, but the back side will not go down to close. The problem is that the left side is hanging and the right side attempts to close, causing the roof to be cockeyed.

kyle (00)
Went to open the sunroof and it just went cockeyed. Then it wouldn't close on the passenger side. Tool the sunroof off and it ended up being the little crappy plastic notches broke. The ones that connect to the thing that moves back and forth. I fortunatly got it to close. I really don't want to pay $1000 to get it fixed. This blows.

Scott (99)
Motor runs until it opens up about an inch. However, I won't do that again-not worth getting stuck and not worth $1000 to fix.

dennis (00)
my moonroof broke on my 2000 cougar and the dealership wants to charge me 1500. to repair it.... please tell me there is an easier way and if i could do it myself please tell me how. thanks

Louis Hall (00)
Sunroof opens part way - one side is broken. Apparently 99 and 00 had plastic parts that break and Ford is aware of it but will not do anything.

Chris Spark (98)
My sunroof has seized in a vented, upward possision. Now my car is a Ford Contour, but it shares the same componentry as the Cougar, as it does with most of its parts. WHY IS THERE NO MANUAL CRANK BOLT!!!

Chris Meyer (00)
Broken roof at 45k miles, only checkin fix now cause im thinkin of selling it. Same as 377

manuel maese (00)
same problem as everyone else with the plastic breaking

Allison Balchan (01)
My sunroof broke 100 miles over warranty at 36,100 miles. One side of my track has broken and is now stuck in "vent" mode and won't close all the way.

Arnold Agustin (99)
Sunroof broke in Jan 02 at 31K miles. Purchased in Nov 98 and missed the warranty by 3 months! Mercury dealer quoted $1100 to replace.

tori (00)
i had my car for 2 months my sunroof will open all the way but will not close all the way they said it will cost 994.64 and thats to last cent and i have warrenty but they want fix it .

Austin (99)
i bought my cougar last week and it was aleardy broken. I'm planning on sending it in to get fixed next week i hope its not as much as everyone says. the back of mine is up about an inch

Vanessa (99)
Sunroof would not close at 85,000 miles. Remained opened 2 inches vertically. Then theives pryed open the sunroof with a broomstick and stole 2 grand worth of stero equipt! Plus about 1500 to fix sunroof.

Brian (99)
Bought my Cougar with it broken. Haven't gone to the dealership or anything yet but hope to get it fixed.

Brandon (99)
i went to close it and only one side went down. i had to break the other side to get it to go down. once i got it forced down all the way it still sticks up 1/2 inch. no help from the dealer. about $1000 for parts

b bryant (00)
broke on one side ,could not close .now broke on both side
from pressure of trying to close

Brian B. (99)
Sunroof stopped working at 58,000. Have not found a repair solution yet.

/Tonya (99)
Sunroof got stuck open. Motor sounded like it wanted to work but it wouldn't budge. Finally got it closed and the issue remains unresolved. Stopped working after my 75,000 extended warranty expired.

mark melnyk (99)
yes mine broke too!!! 75000kms try to find a new one! no way. ford should pay!

Mike K (00)
Mine recently broke. After reading information about it online, I'm just going to get a new car...NOT a Ford!

Garrett (99)
Sunroof track broke at 33K m. I had to play with the tracks and the roof in order to shut it and haven't opened it since. Looking to have it replaced with glass latched moonroof or having it closed at the body shop. Ford/Merc will never get another cent of my hard earned!!!! $700 dollars for the track assembly?!?, that's recockulus! That Monte Carlo is starting look good about now.

jen (99)
stupid sunroof is broken...just as you said in your first paragraph!!

Ben (01)
I cracked the sunroof one day and attempted to close it. The left side went down and the right side did not. I had to play around with the right side to get it to close and hasnt been reopened since. It is rediculous that ford will not pay to have something fixed that they screwed up to begin with.

Erick (99)
Same problem, it stuck open, had to break the hinge to get it to close and now it flaps open at highway speeds and annoys the crap out of me. I will never buy another Ford/Mercury vehicle, this my my first and last. $1200 quote to fix the sunroof at dealership, I'm having the alternator replaced as I speak $550 to replace that as well, junk car, too expensive to repair!

Cody Woodward (99)
Stupid sunroof! I wen't to open it and heard a crack then tried openiong more and it slide sideways and wouldn't close proper so I tried fixing it and got it open then it closed proper under own power and won't open now!

Cody Woodward (99)
Stupid sunroof! I wen't to open it and heard a crack then tried openiong more and it slide sideways and wouldn't close proper so I tried fixing it and got it open then it closed proper under own power and won't open now!

Anne U (99)
Everything was working fine, then a crack/pop thing went crooked and couldn't get it closed. Motor sounds fine. Garage told me it would cost $1000 to fix! R ya crazy! Couldn't find a Ford garage that was even willing to help me get it shut! After about a month of dodging rain storms my dad and I were able futz with it to get it shut. Very frustrating!! Might I add not covered other my "high tech" warranty! UGHH!

b. sears (00)
Well, i have the same broken sunroof. SAME PIECE OF JUNK.

S Urban (99)
Sunroof...Moonroof... whatever you want to call it... no matter now, for she is broke :0(

Angie (99)
My sunroof broke at 81,000 miles. cost was too high $1,500 to replace.Had to pay to have it closed manually and then unplugged so it nolonger works. This needs to be a recall! I have heard from other Cougar owners that they to were having these problems.

Jeff (99)
My motor sounds fine with the sunroof, but it doesn't open.

Nick Farina (99)
i bought my cougar in August 04. Drove beauitiful up until Halloween night. Alternator went (total of 3 times), starter went, car was keyed when i was out of town, and today is January 13th, 2005 I am 16 bought this car on my own and the moonroof is broken. I live in western NY and it was 67 degrees out today and that doesn't happen often in january so I opened it and now it wont shut. I'm freakin 16 and I cant afford to fix it...

Dominick Farina (99)
Broke 1/13/05 72,000 miles

Henry Claudio (99)
The moonroof broke at 73,000 miles, one side of the moonroof works the other won't move. 1/14/05

paul hudson (01)
Broke down today. Left side of the roof won't close. Est cost of 1500$. Have any of you heard of an unauthorized product recall? This happens as times.

Angela (99)
Sunroof won't open AT ALL, check engine light, brake light, and traction control lights are all on and no one can seem to fix ANY of these problems. Ford want WAY too much to even look at them, never mind fixing them!

Donald C. (00)
Broke 11-15-04, havent had anything checked out yet, 42k.

Tim Swiss (00)
right rail clip broke at 39,000 miles 3,000 after warranty had expired. power door locks blow fuse so disconnected, now alarm works fine and now check engine light is on... any ideas?

Kyle Brooks (20)
mine broke in the end of may, about a week after i had bought it used, and it broke 3 days after the factory warranty expired

Carolyn (01)
Broke right out of warranty at 26,000 miles. Ford place didn't want to fix it despite rule that they *have* to fix it if under mileage, for 80% of cost. Finally convinced them that teen daughter might dissuade others to buy if they didn't. Paid $200. Shouldn't have to pay anything.

Valerie Franks (99)
Moonroof broke down in the fall when the weather was going from really hot to seasonable cool! The tracking is broke on it. This happened when I tried to close the moonroof after having it opened through the day. It cost around $900.00 for a whole new moonroof from Ford. I have know idea where to begin to look for a new one. Any suggestions? Broke around 75,000.

Beau Holmes (99)
I push the button to open, I can hear the motor run but I get nothing, motor stops, release and repress open button and the rear of the moon roof raises but never retracts. When closing, again I hear the motor running but nothing happens, untill the very end of the motor's cycle when the moon roof rear comes down and reseats. Does this sound like anyone else's problem? Diagnosis?

todd and erica (01)
same as everyone else. 55k miles and the sunroof breaks. there has to be some kind of recall. i cant believe this many people are having the same problem. i have priced the parts and i am getting the same responce. 1000 dollars. unreal!

Ryan (99)
I had the same problem. The little metal piece that has a hole in the middle cracks as it is not built thick enough. Went to Mercury, $1000 but you knew that. Walked out with the replacement for one that someone had payed for and took both apart and replaced the curved track. Worked fine but then same thing happened on the other, non-touched side. Ended up with $650 dealer cost (20% off i think). Replaced it myself...not hard after the first time!

Karen (99)
Mine broke last week. Doesn't sound like the motor is trying to work, just doesn't make any noise when I push the switch. I don't have the money right now to have it fixed, so unless we can gang up on Ford or our state Attorney Generals, it doesn't look hopeful for me.

Charles Teeters (00)
My moonroof went up and then came off track breaking the cable. 45,000 miles any suggestions, cheaper than the $1000 ford wants.

Robert Wright (99)
Sun roof is stuck will not go back and forth.switch does not work

sherri Savage (99)
sunroof got stuck open...tried to charge me $1000.00 to fix it until I threatened with a lawyer then it was fixed under the warranty but I still had to pay the $100.00 deductible

Ebony (00)
same problems as everyone else. this is ridiculous. i think i'm going to call mercury and tell them about my moon roof i called about another part and the rep said that we should notify them so that if necessary they can do a recall. they don't know if we don't complain.

Colin Cassidy (99)
Sunroof broke and would not close. It then flew off one day leaving me with a hole in my roof.


Mike Hoelscher (99)
Mine broke in the open position. Took it to the dealer where I purchased it and they quoted approx. $1300 to repair it. I had them just fix it so it would close (that cost me $150). Now when driving, the wind causes the sunroof to bounce, which is very annoying. So, I drive with the drivers window cracked to equalize the pressure to keep the sunroof from bouncing.

Justin Craddock (99)
Sunroof was broke when I bought the car a month ago. Passenger side track is broken off. Sunroof is currently kept closed until I find a cheap resolution.

leah summers (00)
i dont know i have only had the car for 4 months and now the sunroof wont close!!!!!! my motor sounds like it is working, but they back lock is stuck on somthing, any one got any ideas????

Craig Fay (99)
My '99 Cougar has just over 50K on it; I garage it during the winter. Last summer (2004), the sunroof opened but wouldn't close! I was quoted $1000+ to fix it. Had to have a local garage get the thing closed. Now the interior of the car looks bad because part of the assembly is my back seat. Ford/Mercury should definately repair these with a recall. I was told the gears are plastic!

jackie bartoni (99)
broken sunroof 57000 miles. I have it caulked shut. Now have alternator problems and i'm having it fixed right now.

Erin (00)
car has broken sunroof @ 70k miles. sunroof was open, i went to shut it and the sunroof made a cracking noise and now it is stuck 1/2 way because it wont close! dealer wants 1,400$ to fix! anyone have any ideas?

Anthony (99)
sliding moonroof broken track. took my local dealer 2 hours to get mine closed after it became stuck open, no damaged was caused to the car, but this is a serious problem ford needs to address a little harder, i know i will never buy another ford again after this.

Michael Green (00)
I left my moonroof open just slightly one day...only the rear portion was slightly raised.

When I started the car and tried to open it, it was stuck. I was quoted $1,300 to fix it.

Dan (99)
Sliding moonroof broke in the open postion. Dealer got it 99% closed and said that the housing was broke parts alone would cost $1000. Happened in July 04 with 45K.

Danielle Peers (99)
My worked fine until one day I went to open it and it opens slightly but makes an awful sound. That's all I can get out of it. I have had nothing but problems with my car! It's one thing after another.

Joel (99)
Bought the car 10/99, sunroof wouldn't open around 12/02 (had about 16,000 miles on it) - the lifter assembly was broken and replaced by the dealer under warranty, guess I got lucky.

Amanda Peters (00)
I bought my car used, and everything worked fine. I had it for just over a year and by sunroof broke in the open position. The dealer got it mostly closed. It cost me $700 dollers and a car that smelled musty because it took almost 3 months to get the sunroof. They were on back order. Now I see why.

Beth Hicks (01)
Sunroof suddenly won't work. Can't afford to have it fixed. Managed to getit closed enough that it is not leaking in the rain.

Dana Coldiron (00)

Josh Rosenfield (99)
Died at 57578k miles

kristin (99)
My car's sunroof just broke today. Neither me or my dad could figure out how to fix it, let alone shut it. When we took a look at it, all the plastic pieces were deystoyed. Any ideas on how to close it? Please email me if u have advice!!! my email is

Mary (00)
My 2000 Cougar sunroof will not close properly. Dealer said it would cost around $1,400.00 to repair.

will (00)
broke my sunroof could cost up to $1200 or $10 if it's just the one part that is broken.

Jarit P. (99)
little piece that slides in the right rail broke in 2 at about 120k miles, had to take it apart to shut it. $800 for new part @ dealer rate.

Peter (99)
sunroof died at 79000

chuck (00)
Ironic:Found this link last night, thought this was an odd problem 70,000 miles and mine broke the next afternoon started to come closed and then the pass. track broke. Wife has a friend that works at ford. Hopefully by printing out all these complaints we get our recall:)

Barbie (99)
My sunroof broke and they said it was going to cost $850. just for the sunroof that wasn't even labor

Ryan Leonard (99)
My sunroof broke at 70,000 miles. The pieces that slide it in and out broke into pieces. I called around and its going to cost me $1300 to fix it. Thats a bunch of crap. Ford should start using better quality parts.

Jay Meyers (01)
My sunroof broke at 37,400 miles. I was told it would be well over 1,000 to fix it, which is not wroth it when i just paid 16,000 for it not even a year ago.

Emily (99)
My sunroof would not close all the way. I ended up having to brake it to shut it before it began to rain, using a screwdriver and hammer. Mind you my car only had 50,000 miles on it.

jim (00)
mine broke at 68k and I haven't fixed it yet. its better if they fix it or they shouldn't have put a fake sun roof

Laurie (99)
Mine broke with 37K and it'll cost about $1200 for the dealer to fix it. The worst part is that it was only used about 10 times and I bought it brand new.

Lynea (01)
Broke the day I bought it at 64190. Luckily, it isn't stuck open....

Brian (99)
Happened TWICE!! Once at 20,000 miles and again yesterday at 108K. Should I be HAPPY the second one lasted 4 years???!!!

Julie (99)
Mine broke at 68,000. It was stuck all the way open luckily my friend is a mechanic, it took him 2 hours just to get it shut, and it is still not working.

Martin (99)
damn sunroof pooped out... rails broke at 64k cuz some brilliant Ford *engineer* thought plastic rails would hold the weight of the sunroof

Ed (99)
Sunroof popped put it back,
forgot had sunroof.

Steve (99)
Bought the car from the original owner who said that the sunroof just stopped working one day at about 70,000 miles. Motor starts to move it but then I get a gear grinding sound. It is stuck closed, but the passenger side rear corner us up about a half inch. Quoted the same $1,000+ to get it fixed. FORD MUST DO A RECALL!!!

james (00)
same as everyone else. They need to come up with a cheaper solution to this...

Dawn (99)
Broke at 48K. Quote to fix it was over $1K. Never fixed.

JEFF (99)

Michael (00)
Sunroof Broke at 55,000 miles. Motor won't start and basically its stuck closed for good.

Jennifer Simpson (01)
The Moonroof no longer opens or closes. It was broke when I first purchased the vehicle, the dealer (supposedly) fixed it and then it broke again. This time they won't fix it.

Mark (99)
Bought the cougar in 7/05, only had 40k on it. Sunroof opened one day and right front wouldn't close...lots of grinding. Extended warranty won't cover..must be manufacture one is expired. I'm just a kid, it's my first car and I love it. Told me it would cost 1200. to fix. It's shut now...most likely for good.

z. fletcher (01)
well glad i was not the only one on this one. sunroof is down now for a year ..min.1000.00 to fix it . passanger side rail musled it closed. any ideas where to get a new sunroof.let me know please.

William Kenworthy (99)
Moonroof only opens partially and thats if you want to spend 2 hours muscling it back into place. This is originally my parents car and the moonroof has not worked for almost two years. The car only has 114k miles on it.

Dominic (00)
Track broke at 58k miles. Of course it was the track. I am lucky I work in a machine shop and fabricated a metal track that work great and will not break. Good luck to all. They want you to buy American but why with crap like this.

Beth (99)
my suroof broke, it will no longer slide back on one side. there is a little plastic piece that broke into many pieces and now it will cost me lots of money. I have not had very much luck with this car, I can't wait to get rid of all the headaches.

Tammy Wilfong (00)
Moonroof broke yesterday, 3/7/05, when I tried opening it. Driver's side was stuck and once I got it open it wouldn't go back closed. Has 60k miles. Bought from Ford dealer as "certified" and also bought the extended Extra Care warranty. Took it to the dealer immediately. Was told today it's NOT COVERED!! Was told when we bought it that the moonroof WAS covered now they say just the motor is. Charging me $113 plus tax to close the thing and will cost over $1300 if I want it fixed. What a scam!! Sign me up for the suit!! Waiting for a call back from the dealer's sales manager. Not stopping there, Mr. CEO here I come!!

Jason Brown (00)
My sunroof broke without warning. The driverside lifter is stuck in the "up" position, and will not close. I had only about 48,700 miles on the car. This happened back in July of 2004 and i have yet to get it fixed. A ford dealership in town quoted me almost $1200, screw that, the military doesnt pay me that good. One question for the designers who thought this one up, "what were you all smoking? and where can i get some?"

Harvey Lee (99)
Sunroof tracking broke. what is the use of fixing it if it is goging to break again.

Michael Burgess (99)
My moonroof track broke one day when the pieces attached to the track snapped no im moonroof is stuck in the up but not open position so i have an inch hole all around the back of the moonroof opening

Jason Jackson (99)
One day the sunroof just didn't work properly, left side lifted the right did not. Noticed plastic peice hold to track broke, not sure if the track itself broke as well. Put my name down on the suit as well!

rene peraza (01)
As with respondent #471: Lifts on one side, but does not fully raise, much less fully open. Luckily, it has remained in the 'closed' position.'

Linda Lowe (99)
I just bought a 99 courgar mercury. The motor on the sun roof was already broke. Instead of fixing it I thought of having it taken out and a permanent moon roof put in and caulked real good. Have any ideal what that would cost for a non professional to do.

Lucy Johnston (99)
Day before yesterday (3/9/05) the roof opened and would not close. It rains too much in Houston to leave it that way, so we took it two places and were told it would cost $1700 to replace the unit! The alternative is to permanently close it, which they're charging me $200 to do. The vehicle's value isn't high enough to justify paying $1700 for the repair, so we've elected to pay $200 to simply them someone close it permanently, which is also ridiculously high. Unfortunately, we need it closed ASAP due to rain or we'll have to rent a vehicle, so it's the lesser of two evils.

Matt Sheffet (99)
im ticked off because my sunroof broke open at around 60000 miles. this is ridiculous. people need to argue about this to the ford company.

derrick phillips (99)
my sunroof broke at about 45,000 miles for no particular reason. the ford place gave me an estimate of about 400.00 to fix. they should have a recall. it opened on one side and didn't on the other just as others have stated.

F. Hummel (00)
With less than 36000 miles the Sun Roof refused to close on drivers side. The Ford dealer could not get the roof to close and wants $999.80 for new parts plus $455.25 for labor. They tried to charge me $79.50 to "diagnose" the problem, but canceled that charge after a complaint to the service manager.

Jennifer Lindquist (00)
Happened to me randomly one time when i tried to open my sunroof at around 50,000 miles. Even now it's stuck open about an inch (and yes like everyone else it's higher on one side - the passengers) and when i push the button to try and close it, it makes a grinding noise. I tried to close it by force and failed. I had no idea that it was a common problem but somehow i'm not surprised because there wasn't any other explanation. I definitely think this is a problem mercury/ford should be issuing a recall because it's too common to be a simple malfunction.

Brian Miller (99)
At 100000 miles, my moonroof flew off on the highway and is projected to cost a $1000. This is ridiculous!

E. Perez (99)
Like everyone else my sunroof will not open and was lifted on passengers side until I had it sealed shut. I hope to replace with some type of aftermarket (not ford) moonroof/sunroof. Any leads to a quality product would be greatly appreciated.

dana rezek (99)
Dan Rezek
Ford trdition??
All Cougars?!!!
30000 miles,right side is broken.Can samebody HELP.

Lawrence (99)
Ford isn't taking responsibility for anything, the sunroof on my 99 cougar has been broke for about a year now, track broke one day for no reason. Was given a $1200.00 est. What a joke. I was also told that it was normal for this car to lose up to 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. ha ha ha Screw Ford. I'm selling mine and getting a honda

Ashleigh (99)
My husband and I bought the car in April 2004 with 98000 miles on it. We opened it one day and all it did was open about 2 inches but it didn't slide back. We stared looking and found that the plastic part on both sides were broke. We tried to shut it and it wouldn't shut, so we had to break the other one so it would close. I

Martin (99)
The sunroof on my cougar broked six months after I bought it. I was trying to open it when it got stuck side ways. It hasn't work ever since. So I have to ride with my sunroof cracked opened. When in going in the high way, it makes a whistle that drives you crazy It has gotten on my nerves behond words.

Phenicia (99)
To say what everyone else has said will be repetitious but holds true to me also. I can't believe everyone has the same report. Maybe we should compile this information and send to Ford. My sunroof is the same as all others have stated. Even with the plastic being missing and the cost be offered for repairs. I too am in the process of switching my car to a Honda or Toyota as well. I share everyone's pain. I hope there is something ot be done about this.

Kelly (93)
Mine broke and it was stuck open the only way to fix was to seal it shut but taking out all the parts. now it wont work and it wistles when above 45 miles per hour. And it leeks.

John (99)
I actually have a 99 mercury mystique, but I imagine its the same faulty sunroof. I heard an audible snap last night and it would only shut half way. Then it started raining... I looked under it and could see one of the plastic parts bent up and riding on the rail. Friend and I pushed up on it and hit the forward button and it got itself into a closed position. Its slightly cockeye but is mostly watertight. Whistles liek crazy on the highway, going to see if I can fix it further.

Steve Davis (99)
At about 39,000 miles a plastic part in the track broke. Does anyone have a fix other than replacing?

John (99)
Mine broke last fall at about 115,000 miles. I had to break the second rail to close it. Right now I rigged it up so it wouldn't pop open when I drive on the highway. Spring is comming soon and I would love to have my sunroof back. Just not too crazy on spending +$1000 to have it fixed!

Lou R (99)
the sunroof came off the track and tore up all the metal surrounding it. this is how i bought it. Now the piece on the end of the track will not go down so i cant close the sunroof.

Sara (00)
One morning, I tried to open it and it just wouldn't open. I guess I am lucky in that it doesn't leak and makes no noise, but I had only had the car for about a year when this happened and have not been able to afford to get it fixed.

Bill (99)
One afternonn, I tried to open it and it didn't work.

Cassandra Quick (00)
I have had my Cougar for 5 years and only have about 55,000 miles on it. Just a few weeks ago my sunroof also broke (one side opens but the other doesn't). My sister had the same problem a year ago. I was informed by a Ford dealership that it would be $1200 for the part and an additional $400-$500 for labor. If so many people are having this problem then why won't Ford do something about it!? I take good care of my car and have spent a lot of money on it. It would be ideal to have a sunroof come summertime but the cost is outrageous.

Brittany (99)
it willclose but will not drop. it is either open or vented all the time. the cheapestest i have been able to find a new track for is $999

Randy (99)
My moonroof stop working a couple of years ago, around 45,000 miles. It was stuck in the open position, I had to rip out some parts just to get closed. Now the moonroof flaps anytime I go over 70 mph.

Kim (99)
I went to open my sunroof and it opened when I went to close it it was stuck. I too thought that it was off track. I took it in to the dealership and they told me that it would be 1800 to fix. I took it somewhere else and they said that it would be 800-900 just to fix the tracks. I then asked the dealership how much it would cost to close the sun roof and they told me 150 plus the 36.50/hr for labor. I told them that was o.k. and they charged me 36.50 for labor just to look at it. They are not going to recall the sun roof because it is not a danger to society. So I say we all get together and sue with a class action suit.

Luc (99)
In winter on a sunny afternoon I try to open the sunroof and one slider just broke halfway. I just tear apart the faulty slider and manage to close the roof. It is well close and it does not make any noise but since summer is comming I want to fix it...........$$$$$ if I can find one...

Robb (01)
i have a 2001 cougar zn and the left side motor is not working so the roof half-way pops up but will not slide back i went to a ford dealership to get it fixed and they told me i needed toi replace the whole track assembly and that work $1100 not includeing labor

Keith Neville (99)
both side tracks broke and will not open. Ford says $1600 to fix.

jesse (99)
mine stoped working two months ago and last week i took the motor out so i could close it but the rear end dosent close im thinking about breakin the hole sun roof and weld it and get the sky detail out of a cougar without sunroof good idea?

michelle (99)
my moonroof broke, stopped working (actually stuck open position) the first weekend i bought my car which was good that i had 3000 mile warrenty, bought used 10/02 with 36,000 miles

TJ (99)
My sunroof broke 1 year after I bought it and they said it was no under warrently and they wanted me to pay all most $2000 to fix it!

DeJanaria Austin (99)
Sunroof rails broke bout 2 years ago. Sunroof motor was under warranty but they said the rails were not.Im wondering if the newer models had plastic rails

Cody Woodward (01)
Well this is my seconde cougar now and seconde sunroof thats broken GRRRR it's at 56K Miles!

Danny Webster (99)
Sunroof broke at around 110,000 miles.

Dave (99)
The first time it broke was at 32,000 luckily while under warranty. They installed a new track and now at 80,000 itís doing the same thing. I think it is very unprofessional of ford to create a product they donít stand behind. Whether it is a safety issue or not and when you have this many complaints they should fix it with a recall! You paid extra for a sunroof it shouldnít break at every 50 thousand miles.

Frank (99)
My sunroof broke at about 65000km but was not covered by warrenty because it was about 2 years past the 36month warrenty term. When I went to ford to have it repaired the service rep said that the whole thing had to be replaced. I cant see why they cant fix a little clip no bigger then an inch rather then haveing their customers spend $800 to repair. Ford must be held responsible for this obvious recall, Its happened more then enough times to be a coincidence.

joe hargrove (99)
Have been in the car buisness on and off for 23 years.Have had two cougars of this style,Both broke. Replaced with junkyard roofs.No more to be found.Local bank repoed 99 cougar tried to sell it to me. I will not buy it beacuse sunroof is junk.I go to three auctions a week. 3 out of 4 sunroofs are broke on this model.Love the car, hate the roof.All my years in the buisness and hats off to Ford They are the only ones to build a car where I can replace the engine cheaper than a sunroof.Now thats a BETTER IDEA,QUALITY JOB ONE!Yeah right!

Tom Link (00)
Broke at about 60,000 miles.

Alberto Mercado (99)
Sunroof broke around 48,000 miles.

Leticia (99)
99 mercury cougar, sliding soon roof will no longer slide!! only pops up by pushing it w/my hand but will not slide back, not had any luck w/cougar

Sarah (01)
I went to open my sunroof one day, and it opened crooked. Now it's stuck open. I have been estimated costs of $1400. It has 38k on it. We need a recall.

Larry (99)
My cougar moonroof has a broken track went up wont go down. This happened at 54,000 miles. If anyone has info on repairing this yourself please let me know.

Keefe (01)
Sarah, Larry, This same problem happened to me. My sunroof opened and would not shut on the driver's side due to a plastic piece inside the track that broke. It took me 5 hours to figure out but I got mine closed without breaking anything else. If you want some insight you may have the same problem I did. E-mail me at Mine went during winter at about 65000 km.


Brian (99)
I am a used car dealer. I inventory several Cougars at any time. Over half the Cougars I purchase have broken sunroofs. I have bought at least six used roofs from wrecking yards. Problem is they are getting very hard to come by.

Damon (99)
Sunroof broke @ 56000 km

Michael Jacobson (00)
Guess what, went to my car today, the passanger side would not go up. Broken sunroof, Is there any inexpensive way to repair this?

Pete Peterson (99)
my sun roof wont open, i push the button and i just get a click, i sounds stuck, but im not a mechanic so i have no idea whats going on

Daryn (99)
Thank you for making this page. I was so exited about my cougar. I ordered special with all my options from the factory as soon as it came out. I was so angry at Mercury/Ford. The dealer duct taped my sunroof closed after they told me how expensive it would be to fix the track. That damn duct tape has been on there for four years. Maybe I'll never by a Ford again. In fact, I just bought a Scion XA. Nice going Mercury. Thank for your help.

Jason Morrow (99)
Mine broke yesterday... will not close completely and will not always open completely.. i have an appointment at a Mercury Dealer in 5 days... I did buy an extended 3rd party warranty that is supposed to cover electrical moving parts... i hope this covers it. If there has not been any action yet, i would love to help confront this issue.

Shelley (99)
I opened my sunroof the other day and half way opened it deceides to break without any type of warning.My boyfriend and I ended up getting it closed by forcing it down, what a job that was!! Ford is a JOKE!!

James Henderson (99)
Sunroof will pop up but will not slide open. Good for some air but not the way it is supposed to operate. Worked for 3 years to 2002, then failed. I didn't realize how expensive the problem is to fix. Any less expensive solutions?

Beth (99)
Another broken sunroof. I have 118K miles on my car and I have notified Ford. They don't seem too concerned.

Gwen (99)
sunroof broke, no warning, will not close all the way, remains tilted up. firts tim it was under warranty, now it stopped at around 95,000 miles, I love this car, but the crap hat happened with is so frustrating.

Linne (99)
I went to open my sunroof one day, and it only went up on one side. I had to take it to an auto garage to have it closed, and they estimated around $1200 to fix it. I can hear the motor going when I press the button, but nothing. I only owned the car a little over a year when it broke, and it had around 50,000 miles on it. I bought it with a "bumper-to-bumper" warranty with a zero deductible and the dealership informed me that the part broken on the sunroof wouldn't be covered.

Denise (99)
I have a 99 Contour, but it is the same mechanism. It got stuck open, but the motor tested fine. Under 70K when it broke, but I didn't discover that this was a major problem until just now.

Gerardo Navarro (99)
hi I bought a 99 mercury cougar and I didnt know that tha sunrrof was broken. The rails are the parts are broken and I want to fix it. Can you help me?

Federico Discepola (00)
Sunroof broke at 65 000 kms. Only one side is working and the roof does not open.

Joel Ditto (99)
Sunroof makes no sound at all when pushing the button, wont move or do anything. My girlfriend got the car this way.

Sheya Cronin (00)
Sunroof will only close on one side. Only 54000miles on car.

Rebecca (99)
My sunroof (driver side motor) broke while it was under warranty 3-4 years is now broken (same side) again...not to mention my car is now having its 4th alternator, and 5th battery (because of the alternator).


Chris (99)
mine one of the sliders broke one side worked and the other side wouldn't $1300 canadian for parts.

Kristin Cooper (99)
driving down the road with my sunroof up and my sunroof flew off in the road. Now I have no sunroof. I hate my car, for so many other reasons.

Barry Rosenberg (99)
My Sunroof won't close. I saw it was broken at the used carlot (purchased 3/25/05). They had a mechanic fix the problem (said they installed a new track). The second or third time I used it (first week)it would not completely shut and one side would go down further than the other. I noticed one side had slipped the track, but even putting it back in the track would not fix the problem. I have not been able to wash the car at a carwash since and it rains all the time in Seattle so I could also be getting water inside. I dread taking it into the dealer.

Kara Young (01)
Sunroof broke about a year ago and was told we had to replace the entire sunroof at a cost $1,000+.

John Bramante (99)
My sunroof broke about a year after I bought the car. I was told it would cost $1200.00 to fix. I was then charged over $100.00 to have it sealed shut because it was stuck in the open position. The seal job also failed, It began to flap open when driving over 50mph. "Quite a scary experience" I thought it might pop off and kill someone. I then used a piece of black vinyl to seal it shut. I will never buy another ford. And I let everyone I talk to know just how shitty ford is.

Lyndsay Krejmas (00)
I got my cougar new in 2000 and it was good up until 2004. The drvers side window wasn't working thank god my dad was able to fix it. But now my sunroof will not open. It has problems on the right side. It just will not move but the other side is fine. I have about 65k miles. I love my car, its just too expensive to fix. FORD should fix this problem because it sounds like a manafactors defect.

D. Hanby (99)
Bought the car used 3 years ago. Last summer it wouldn't open. Only one corner raises up. I am furtunate that it's closed. Dealer quotes $1200-1500 to fix. The car is not worth putting that much into it. Does anyone know how to replace this? I didn't get a quote on just the parts.

Lana (00)
Had car since Aug 01, now April 05... Haven't had many problems until the other day when I went to open the sunroof and it broke on the passenger side... its cracked in the open position, was quoted $1400 to fix it... called Ford/Mercury and they said no recall has been put out... so maybe people need to call to "enlighten" them about this issue. No assistance was offered.

lalita (99)
I bought my cougar used and have had every type of problem since. My sunroof is broke, My check engine light is constantly on and my low coolant light. Just too too many problems, would never recommend a cougar EVER!!!

matthew (99)
Today i went to open my sunroof and it opoened 1/8 the way and it stopped. the roof is stuck in the vented position

Elyse (00)
2 weeks after picking up my 2000 Cougar, the sunroof seized shut. I replaced it with a used part from a wrecker and that one lasted 3 weeks and got stuck when trying to close it in a rain storm. It now remains screwed shut.

Greg (99)
Just out of the blue one day i tried to shut my moonroof, and it it shut, but it was hard. Then when i tried to open it again, it got jammed, and so it sits. . .


Dave (99)
Broke at 78k mi, 1,300 to replace the whole thing and it was just that stupid left cam

Josh (00)
I went to open my sunroof yesterday, and it opened partway and then stopped. I was able to close it a bit more than it was, but now it is stuck, partially opened. 1500 dollar estimate to get it fixed.

bryan (99)
I have owned my cougar now for 5 yrs. There have been very few problems that i can remeber. But one big problem has been my damb sunroof. In the summer of 2004 my sunroof was open and when i attempted to close it, only half the roof would come down. I believe this is Ford (Mercury) problem and the consumer should not have to fork the bill to replace the sunroof. I recieved a quate of 1200$ to replace it. which is ludacris. Other problems include check engine light, which is always on even after tune ups. There needs to be a recall for these sunroofs, because it is real clear the parts used were very poor in quality.

Tasha (00)
One day last summer I was out on my lunch had the sunroof open and it closed but when I came back out it wouldn't open. A guy who I know who use to work for our local Ford dealership said that all it takes to fix it is take out the 4 screws in there replace the cables (he said they are most likely stretched out) and put the screws back in. My husband has called around to auto parts places and they don't know what he's talking about and he called 2 Ford dealerships (1 being the one my friend use to work for and they didn't know what he was talking about) and the other said $1000.00 which is bull b/c I know for a fact that you can fix it, if you can find the parts!

Mike Radish (01)
I also have a problem with my sunroof.Just the other day I stopped by my friends place and had the sunroof open the whole way there and closed it when I got there.Then when I came out about 2 hours later I went to open it and it only opened about 2 inches and crooked at that.I did happen to get it closed completely but half the reason I love driving the car is the sunroof.I'm so pissed!Does anyone know if there is a recall?

Manuel Sanabria (99)
Two week ago my sunroof would't close and now the sunroof dosen't even close, Think that there should be a recall beacuse I seen that many people sunroof break down, and it cost to much to get it fix that get me pissed off.

Rick (99)
Mine is making a screeching noise when going back, I guess I better not use mine anymore. But I did put WD40 on it and that made the sound stop. Should I not use it anymore? I don't have $1200 to fix it.

Jamie (99)
This is the second time the track went on my sunroof. The first time I was lucky enough that it was still under warrenty, this time they want over $1400 to fix it. It will not open or close the entire way,and is crooked like the others mentioned. With rainy season approaching in FL this will be a problem. Has anyone had any luck with the company or specific dealers?

Cerina Bauer (99)
My sunroof died just before it decided to rain for a week last fall. So I fashionably used plastic bags and towels to attempt to keep myself dry... no garage here... of course. I had my dealership (who felt sorry for me) remove the tiny problem just enough to close it. Luckily it sealed just so it wont leak but, as I'm driving down the road and I hit the tiniest of bumps it vibrates open. ugh. I can't afford the fix. Please advise. I really do love my car. But electronically it's dying and I'll probably have to get rid of it which in my heart I don't want to. Thanks for 'listening'.

Helen (99)
Sunroof broke this week. same story. It was stuck in the ventilation position. I paid the dealership just to close it. They told me it would cost $1900.00 for the parts alone. Imagine how many people this has happened to who have not found this website???!!!

jimmy (99)
Moonroof had same problem. Shouldnt there be a recall.

Dwayne (99)
My sunroof ,at the moment, still opens but one side doesn't close all the way. Which allows the elements in and messed up some of the interior.

Francis Atencio (99)
Sunroof broke about 32,000 mi. and have not had the $1300 that the dealership wants to fix it. Broke off of track

Tim (99)
Same problem as everyone else. A crack noise and now only one side moves.

Tom H. (99)
Not good,
Both clips in the track(Plastic) are broken. Too much$ to fix....C'mon FORD !!

Leo (00)
Same problem as everyone else. Sunroof would not close took it to a mechanic so that it would at least be closed. I came home for a vacation, hit a hole on the highway and my sunroof came completely off, it was at night so I could'nt find the sunroof. I was quoted a price from a dealer. $1800.00

Bryon W. (99)
Same problem,sunroof broke off tracking. Now I can't drive over 50 MPH or the sunroof will fly off the car. Very depressing when the car WAS fun to drive.

Jerimiah (99)
My sunroof has been broke since a year after I bought it. I opened it up one day and heard a snap, its been broke like that for the last 4 years. I hate FORD/MERCURY the moral, don't buy a ford! They should have a recall, but lets be honest with ourselves, ford isn't going to do anything about it. so everybody live with it or fork over 2 grand for a stupid sunroof option that cost us when we bought the car.

Jeff (00)
I had the same problem as well. My roof broke last fall after four and a half years. I tried to close it and the roof jammed. It wouldn't move either direction. Looks like a guide jumped off a track. After fooling with it for 15 minutes, I got the guide back in the track, but when I tried to open it again, the guide popped off. Finally got the roof closed. Dealer said it would cost $400-$500 to repair!

Derrick (99)
My roof broke after four years. I tried to open it and the roof jammed. It wouldn't move either direction. Looks like a guide jumped off a track. After fooling with it for 15 minutes, I got the guide back in the track, but when I tried to open it again, the guide popped off. Finally got the roof closed.

Shawn Overley (00)
Mine just broke yesterday ( 36,845 mi) as someone was test-driving it (I'm selling it). Passenger side broke free from track. Got it closed and dealer gave est. $1200 plus labor to fix. Already sent Ford a few choice emails after learning how extensive this problem is.

Mana (99)
My roof broke about a year ago. The driver side of the roof won't close and it is permanetly in the sunroof position. I was told it would be $1200 to fix it, so I have wash cloths stuck in there. I look pretty ridiculous but $1200 is quite a lot of money.

peter (99)
I haved owned my Cougar for 5 yrs now, and at 60000 kms the sun roof decides to break. This problem needs to be adressed with Ford ASAP. As well, there needs to be a recall on all cougars to ensure the customers buying these automobiles stay happy and loyal to Ford. i find it funny if you look at Fords web site, the following message is statted. Anyone can sell a vehicle but standing behind the sale is not as easily achieved. Ford wants to make you a happy customer, for life.
i think i speak for everyone who has placed a message on this site. Were no happy Ford and its about time you listen to the customers who are purchasing these vehicles before its to late.

david armstrong (99)
my sunroof broke last summer, and i havent been able to get FORD to accept responsibility for the malfunction. I believe everyone on this site should call FORD usa at 1-800-392-3673, or FORD Canada at 1-800-565-3673. If Ford will not accept responsibility for faulity equipment then we should all complain to National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations at 1-888-327-4236. Hopefully with enough complaints, FORD will own up to their product. thank you

Victor (99)
I had my moonroof break a year ago, and i still can't find the part for it! The dealership wants a grand for it and thats rediculous

Bidyut (99)
My sunroof is stucked since last summer and does not open at all. Dealer says itwould cost about $1000 plus.

Bonnie (01)
I was looking at a beautiful 2001 Cougar at the dealership. The roof was broken. Guess I won't buy this car

Doug Taggart (99)
I had this problem at about 60k miles. Maybe two years ago, I just found this site. I managed to get it to stay closed, but it's the passenger side guide arm that broke in half. One day trying to close it, it snapped and tried to close lopsided. I got a bit of grease and dirt on the roof trying to get it back into position. I worked a full day with a friend to get it back and closed. I'm to the point I'd like to get rid of it, but will be difficult with a broken moonroof. The dealer locally is saying $900 to get it fixed through a subcontractor. I'm amazed a class action suit has not been initiated with the number of faults. Has anyone considered this?

Ron T. (02)
My daughter's 2000 Mercury Cougar's sunroof broke one day while trying to open it. It was rarely used. She goes to college 9 months out of the year and it sits in the garage. The sunroof would raise but not retract backwords to the fully open postion. After trying to close it, the sunroof would not go down It seemed the sunroof tried to close on one side only. Now it it is stuck in the raised open position. I priced it at the dealership and they said it would cost $1,770 to replace. I was told by a private sunroof company that it was a common problem with that car years model.

karel (99)
same problem my sunroof just give up, is been like this for like year now, and guess why, FORD dosent what to fix this problem with me paying them 1300 dollars. this is crazy men.

Reginald (99)
Sunroof track broken. Will not open. Dealership wants 1200.00 to fix.

matthew butterfield (99)
I have the same problem. the sunroof is in the tilt position and will not open and will only close on the passenger side. haven't contacted ford because i know the price will be astronomical. there should be a recall on the part but ford SUCKS. never buy one again, Chevy or foreign for me from now on.

jillian lyon (99)
My sunroof broke and actually blew off of my car while I was driving down the interstate. I've e-mailed Ford every day since it happened plus I'm also trying to get a troubleshooter to scare Ford into taking care of this along with the numerous other problems I've had with this car. Please write, call, e-mail Ford so they will aknowledge that this is a problem that needs to be recalled!

Nick (00)
2000 Cougar, 65k miles, one side stopped working, then the other, its now stuck open and mercury wants my first born child before they'll fix it.

Chad Bridgman (99)
My girlfriends sunroof is broken I have been researching this issue for the past hour and now realize I am complaint number 580 on a website dedicated to this problem... I will NEVER buy a ford product!

Josh Matthews (99)
I have a 99 cougar, and the mon roof wont fully slid back, it tils up and thats it

Amber House (00)
The moon roof will tilt, but it will not slide back to the open position. It's a 2000 with 54K - practically brand new.

Mark S (99)
The moonroof on the lil black cat is one of many problems. The roof got stuck in the open position with one side wanting to close and then the guides snapping leaving me to just get it closed...keep it closed...

anita (99)
The electric sunroof is broken the guides are plastic and have broken and Ford wants $1000 to replace them. I have learned this is a common problem and should have been a recall. Please add me to the database

Daniellw (99)
My 99 COugar moonroof will only tilt half way open, luckly I have not tried to open it since finding this post. car has 96K

melissa owen (99)
part of the track broke on one side then the roof would not shut. In my frustration i busted the other side off so that it would close. The day this happend it was raining what a great time for it to happen. lol

Nancy Moreman (99)
The sunroof stuck open. When we finally pulled it apart to close it before it rained, pieces were broken on both sides in the tracks. This just happened!
New replacement from dealer is $1,300. It didn't cost that much to rebuild an engine. I guess it will stay closed, much to my daughter's dismay and one of the reasons we bought this one.

Lianna (99)
I went to close my sunroof today and it would not close. I managed to close it part of the way so that there is only a crack open but it will not go down anymore. I found bits and pieces of plastic in the track. After reading all of these comments, I truly regret buying a mercury cougar.

Jessica Keffer (00)
I tried ti shut my sunroof. Ther wre pieces broke off the track. We had to get it closed manually. It still sticks up a little bit. They said the parts would be 1,000.00 dollars not counting labor

rosie (99)
I also went to close my sunroof and found it would no close all the way. Fearing rain would come I took it to my local Ford dealer which informed me my track was cracked and need to be replace. When he told me $1300.00 I thought he was joking. I have 33, 000 miles on this car and is garaged its whole life. I cannot believe Ford did not recall these roofs.

robert byard (99)
The cheap plastic rails which hold my sunroof broke. I am pissed to know that so many others have had the same problems. Because there are so many other people looking for the same part, it only makes the ones out there more expensive. If someone is a lawyer, a classaction lawsuit could prove to be a valuable venture for your practice.

Monica Grover (00)
The sunroof on my 00 Cougar is currently stuck open and according to the Kings Ford dealership in Cincinnati, Oh it cannot be closed easily. The two solutions offered were the following: 1) fix the sunroof for over $1600, 2) break it so that it would remain forever closed at a cost of $500 or 3) buy a new car. Of course they claimed that they have never heard of this happening on a Cougar before... One thing I know for certain is that I WILL NEVER BUY another FORD.

Mike Gifford (99)
Same issue as everyone... Car has 58K miles. I went to open my sunroof on this fine spring afternoon and guess what. Only one side started to open. I am not going to pay $1300 to get this fixed. It is going in the paper tomorrow to be sold.

laura (00)
I was in love with it like a true sucker, the salesman "took me" for a ride in it. The sunroof only opened about 2 inches and he said that it was a "sun vent". Never heard of. Well, NSS, on a trip in -10 weather my husband tried to play freeze out. Long story short I had to duct tape the 2 in. gap, yeah, duct tape it until I could get to the dealer. I was told $1000.00 due to having to replace the track. So they cut me a deal. The mech. took a little screw driver out of his pocket and weaseled the peice of crap that holding it until it broke. Now my "sun vent" is duct taped so it doesn't bump up & down.What a crock of...

Suzanne (00)
My 2000 Cougar's moonroof went from working perfectly fine to busted overnight. I've been reading the many complaints listed on this website with the exact same problem. If any lawyers are reading this, perfect opportunity for a class-action lawsuit. These things can totally fly off the car & potentially injure or KILL someone!! If anyone is having problems with their Cougar stalling when the fuel is low... Ford finally put in a recall for the fuel delivery system. If we all complain to Ford, they might finally do the same for the moonroof/sunroof problem!! (800-392-3672)US

JAMES (99)
At 70K the moonroof on my Cougar broke, the plactic track, go figure! Unfortunately it has been cosed for a year and a half, not to mention that now it leaks. There is no way I'm going to pay $1500.00 to fix it.

Krystle (00)
I just bought a used 2000 cougar from Riverside Auto Sales in Indiana and only had the car for 4 days when the sunroof just quit working. They looked at it and said it was working fine before I bought it. Now they wan 800.00 to put a used piece back in it to make it work. I had no idea the cougars had a sunroof problem. Thanks Ford. I really think they should have a massive recall. The little plastic piece that moves it open and closed broke. Only way to fix is a complete assemble. What a rip-off.

David (99)
Same problem as everyone else. Stuck closed. One day it worked the next it didn't. I have a friend with a '99 as well and her roof got stuck open. She doesn't have email so please count her in as well. Her name is Oksana.

Erik (99)
I bought the car from a friend after the tranny went bad with under 54k miles. The sunroof had already been repaired once under warranty, and had failed a second time. It was stuck shut, with the driver side up about 1/8", without a leak. She never touched the button since, neither have I. I figured it would be a simple fix until I did the research. Has anyone designed a repair kit?

Heather (00)
The drive assembly as well as the cables on the passenger side broke @ 107000km. They want $1750 in parts alone. After seeing this website, and nearly 600 people with the exact same problem as myself, I am going to contact Ford Customer Service. This is ridiculous!!! If they refuse to recall this, I am going to the media to see if they can help at all.

Colleen (99)
Same problem as everyone else. Bought mine new in '99. Sunroof worked great. Then couple months after it was paid for and the warranty expired the sunroof got stuck open. Call the service department and they said it will cost $1900 for the parts. I said to forget it and wired it closed. It will never work again.

Todd Mather (99)
sunroof failed, motor runs but the metal track followers are broken not allowing the roof to close

Steven Gagnon (99)
Sunroof track broke in 2003. Track is made of plastic and after serveral years of wear, it broke. After taking it apart -- it's apparent it's very bad design.

Amy Shehane (01)
Happy I could join your club! This sucks! Mine is stuck open! Rain, rain go away!

Jasen Swalley (99)
Same issue as everyone else. The sunroof broke and will not open or close. Luckily, it broke while opening, and I was able to get it closed. Now it just will not open...and I don't feel I'm alone when I say that I see nothing romantic about paying nearly $900 before labor to get it fixed.

Lance Langdon (00)
One day my sunroof no longer moved back and still won't!

William Roche (01)
Yep, worked fine and one day stopped dead. Found broken pieces of plastic inside. Mercury dealer wants $1560 for the track alone. That's what I get for buying American!

brian (00)
went to open it one day and heard a pop. looked up to see only one side went up. took me half a day to get it back down. i dont want to pay $800.00 for a new track. so now i just take out the four little screws that hold the roof panel on and remove the whole panel on hot days. it takes me a few seconds to do this so it aint no big deal to me.

Jennifer Chapman (99)
Just broke one day now it won't stay shut while going down the road. Dealer said they wanted $900 to fix the problem.

shane (00)
sunroof moves up a little bit but it doesnt move back. Dealer wants $1200 to fix the track.

Anna (01)
sunroof worked fine then it just wouldn't close from one side. Thankfully it was under warranty. Turned out it needed a whole new track.

Michelle (01)
about a year ago something popped and then wouldn't work - a mechanic told me that it needs a whole new motor which would be at least $2000 for parts & labot!

Mark Scallan (99)
Tracks cracked and sunroof would not close. I had the tracks removed and the sunroof remains closed and unfixed.

Chris Pearsall` (00)
same issues with sunroof local lincon mercury dealer caharged me $200 to close sunroof. unless ford recalls sunroof i'm out of luck. will never buy another ford product again, back to honda.

John (99)
The sunroof broke the day after I purchased it (at 33,000 miles). Dealer fixed it for free.

Corin Rempel (99)
broken driver side track, the roof would not close properly untill I had to force it shut. After that the roof would not open because the broken track jammed it in the closed position.

Tom H (99)
Left side is jammed. Fortunately it is stuck closed. Car has 60,000 miles and sunroof has been used maybe once a week on average. I have enjoyed the car, but no way can I put $1000+ into repair.

Samantha (99)
Hey all cougar owners, I'm familiar with the problem because my husbands car has the same thing. I figured if Mercury got enough phone calls on this subject, they might take some initiative, or they might not. Let's just see... the customer service department for Mercury is listed below, when you call, ask to speak to a supervisor, and if that conversation gets heated, just keep asking for supervisors, if you reach one that tells you there are no more, bullsh*t, keep persisting. Good luck.
Mercury Customer Service
Toll Free: 800 521-4140
United States Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Local Time (Monday-Friday)

Amy B (99)
I own a 99 mercury cougar in 2001 the cables broke and it would cost 1000 to fix. I luckily had an extended warr. and managed to get them to fix it. Then in 2003 it broke again. This time up, so I am pretty mad. I soon after had it sealed shut so it wouldn't leak. I didn't realize how many people had trouble until I went online to get a new assembly. At least I'm not alone I guess.

Jacob Duong (99)
Sunny day, opened moonroof. When I got to school, I closed the moonroof, heard a wierd clicking noise, looked up and realized that something broke. I can't even get it to close now. Please somebody help, tell me how to at least get the darn thing to close all the way. Thank you.

Dan Flores (99)
Same problem as the rest. I'm never buying a Ford again.

corinne (99)
my sunroof is duct taped shut otherwise it would fly was fine one day, then it got stuck open the only way to shut it was to break it and i am not about to put any more money into this piece of garbage...glad to hear i am not the only one this has happened to

Gregg (01)
luckly mine broke in the down position. All this time I was aware of everybody's sunroof breaking but I didn't think it would happen to the 01's.

yujen (99)
I bought a used cougar which has a broken sunroof. I spent $100 to seal it. It can't be opened anymore.

Sue (01)
Sunroof broke today. Tried to open it...half tried to slide back and half did not. I'm sick over all your estimates. I love my sunroof, but I will not pay $1000.00 to get it fixed.

Philip O'Guin (99)
left side operating parts have broken been that way for about two years , tried to check on fixing it myself but can't seem to figure it out ,,WORKS MANUALLY ,,ha ha

Jed Westover (00)
Got my '00 Cougar in Jan of '04,sunroof wouldn't open to begin with which is fine because it was used, I had it fixed, and now, less then a year after i've had it fixed it has broken again, I jus want to know if there are any options to make it a manual sunroof that are resonably cheap.

Pam Young (00)
Mine broke in the open position but was able to get it closed. Was told by ford 1400.00 just in parts to fix it. Not happening.

R. Young (99)
Broke today on the left side. As of yet have not figured out how to close it completely. Will start checking the salvage yards tomorrow. :(

jennifer (99)
the left side wont open. luckily its closed

F. Omland (00)
My sunroof somehow made it to 80K miles before it broke. Same broken track story and $1400 estimate to fix ... such a good car otherwise, but no way I can afford to get it fixed. So frustrating.

Nathan (99)
Broke 3 days after I got it and my extended warrenty will only cover the motor and not the track!!! I've taken it several places and the avg is $900 to get it fixed. At least I'm lucky it broke closed, all I have to do is wire it closed so the wind doesn't blow it off. This is the first and last Ford I'll every buy!!

Jeff Yarbrough (99)
Just bought this fun little car and have already taped up the sunroof so it will not rain inside. Now... to try to fix it on a budget.....

Chris Flam (99)
My wife's sunroof will not close on the driver's side after 62K miles. The plastic guide that pulls down on the panel is broken. I can't seem to force it closed, so I guess we'll have to tape it for now to keep out the weather. The repair price is obscene at more than 25% of the current value of the car!

Dan (01)
Sunroof will not open on the passenger side.

Judi Bunn (99)
Although I live in the UK, I believe my Cougar was manufactured in Mexico. The sunroof failed completely around 38K miles, and it's now jammed shut (after much pushing and pulling by my kind Ford dealer). I hadn't realised I wasn't alone - now all I have to do it find someone this side of the pond who'll fix it!!

Bill (99)
Passenger side of roof won't close. Same estimate as others $1,000 plus labor to replace.

Tyler Bianco (99)
Crazy. Read the article and it was exactly what was wrong with my sunroof. "Parts are very hard to find" and "Could cost $1400." Sunroof stuck open.

Lindsey Timmerman (00)
My sunroof track just broke for the second time in 3 years. I even have the extended warranty- but only the sunroof motor is covered- not the track. The dealer wants $1,300 to fix it- how rediculous! Ford needs to back their products and issue a recall.

Melissa (99)
I just bought a 99 cougar in may/05, moonroof broken, dealer said she'd fix it-on bill of sale. ford says $2000. she wants to put in a sunroof. i see many have problems with both. suggestions? seal it? let her fix it? what? please help.

Andy (99)
sun roof lifts on one side only (right side ). plastic bit snapped

Kimberly (01)
My sunroof is also broken. It wont move at all and won't close completly. Luckily I got it mostly closed so it dosen't leak, but I really want to use it! Contemplating trading it in. Shame cause I have only had it 1 yr. and I really do love it.

John aka Predator (99)
Sunroof brole about 2 years ago... track was stuck and I had to break the other side to close it :(

J Zawartkay (01)
I owned a 99 cougar and the sunroof broke just after warranty, luckily the dealer split the cost of fixing with us 50/50, recently however my 2001 cougar suffered the same fate... i thought gee... the chances of this happening I should buy a lottery ticket, but apparently its more commmon than I thought... good luck to everyone... ~J

mboian (00)
I just got off the phone with Ford Motor Company - my husband's 2000 Cougar has this SAME problem. I had written a letter informing them of this website, and all the people with problems and inquiring as to why there was no recall - we can't afford to fix it for $1,500.00!
She said people need to CALL FORD! (800) 392-3030 and complain about the problem...each individual report goes to the engineers - so CALL PLEASE!!!!
(800) 392-3030!!

James Collins (99)
I was just closing my sunroof and I heard a loud crack noise then I look to see that my sunroof is lopsided and not closing.

at 75,000 miles

Coraetta (99)
I had my cougar, and right when the warranty ran out my sunroof got stuck and never went back down. But I never knew this many people had the same problem. So hopefully this website makes some kind of difference.

CJ (99)
drivers side - 55,000 miles - sunroof won't close - estimates to replace @ $1300 looking at this site and thinking of replacing it myself to save the labor charges of $400. Misery loves company!

tlinn03 (99)
sunroof broke and they supposedly cant fix it except to replace the whole thing at a cost of 1400.00 not covered under warranty

LeCeif (00)
My Sunroof Broke on my 2000 Cougar and just the part I Need is $1300
it broke at like 75,000 miles

LeCeif Spring (00)
My Sunroof broke and its in the track so i need the whole thing because they don't make any parts to Fix it and its made from cheap metal if i would have known this i wouldn't gotten the Cougar with the Sunroof and Ford Dealership said the part that i need is $1300 which is BS they need to fix this problem and quick

smoothcougar (99)
My Tracking broke on my sunroof last summer and yes i have the same problem as everyone and im def not paying $1300 to get it fixed. Any Ideas?

K McKelvey-Jones (00)
Plastic tracks broke that pull moonroof back. When I checked to see what was wrong I couldn't believe it was plastic. Ford should be held responsible for this! Car has only 36,000 miles on it. I just was told assembly would cost $1023 dollars just for parts!

Jeff (00)
I was closing my sunroof one day heard a pop a plastic piece fell on my lap as only the passenger side of the sunroof closed. The drivers side is stuck open. Called the dealer was told 1600 to fix, a big job. This is not right. A plastic piece kept it on track?

Scott Blair (00)
Roof wouldn't close on passenger side @ 66,000 miles. Repair quote was $2000+ for assembly, motor (which I don't think it needs) and labor at Bobby Jones Ford where I purchased it as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Currently have a piece of tubular pipe insulation inserted in the gap to keep out the monsoon rains we've been experiencing till I can find a solution. Whatever happened to "Quality is Job One"?

Lindsay Semb (99)
My sunroof broke last summer at (45,000) miles where when I shut it the drivers side back corner would stay up. So I took it to the Ford dealer where I bought it and they said the track to fix it would be $900+ plus labor! It cost me nearly $400 just for them to shut the damn thing and turn off the motor to it....I miss it much :-(

Matthew P. (99)
Same problem with my Cougar as everyone describes here. After a day of enjoying the nice weather, got home and close my sunroof. Hear snap, crackle and pop. Only half my sun roof closed. Took it to the dealer and was told that it would be $1,300 (+ labor) to replace the track and cables. I looked at my sticker, which showed that it was a $600 option and asked to have the same $600 sunroof that was listed on that sticker... Didn't work. Ended up getting it sealed up for $350. I've lost my respect for Ford/Mercury.

Shirley Smithenry (00)
My moonroof came off the tracks also. They told me it would cost around 1500 just to fix it. My car is practically brand new and the moonroof was barely used.

Brandon Pope (99)
i was opening my moonroof when i heard a loud cracking noise, and my moonroof just stopped, i was able to close it manually pulling it with my hands, i'll push the button to open it and it don't move, i hear the motor working but it just dont move the moonroof!

kevin (00)
Stupid sunroof was the first in feb. second was the power locks...then the window switches(which may I ad are $230. to replace)give me a break ....genuine ford parts are sooo cheap...I mean I love my car...but cheap cheap parts.....

Joseph Briand (99)
Same as most everyone else, plastic track components on drivers side broke into pieces and now that side does not operate at all and is stuck in the open position.

David (99)
Due to minimal use the track didn't break until 11/03; Was not aware of a historical problem with sunroof. Left side track broke (pieces came out). Need help to pay for repair$$$

Doug (99)
1999 Cougar. Called dealership and they said that there wasn't a major problem with sun roof breaken. Purchased car and now I found this web page. I'm disappointed with the dealership for not telling me the truth. We all need to print out this database and take to local dealership and ask them to explain that the sun roof isn't a defective part.

Richard Corey (99)
gear stripped in roof and it will not align. Had to manually close and not use.

kirisha (99)
mine didnt make a funny sound or anything. it just got really slow.. some days it would open some days it wouldn't. i can hear the motor working. was wondering if it was the wireing or the switch... its just proped open. 53,600 miles original...

Dennis Kirkendall (99)
My son's sunroof broke stuck open. I am pretty angry. I have always been a Ford guy. Used to be.

Rachel (99)
when opening I heard cracking noises.opened part of the way and is now stuck open. estimate to fix was $1500 and they said they can't get it to close

David (99)
Same as everyone else here. My sunroof broke around 45K miles and is stuck open.

James Lafayette (01)
I bought the car second hand from a close friend you said the sun roof stuck open on a very hot day, they want almost a thousand dollars to fix it.

Alex Hogrefe (99)
same as everyone else. track broke and i cant afford to fix it

brandelyn (01)
I went to open my sunroof last week and it would not raise up on the passengers side. Luckily for me, it was able to go completely down. I am so upset, this is the first time I have had something wrong with the car and it's at 65,000 miles. I can't believe what it is going to cost to get fixed.

Tina O'Dell (99)
I have a '99 cougar, at about 100,000 miles I went to close my moon roof and the drivers side wouldn't close! Now it is stuck open. Dealer won't even give me an estimate, only that it's time and materials at $135.00 per hour! I'm going to figure out how to shut it and leave it shut.

Evan Beegle (00)
I had creaking noises for about a week, and didn't bother to open it because of the rain in the area, on my way to a funeral, I opened it up. wouldn't shut. Can't afford to fix it...milage around 92K

Jenny Hanzel (00)
About 2 months ago my sunroof went off the track on the one side and scaps up the top of the car when I try to open it. I went to get it checked out and they want 1020.00 for the part and 150.00 for the labor.

Earon (99)
The clips inside the track broke, now it is stuck open.
$1400 for a new assembly. I took it apart, there are 2 small white metal pieces holding the roof in the tracks. Very poor design!

Greg (99)
passenger side swing arm wont allow the roof to close fully and i have to leave it cracked open. not so bad now but come winter im going to be pretty P*****. I just sent an E-mail to a local civil lit. attorney to see if hes interested.

TODD (00)

Nikki (01)
Sunroof broke in the vented position last night. I called the # for Ford I found on this site and complained. I am now looking for a new car. SCREW Ford...will never buy another......fixed it by breaking it....hopefully it wont leak...

Jared (99)
My sunroof track is stuck and will not open. I want a free track!

Michelle Painter (99)
My sunroof is stuck open. They want $1100 just for the part. I'm calling Mercury!

tim (00)
passenger side broke, driver side still works but the sunroof wont open. Broke at 70,000

patricia thompson (00)
Sunroof is now stuck open on the passenger side. Car is in mint condition. Going to get intouch with ford today.
Follow-up: dealer would not give any discount, claimed it could not be put in down position after working on it for 2 hours????. Cost me $1409 (part alone was $1029). Had no choice since it was in up position on passenger side. OUTRAGEOUS!!! Will not buy another Ford product.

Greg Gwilt (99)
One side of the sunroof will not function. Therefore the roof will not open. I assume there is a drive or track broken on the inoperable side but have no drawings of the mechanical parts to make a detemination of what's broken.

Leslie (00)
i have the same problem as greg but i can hear the motor running and it moves its just that its not closing all the way.

Mattie Marsh (99)
Same problem!!!!!!Went to shut it and it wouldn't close. I try to open it and it makes all kinds of crazy noises. Nice!!!

Jesse (00)
Own a 2000 model broke at 86,500 miles, it is open and it won't close, motor not even makes a noise.

Bob G (99)
Sunroof just broke after making that cracking the plastic sound. 76,000 miles. Was getting ready to trade in on new Merc Milan, my family has bought Fords since 1920's. Going to buy Hyundai Sonata. You Pin Heads at Ford listing, All the sales incentives in the world can not overcome this much hubris!

Angela (99)
The Cougar has around 65000 miles on it and out of the blue, the moonroof will not close on the drivers side! I am not pleased. The dealer at which I purchased the car "does not work on sunroofs." He refered my to another place that estimated the cost at $950.00. The guy I work with and I banged on the lever with a hammer and at least got it 98% closed!!! Sad.

Kyle (00)
The sunroof opened a crack and will not close. I am not having the exact same symptoms though as most everybody else. It seems like a power issue because I do not hear the motor trying to close it. I also have an issue with the passenger-side power window closing. It takes repetitive clicks for it to respond. If anyone has any thoughts, it would be appreciated.

Ron Welch (99)
Sun roof broke on driver's side, will not close. There are broken plastic pieces in the track. Dealer wants $1300.00 to fix. This is criminal. This problem has happened because of a design flaw, not because of owner abuse. We own 2 Mercury vehicles now, but will never buy another Ford product. I would enlist everyone on this sit's help to get the word out, not only to Cougar owners, but all potential car owners. BUY A FORD AT YOUR OWN RISK!

dan gouker (99)
99 cougar sunroof only goes up on backside will not slide back open, less than 45000 it broke been broke ever since they said cost 500.00 to 10000. to repair, help any advice will be helpful

Jon L. (99)
My daughter went to open the sunroof and heard a noise she then tried to close it; and it wouldn't close on the drivers side. After learning the ridiculous cost of repairing the sunroof I contacted Lincoln Mercury customer service and had no intentions of meeting us halfway or trying to resolve the problem. No more Ford products for this family.You would think with the situation at Ford they would be more customer attentive. We are finished with american made autos.

Anthony Walters (01)
I took my '01 in for a brake job and when I got it back the sunroof was stuck open in the "vent" on the passenger side. The dealer denies braking it. I guess because they know that Ford designed it to fail. I took it apart and it is made with plastic parts. I used to really like my car.

Velda Coleman (99)
My sunroof is stuck open. I opened it becasue it was hot during the day. Now it won't close entirely. The dealer just told me on the phone that the part alone is $700 for the motor. I had no idea I wasn't the only one with this problem until today. I think I'll force it closed and call it a day. Hopefully the seals are adequate enough to prevent rain damage. I have roughly 50,000 miles on my car and like the gentleman said earlier I used to love my cougar and thought about getting another but that won't happen now.

Jason Speropolous (99)
Still broken and need a new one Driver side tracks

karel machado (99)
Same problem, but why waste my time.. please if Ford decide to repair those faulty sunrof for free, please email me.

Karen Leeson (99)
We had to pay $450 just to close the sunroof and have the motor disconnected so this didn't happen again. To add a new track to the sunroof which broke would have cost us $1700.00. This car only has 44,000 miles. My Daughter is heartbroken, going to college, thought she had a jewel, boy did she have a rude awakening. We have had several fords in the family, but will be changing that very soon. KIA's warranty looks might good!

Tom (99)
Moonroof's broke and found out from original owners that is the second moonroof that has been installed. Dealer took care of the first one since the car was only 8 months old.

Rebecca (99)
My sunroof is now broken for the SECOND time. The first time it was still under the manufacturer's warranty, so I guess they did a crap job fixing it since they weren't going to get any money out of me. Now, it's broken again, and I hate that car so much (I've had to replace the alternator FIVE times in the last TWO years) that I went and bought a '98 Honda Civic EX that has a sunroof that actually WORKS!

Nick (99)
Sunroof broke and i'm not paying to fix it because the car was expensive enough and i'm only 17, can't afford it. I will never buy another ford vehicle.

Michelle (01)
I will never buy another Ford! I finally sold this nightmare because the alternator died less than 1000 miles out of warranty - and Ford did NOT care! And then the moonroof broke less than two years in. I actively tell people NOT to purchase Ford Vehicles!

Daniel Tagliente (99)
My sunroof broke one afternoon when I was openining it to enjoy the sunroof after a long day at school. As I was opening the roof, I heard a crack, and when I tried to close it, only one side went down. I went to two Ford dealerships and one Lincoln/Mercury dealership to see if they would close it to me or fix it. I was told that they were not allowed to close it and that to have it fixed it would cost near $1500. This was ridiculous so I took the problem into my own hands. After a day of tyring to figure it all out, I was able to close the roof with the help of a coat hanger. I just wish I could get it fixed.

Troy MacDonald (00)
Broken slide track on passenger side. Vehicle only had 32K miles when it broke, and was a month and a half past the 3 year warranty. Sunroof got stuck in slightly open position and will not move back or forth. If Ford doesnt repay me for my $900 replacement I will never buy a Ford vehicle/product ever again. I can't believe a company will not stand behind their product enough to admit when they made a mistake.

James (00)
Well I got stuck with the same damn BS sunroof problem everyone else has, except not only did mine get stuck open, but it also got so messed up when it broke that it flew the hell off as I drove down the highway one day and now the panel is bent to hell. I am trying to track down a used one just to fill the hole back in with, and I think I am going to just go ahead and mold over the panel like it never had a sunroof, I don't want to deal with the broken roof again. I love my Cougar, but can't see how a company that sold so many of these vehicles isn't willing to recall one part of the car to make every owner happy, and to keep return Mercury customers coming.

Matt Korth (99)
Bought this car used with a broken sunroof, the thing flapped in the wind, and I ended up having to fill the entire groove with clear silicone caulk to keep the rain from getting in!
Vehicle had 48k when I bought it.

Trent (00)
It was broken when I bought it used from the dealer, but as part of the deal they fixed it for free. Car only had 51,000 miles on it. This defect is total BS.

Sam Claypoole (99)
moonroof worked for three years then took a dump on me still pops up just does not slide back when i asked the ford garage they told me not to worry about it car only had 60k on it my cousin has a 2000 cougar and his did the same thing cost him 1200 to have it fixed you would think ford would do something about this problem

Paul Donald (99)
Same problem with sunroof as every other 99-00 COugar owner. Bought the car used with 65,000k, sunroof broke after 3 month purchase. Managed to buy a used one at salvage yard for 500.00 and it lasted one season before the same thing happened.
Obvious disregard by Ford as tried many avenues to get satisfaction. Forget it with Ford. Never again.

Marinus Mellaart (99)
On hot sunny days the sunroof binds, and will not go up or down until the fron of the roof cools off enough. This has been the only problem on my car with over 200,000 Km!

Amy Barnes (99)
My sunroof has broken twice and so I finally sealed it shut. I don't have $1000 to spend every year.

ashliegh (99)
my husband and I bought the cougar not knowing that anything was wrong with it or that they had a history of being defective. We opened it a few times and it just snapped. We called a few shops and they wanted 1600 or more to fix it. Needless to say it's being kept closed with clear medical tape. We called ford and they acted like they didn't give a rats hind end. The lease they could do is admit they screwed up (they noticed their own mistake in 2001) and fix it for nothing. I now warn anyone I know about this pain in the rear.

Sue (99)
Broke at 75k or so miles. Couldn't afford to fix it the right way, so took out the "guts" and glued in back with silicone rubber. No problems, even with the heat in Phoenix. Next time, I'll buy something that has been on the market for a few years.

William B. Stoner (99)
Same problem opened OK went to close heard grinding noise roof stuck and pieces fell on seat! Took back to dealer out of warrenty and extenned would not cover it! Dealer duct taped it shut and put the motor on the seat and gave me a bill for $70.00 I guess thats what they call Q1

Adam (00)
My girlfriends sunroof broke 1 month after she bought it used. The slidetrack broke/got stuck on the passenger side and the rear corner wouldnt go down. I was able to get a used track assembly from the junkyard for $250, and installed it myself in about 2 hours. Any one with sometype of mechanical ability can put one in. I have had no problems since, but i definitely dont open it back up.

Mark Spaeth (00)
The plastic part on the moonroof broke. The car has been well maintained and babied it's whole life, and one morning I wake up to find the moon roof not working. Took it to an auto dealer to check it out, they told me the plastic piece has been broken and it's going to cost $1200 to fix.

chris (99)
$1300 canadian for the track installed myself ya fun. Along with all my other problems last ford!

Marc (99)
Just like everyone else. Bought the car used, and it had an add-on warranty. The rate the warranty paid on the repair was less than the actual cost, so I had to shell out $250 on top of the ~$800 the warranty was covering.

Doug (99)
Purchaced car with broken sunroof. Didn't think it would cost over $1000 dollars to fix.

Sandy (99)
Bought the car new in 99 and sunroof broke in 03...the back wouldn't come down...too expensive to fix, so I'm living without it. My next car WILL NOT be a Ford.

Wayne (99)
Bought used in 2005 with 94,000 miles.
After three months of use, sunroof failed in up position. Can slide back and forth, but when trying to close, the driver's side tries to close, but passenger side won't.
I tried to tell my wife not to buy a Ford product due to my history with '83 & '86 Mustangs, but she wouldn't listen.
Now she knows better.
My '89 Isuzu Trooper has been the best vehicle I ever owned.

Nicole (01)
I have a 01 Cougar new off the showroom floor.My sunroof first broke a year into the warranty.The dealer was glad to fix at no cost.The second time it broke I was a month outside of my warranty 13 monts later. I drive alot so it was the miles that killed me. It was the same problem, that plastic piece broke off, I still have the piece. The passenger side wouldn't close. I went back & forth with dealer, still wouldn't repair. I really liked my car before then now I can't wait to get rid of it! 01 Cougar sunroofs still break!

Lance (99)
Just like everyone else I have a broken POS* sunroof. Leave it to ford to break! As I said its a POS! Im Not Happy and Ford wont do anything.

Jace (01)
Sunroof broke after not even owning the car for a year! cost me over 2000 to have it fixed I gave in after I called and chewed Mercurys a** off for it. I use to be a die hard Ford fan but not after this! I think this is a very big problem and they need to do something about it because mine is an 01 and I still had it happen. its bull

shirley (00)
I have the same problem as everyone else, the stupid sunroof won't close completely.
It is up on one side slightly, so far no leaks from rain or snow, but the air does whistle through it. Checked into fixing it, but can't afford the $2,000. Makes me leary to own another vehicle with a sunroof. If this is a common problem then Ford should fix it.

Jordan (99)
1 month after i bought car went to open sunroof and heard loud crack sound. Only has 70k on it and dont have the money to fix.

Ray (00)
Bought a used 2000 Cougar with 75,000 miles... sunroof broke after 1 month.

Mike (00)
Sunroof broken upon purchase. Bought with 72000 miles on it and the track on one side was broken.

Dennis (99)
Bought a 99 in july of 99 I hardly ever use it the car had about 29,000 miles on it in mid summer 2003 when it broke, I went to open it and heeard a loud crack and it just stopped moving, I got it closed and havent opened it since, the car now has 32,000 miles on it. Even with low miles and occasional/light use this sunroof was destined to break. Ford cannot use the excuse that its from wear and tear.And even so you get a sunroof to use it not to sit in the car saying " we shouldnt use this to much because it might break".....?

Adam Prociw (00)
Plastic track broke = no more sunroof.

Dianne (99)
Broken track on right.700mi from home,3 kids & weather was pertinent.Stuffed with towel.Once home,a coworker and I wrestled shut on smoke break. Grease smeared on the cloth,yet will not get rained on now.Next trip,to my horror,feared the state patrol was after my ass due to the delightful siren like whooshing noise at55mph+. Alleviated by cracking side window.5 inch(a bugger in WI winter)Challenging to visit with passenger.Put sock between roof and window to pretend ventilation,though as I pass a semi,lifts fearfully high and fear for those behind me.I wonder,if the sunroof flew off like a torpedo and inflicted damage/injury would Ford see this as a potential hazard?

Shaun Jamieson (99)
Bought a '99 from a friend and he had already macgyver fixed it once but it finally broke.

Ron Rosse (99)
track broke while still under warranty replaced with same defective plastic tracks. Broke again just out of warranty 38 months old but only 31,000 miles dealer offered me a great? price $775 part only as I will not ever let them work on my car again, another story. Ford customer care was completely unconcerned and acted like I was the only one to have this problem. This cougar is the one and only Ford I will ever own.

Andrew (99)
track broke, sunroof is stuck open. warranty expired, service center at stanford lincoln/mercury quoted me $1300

Dave M. (00)
driver's side rear will not "pop up". At least it broke in the closed position. I haven 't had it looked at yet....but we all know what it is that is wrong

Suzanne (00)
My 2000 Cougar's moonroof worked great until one day....gone... no warning. Luckily it's in the closed position. I just don't use it anymore and I loved it! Did anyone read James #704's post. His roof BLEW OFF. C'mon Ford, that's a serious safety hazard. Someone else reported the same thing. Is someone going to have to DIE before they recall this hazardous defect? There are almost 800 potential new Ford purchases here that are LOST because Ford won't back up their mistakes. And if those 800 people tell two friends....hmmm

Ed Manthey (99)
Sunroof stuck open- bracket broke in open position-70k miles

Dave Tivador (99)
My track is broken, thankfully the motor isnt done, its still working just the tracking is broken, quoted at $890

James Reed (99)
Sunroof broke while opening. While on the way home the panel broke itself free and flew off onto the highway almost causing an acident. It looked like the scene from "The Fast and the Furious!" Insurance paid for the panel only, but not the broken tracks. Quote: $1100 (I hate my cougar)

Stephanie (99)
My sunroff broke over a year ago. I took it to the ford dealership in 2004 to get it fixed, not knowing about this website and what the actual problem was. They charged me $70 just to tell me my sunroof wouldnt come up ( WHICH OF COURSE I ALREADY KNEW) and it would be over 1000 to fix. I then found this website this summer and I am extremely mad. They knew from the moment I took my car to have the sunroof looked at what the problem was. This should be a recall and Ford should pay.

Justin (99)
My sunroof was broken when i bought the car. I was quoted at $600 to fix it. The sunroof will open but it wont close for some reason. They previous owner had them turn the switch off so that the sunroof could no longer be opened.

Jake (99)
mine broke when it was open, i took it to a shop, they said they could close it for $100 or fix it for $1200, i just had it closed

Jeff (99)
Sunroof was broken when I got the car. Got quoted over $1500 by my local Ford Dealership.

Sean Stoudt (99)
My sunroof was broke when i bought the car 6 months ago and the guy said it was broke about 2 years before that. and it really sucks that it costs 700+ to fix it i dont have that kinda money to blow!

matt (99)
my s/r broke before 45k miles. the dealer i bought it from fixed it. it broke again at about 95k when i tried to open it when it had a thin layer of frost on it. ( not even 1/32") Ford sucks. go to

Lindsey (99)
Back corner on driver side will not go down...any ideas?

This Cougar Bites.

Kristi (00)
After 72,000 miles and 5 years of no problems with my Cougar, the sunroof just broke - same problem as reported elsewhere. At least I don't feel alone in my frustration. Still trying to decide what to do. At least it's closed and water-tight.

Jordan (00)
60,000 sunroof took a crap, first right side wouldnt open and now everything wont open

PAMEL (99)
Back rigth corner on the driver side won't go down.Sunroof has not been used that much.The car has only 64,000 miles on it at this time 08/09/05.Called the ford dealer and they said it would be around $1,300.00 to fix it.What a rip.Ford needs to get this fixed.

Brian Mullen (00)
At least mine didn't break until the 94,000 mark. That still doesn't make it any less broken. It was stuck in the open position, finally got it closed. I was quoted $1600 to repair

Jon H (99)
Sunroof broke thankfully in the closed position. Took the roof off to see what the problem was and it's the infamous plastic parts that have broken

michele s smith (00)
broken sunroof dealer said 1400.00 to fix i am taking this list to my dealer and turning it into the attorney general. Ridiculous!

Tom Harton (99)
P.O.S. Sunrrof. Bad Design, Sunroof broke a week after I bought the car for my Daughter. Granted it was used, but you think FORD would have recalled the car for this PROBLEM !!!! If anyone has a solution for this contact me....

Andy D (99)
Same as everyone else. Sunroof wouldn't close on driver's side... checked it out and all the plastic stuff is breaking off. Even as I was looking at it further, small pieces of plastic continued to break off!

JIM M (00)

Tony G. (01)
Sunroof broke on my car with 37,8xx miles, of course right after it goes out of warranty, and now they want to stick me with a $1200 bill to get it fixed.

Justin Albano (00)
Sunroof broke in 2001. Got it replaced under warranty. Sunroof broke again. Have not gotten it fixed yet because don't have the money to fix it right now.

Chris P. (99)
Passenger side stopped opening at 92,300km.


Andrew Nawrot (01)
Just broke today, barely got it closed enuff to only be popped, highly upset. poop

Steve Sanchez Jr. (00)
Let me begin with I LOVE MY COUGAR. About a Week ago I tried to open my sunroof and heard something cracking. So I closed it back up and heard something break. Well to make a long story short it rained and the sunroof wasn't closed all the way so my car stunk and was wet for about a week. THANK YOU FORD!!!!

Dan Miller (99)
Bought a 99 from a dealership with just over 80,000 miles and was told the sunroof didn't work properly after trying it and it obviously not working right.

Scott Zutant (02)
Wouldnt close on drivers side 56k on it

Brian Burzich (00)
Sunroof problems just like everyone else.

Tiberius (01)
I really liked my car I was getting tired of little nit picky things but the sunroof breakin was the icing on the cake. The driver-side is stuck open.

Bryant (99)
Bought a 99 cougar as my daughter's first car. Just spent
$1700.00 for a new sunroof track assembly. Ford told me there is a 1 year warranty on the new part but does not include the labour if ( more like when) it breaks again. Now I read that there is electrical problems with alternator/battery and windows, etc. It's a shame that I will have to deal the car away, while the roof works, because my daughter likes the looks of the car. I won't spend any more money on this lemon! I can guarantee her next car won't be a *#@!%ing ford.

matt bontrager (99)
the dame thing just broke went sidways out of warr. darn

Grigori Pekker (99)
Vehicle Year:1999
Build Date: Not Sure
Milage of Occurence: 51,000

I was opennig my sunroof, when i heard a crack, the right side was openning, but the left side wasn't moving at all...
The motor kept turning but the roof would not slide back. luckily it was able to close again under it's own power.

robert wills (01)
I CANT BELEIVE IT...I BABY MY CAR LIKE ITS MY FIRST BORN! NO SCRATCHES OR ANYTHING. IS IT TRUE U HAVE TO BUY THE WHOLE ASSEMBLY IN ORDER TO FIX THE PROBLEM? thank god its closed but still a pain!! lets get together and solve this thing with FORD!!!!!!!!!

Ben (99)
The thing stopped working at 68K miles and will not close.

frank alsip (99)
broke in open position had 2 breakit more to close it

Dave Caya (00)
Sunroof is stuck in a partially open position. There is dead silence when the button is pushed. Took it to the dealer who charged me $50 to run the diagnostic test only to tell me that it's the mechanism and it has to be totally replaced to the tune of over $1600 plus tax. The other option was to pay $75 to close it. The car was purchased new in August of 2000 and has just over 38K miles on it. The sunroof has been used sparingly in the 5 years I've owned it. After reading some postings about it also breaking on 2001 models when the defect was supposed to have been corrected, I opted just to have it closed. No sense in throwing good money after bad.

Jessica brown (99)
i press the button and it use 2 go up but not back now it doesnt do anything! I bought it like that!

david (02)
track broke taking out motor with it.the motor was warranted but seeing how the track breaking made the motor go out,it was not dealership wanted $2100 to way !!

Kelvin Penny (99)
This car sucks, never will I buy a for again, just one of the many problems, the sunroof has broken and the dealership in CA called sunnyvale lincoln mercury refuses to stand behind it. They have never helped me out on all my claims.

Nicole (01)
My sunroof completely broke in the open position and I had to go to my mechanic to have him put it back down. He says it will cost about $1100 dollars to fix. I called Ford and they won't do anything. This is ridiculous my car is only 4 years old. I will never buy another Ford Mercury product again. I guess its true Ford means Fix Or Repair Daily!

Darren Nakonechny (99)
I own a 99 mercury cougar i have had it for about a year, i bought it used and i took excellent care of everything on it. and just last week i open my sunroof and when i get to my destination i press my button to close my sunroof and it just stops, the motors still buzzing but the sunroof was stuck. MY cars obviously got no warranty on it, but i think its totally ridiculous that Ford quoted me $1800 to repair a peice of plastic that they screwed up on.

Julie (99)
Same as everyone else with a twist! 2 days before our wedding we opened it and when we tried to close it, it wouldn't budge. Had to leave it open all night and then take time out the day before the wedding to check it out last minute since we were driving it down to Palm Springs for our honeymoon. Thank goodness for my father-in-law - the mechanic was going to give up on getting it shut, but with his help they managed to seal it and remove the motor (for $300 and 4 hours of trying). Wasn't worth the $2500 they wanted to fix it! VERY frustrated with Mercury for offering such a shoddy product with no one standing behind it!

Michelle (01)
I went to open my sunroof last night and I heard a cracking noise, so I stopped. I pulled out a small black plastic piece. The passenger side will close, by the driver's side will not. I called the Ford dealership and they quoted me $1122 just for the parts.

Holly (99)
It broke while in the up position. We had to take the hole thing apart to get it down because I am not going to pay what they want to fix. Not for their screw up!

Nelson Valdes (00)
Can't believe they used cheap plastic to build it and they were aware of the issue... Cougars are supposed to be high-end sports cars, this is unacceptable.
They should recall the parts and replace them for free... I guess these idiots know nothing about customer loyalty, as far as I'm concerned I'll never ever but another Ford again.

Leigh Coveney (99)
Sunroof broke but was covered by extended warranty. Now, broke again and no longer have a warranty. My daughter also has this car with same problem. No more Ford/Mercury cars for me!!!

Rita Sweezy (99)
Bought this car used. Have had it two years and now the sunroof is broken at only 60,000 miles. I feel that Mercury should stand behind their product and correct this problem by replacing sunroof at no charge.

Joe Gowers (01)
My sunroof broke with only 26,500 miles on the vehicle. Furthermore, I live in the northeast, so the sunroof has only been used several months of the year. When inspected, broken black plastic parts were found in the track. Ford's 1-800 # was contacted about the problem but Ford refuses to provide "financial assistance" since the vehicle is out of warranty (this was their decision even after they confirmed that I had purchased 3 new vehicles from Ford over the last decade). This website was mentioned but it didn't seem to concern the customer rep. Ford: Quality Job None.

Mark Arnitz (00)
Sunroof stopped working on my
2000 Cougar. Had to break it
in order to get it closed.
Not going to pay the ridiculous
price to have it fixed. Ford
needs to own up to this problem and issue a recall.
FORD = Fixed Or Repaired Daily!

Michael Monterastelli (00)
Mine broke about a week ago (10/14/05) on the passenger-side with about 118k miles. The dealer charged $130 to shut it and disconnect the switch so i don't accidently try to open it again. Dealer said they would charge $1300 to repair. They're going to have to do better than that if they want me to stop warning people about their surprisingly low quality products. As a God-fearing man, it is my duty to warn everyone i meet in order to help them to improve and protect their possessions and income.

Gina (00)
I'm in the same boat. My sunroof is broken - tracking thing broke on the driver side. Thankfully I have a mechanic friend who was able to get the sunroof closed for me. And, just like everyone else I have been quoted $1000+ just for the part. I agree with most everyone else - dealership/manufacturer needs to own up to this flaw in design and do a recall. There's no way this can be a 'freak' thing if almost 800 people in this database have the same problem. It's clearly a design flaw. I'm all for a class-action lawsuit. Has anyone got it started yet?

Roseann (00)
The plastic piece inside the tracking of the passenger side broke in two. So of course, I cant open mine either. Is the part REALLY that much to replace? I had a friend look at it, and he can fix it, but I am trying to track down that part... any help would be great! OH - I called the number and reported it also. thanks for the info!

Arnie Kinaitis (00)
My favorite daughter is very upset about her broken cougar sunroof. Way to suck Ford.

topkat (00)
bought my yellow kitty 1/03...not a moment's trouble till now the driver's side sunroof track the open position (of course)...quoted $1300-1500 to repair....just trying to get it closed and sealed from the elements...can't part with my kitty just yet....

Ron Lauto (99)
original owner; purchased in Dec 1998, now have 116,000 miles. Sunroof has broken for the second time. Original was in mid 2001, car was in warranty and TRACKS WERE REPLACED WITH THE NEW DESIGN - ALUMINUM TRACKS. Now, Oct 2005, it has stopped working again. Same symptom, drivers side goes up, passenger side does not. It is closed (fortunately), so the switch is unplugged and it will not be opened again.

Nick (99)
I bought my cougar about a month ago and I only paid $500 to have the sunroof fixed and it came with a lifetime warranty and from the looks of it it needed one!

Kenneth (99)
Bought the car with 87k on it, sunroof worked great, until it hit 109k and now the plastic is broke. Great car to drive, just never using the sunroof again, without paying $1500

David Howard (99)
Same problem that everyone else seems to have.

Heather Blackledge (99)
I bought my 99 brand new and I have 102k miles. I had not issues until now. My motor isnt making a noise though and it didnt make any cracking noises going up or down before it stopped working all together. Any suggestions please email.

Yaniv Levy (99)
Same problem with that stupid plastic track part.

jim cooper (99)
This car was an anniversary present for my wife, she absolutly loves it...except at 85,000 the damn sunroof doesn't open, I was able to close it, but another plastic track bit the dust.

Jose Guzman (99)
I just buy my cougar one day ago and whe I was going to open my sunroof I hear a crack.

Adam Gretencord (00)
Heard "the crack" in mid-2003. Never bothered to have it fixed because of the cost.

Allen Cyr (99)
Have the same problem. Almost got the sun roof to close. I can not believe how much it costs to repair this sun roof. I'll look into purchasing a fixed sun roof system.

Mike Gutterman (01)
51,000 miles and moonroof is stuck open. No noise, nothing... just dead. Paid 100.00 to close it, but idiot dealership left it loose so now it flaps open in the wind on the highway. I wouldn't claim that the later Cougar model sunroofs are any better in design, certainly isn't my experience.

Sandy (99)
Cougar has only 7700 miles and the sunroof won't close.

Adin (99)
Bought the car used for our 16 year old daughter. After 3 months had to have wheel bearings replaced. After 6 months had the infamous sunroof problem - can hear the motor but won't move or close completely - now have a rotten egg smell when driving, worse at higher speeds.

Jennifer (00)
I just bought my car 2 days ago with 40,000 miles. My sunroof makes no noise at all it is just dead. The salesman told me it was probably just a fuse but this website has made me very discuraged.

Carel (00)
My sunroof quit working like all the other people on this list. The dealership wanted alot of money to fix it, which I dont have. Its open and winter, I need to know how to get it closed. If you can help please e-mail me at

Sandra (00)
Won't open past the tilting up on the passenger side.. just up an quit one day. I've also heard it's quite expensive to fix, but like everyone else this was a feature that I paid extra for on the car and I would like to be able to use it. I've been a Ford owner all my driving life.. hmmm this may change ....

LaTonya (99)
when it rains hard, water comes in my car through my sun roof and the inside of my car is a mess. i want to get my car detailed but the roof has to get fixed. it started leaking 6-7months after i bought the car..

Sherry Peterson (99)
We just bought the car for our daughter. The sunroof is stuck open and we can't get it closed. How frustrating I was quoted $1200.00 to have it fixed.

Big C Motors 2 (99)
Just to let everyone know I am a car dealer, I have had 6 99 cougars in the last year all of which the sunroof was broken. At this point the only solution I have found is to get the parts from a dealer. I have tried over 100 junk yards and always get the same responce...."good luck they all break".

kathlene (99)
99 cougar, 70K miles. Same story. would like to just get the thing closed...

Rachel (99)
My cougar has about 75k and my sunroof broke. I knew it was going to cause I read these reviews. So I didn't use it, but my friend didn't know and opened it one day, and it broke. So, if yours isn't broke put tape over the button and don't touch it!!

Thomas Boring (00)
In 6 years and 105,000 miles, I've had the sunroof track replaced twice. And now, today, it has broken for a third time. This time it came off while I was driving. Luckily no one was behind me. I've placed calls to both Ford and the NHTSA to report this as a safety issue.
Just the track assembly costs 1200 bucks. The last time I had it replaced, it cost me 1800 bucks.
This time though, I'm thinking it's time to mod the car. Anyone done a T-Top mod to their Cougar yet?

William (99)
Bought it used with about 73k miles on it. Sunroof was broke already. It still opens but it won't go back. I haven't been able to get it fixed yet.

John (99)
Bought car used from guy who pampered car. Love it and pampered it even more then the person I bought it day heard crack on when opening sun roof, now can hear motor work, but no movement in sunroof. Repair shop said whole thing needs to be replaced at unreal cost. Not happy, have bought Fords in past, always American made cars, but this experience of a flawed design and not taking care of customers like this is making me think twice. Quality should come first, period. Disappointing from Ford.

Joseph Wagner (99)
Right side failed first, followed by left side two weeks later. $765 for parts!?
I am true Ford blue, but this is really sad. Ford, do the right thing!

Bill (99)
Sunroof track broke and i was barley able to get it closed it leaks water everytime it rains. Guess it is like the plastic intakes they made and replaced later models with updated aluminum one on the water outlet, you have to buy it they will not replace it.

Chris Varnadore (00)
Sunroof will not close completely. Stupid part. NEEDS RECALLED. Even if its not a safety issue IF IT HAPPENS TO THIS MANY SOMETHING IS OBVIOUSLY WRONG. Here- I'll turn it into a safety issue. Scenario: Driving down the highway in the rain.. A raindrop hits my eye through the opening & I WRECK because I could not close my sunroof in the RAIN

Danielle (00)
Reading this just made me sick then my repair guy just called me and said $1000.! This is totally BS on Mercury's part! If you know it breaks it should be recalled. I had 2 Toyotas before this car and they were great. I have had nothing but problems with this car and will NEVER buy Mercury again!

Todd (99)
Same story for me - about 50000 miles - stuck, plastic piece broken, Ford dealer quoted me about 1000 to fix. Rediculous. Should I ever buy Ford again? I have sent an email to Ford Customer Service - I doubt it will do any good.

Mark Cole (00)
Gave up at 35K. . . . Ford quote £600 to fix. . . so whos taking the PXSS. (did manage to close it though!!)

Ryan Seidner (01)
Sun roof is stuck open 1/2 an inch...$1000 to fix

Kris (01)
Sunroof was stuck open, I was also told 1000.00 to get it fixed. This happened about 55,000 miles. I got it shut but when driving on highway it opens a little, still not fixed.

Casey Celum (00)
Have had my baby for approx. two months...roof just broke thought my local mechanic could fix...local and dealer wanted to rape me on the price...will try junk yard and installing myself or in mexico.

ANGIE (00)

Brian Cooper (99)
bought used for my kid, roof leaks bad every rain and leaks air when driving, i knew of problem when i purchased thinking i could fix myself. should of done more research, sealed it shut and unpluged, will work until she gets out of school, ford sucks

Kelly Russell (00)
Mine is about to go it retracts very slowly so I don't even use it anymore knowing that it probably will get stuck open in the rain or something. Great. I had a friend that had the same year and his got stuck open. so there you have it great thinking on Ford part.

Cheri (99)
Right side broke at about 72k. Had to break other side to close. I would like to replace with a glass popup roof if that's possible.

Vanessa Holland (99)
My sunroof was broke when I bought my car but even if it wouldnt have been broke I can definitly see that it would have broke eventually. I didnt know it was broke at first so when I opened it for the first time it wouldnt shut and my husband had to break it more so that it would shut so the rain wouldnt get in. I was told $1000 to fix.

Brandon (99)
I also bought the car with the sunroof not opening. Used dealer told me it had just come off of the track--yah right. As big as this problem is, you would think ford would do something to fix!

Stephen Hill (99)
Add my name to the list.
Sunroof bracket broke at
35,000 miles . I'm not willing to spend 1,000 +
for a part that Ford should
stand behind and fix.

Jessica (00)
Same thing everyone else said - I was at about 50K miles when mine popped off. With Labor it was 1700 bucks to fix at the dealer.

Malia (00)
Tried to open sunroof heard crack, got stuck partialy open. The track seems to intact and motor trys to work, but everything is stuck, and totally silent.

DAVE (99)
same long before Merc helps us out!!!!

Donna (00)
40k miles. Hubby went to open sunroof today (2/10/06), no sound, no warning; it stopped & opened just enough so that if it starts raining, it will soak the inside. Fortunately, we've been having sunny weather here in Northern CA lately. Got on the internet tonight, googled cougar sunroofs - lo and behold - we found there's an entire website dedicated to this expensive design flaw -- you guys! Thanks for saving us the trouble of calling the dealership, only to be told it will cost a small fortune to fix. I wonder why Ford hates us?

Michael U (00)
My 2000 Cougar (51k miles) had the sunroof track break August 2005. It is the same symptoms as most everyone here. It popped up but the driver's side wouldn't slide back. I was able to get it back on track and closed with some effort. I went to the Dealer this week (2/13/2006) and got them to estimate the repair for free. As suspected it was the $1500 replacement due to the bad track. They offered to pay all but $300. It is still an expensive fix but better than nothing I suppose.

Kathalina Adams (02)
I just bought my car and the dealer is going to pay for my sunroof but I cannot seem to get it repaired anywhere. It has not been working since Dec.
A second note. I contacted Ford motor Company and the response I got was that they have never heard of this issue nor have a resolution for me but to take it to an authorized dealer. There is no promotions or warranty for this type of issue. This was the response I got. However, my local Ford is going to replace for me free of charge. Thank god for the local company.

Aaron Mallott (00)
Finally happened to me. I have about 80K on the car and now it is stuck in the vent position.

David Lacnaster (99)
Problem didnt happen when i owned it, but was broken when i got it, and i got from Private Seller, and yea, 2 of the plastic pieces on the Drivers Side have broken, maybe we can a callback, its freaken rediculous....

Angela Brown (00)
My sunroof is now stuck in the vent position and is estimated to cost me $1500 to fix. Trying to find a used part or some alternative - any suggestions would be appreciated.

Heather (99)
I know I'm not alone now! 49K miles and yesterday I decided I needed some fresh cool 30 degree air. It went up about 1" and stopped. Still closed but fear that when it rains it will leak in. Blimey! I'd be happy to just close it and never use it again. Anyone have an issue like mine and shoved it closed?

Clarkster (99)
67,000 miles.
Stuck open 1/2 inch.
Took to dealer.
Now stuck open 1 inch.
Dealer couldn't close it.
They want $2115 to fix it!!!!!
I paid $220 for diagnosis!!!!

Donna (00)
Hubby got it to close by somehow manually cranking it shut inch by inch, or rather millimeter by millimeter. This is after he found out the extremely uncomplicated sunroof motor, of a design one might find in a child's toy, alone cost $450.00! The plastic piece wasn't broken - the sunroof was just stuck in vent position. He didn't see the sense in replacing the motor only to have the plastic part explode somewhere down the road. At least now the rain can't get in.

Jeanne (00)
Just brought the car a few months ago,I wasn't informed that the sunroof wasn't fully closed. I started driving the car and the roof was flapping up and down. lol Took it to a dealer and then wanted to fix it for 1200. I also tried close it myself and made it worse. Finally used black chalking(silcon) to keep it closed, and it worked for about 2 months.

deborah (00)
sunroof stuck in vent position.. had an engineer friend look at it - he found the problem - unbelievable that Ford will not stand behind their motto "Quality is Job #1" and replace/repair this known problem - bought my cougar used from a dealer in 2003-(2nd owner) they were aware of the problem - calling them today...

mike (00)
Bought the car 3 months ago. Fortunately the sunroof had been professionally sealed up for the winter. I knew it wasn't functional, but didn't know Ford would try to rip me off by quoting me $1100.00 just for the track and gear assembly when all i need are two measley pieces of aluminum. Still looking for a junked 01 or 02 in the local area. I'm thinking about trying to build my own replacement pieces. If something works I will let you guys know.

Tom (99)
Had sunroof open and went to close it got stuck at vent position. Broke the 2 pieces that props it open so its closed. But driving on the highway doing 75 80mph it flopped up and down.

Rob T (00)
Same problem , same quote, same crap. Looking for glass pop up replacement, any to recommend ?

Dan B (00)
Yada! Yada! same ole song and dance. The sunroof is CRAP! Cheap Part Top dollar fix. Does the $1,300.00 fix come with a kiss? because you sure get a good... wle you know what I mean.
Thank's Ford...NOT!!! Love the car. The cheap material sucks. I think next time I'll buy a Dodge or Chevy.

Ken S (99)
The sunroof broke and was stuck partially open. I took it to the dealer and of course it was't covered under the extended warranty. It was the only power accessory that wasn't so they knew there was a problem with it. They were going to charge me $1300 to replace it with another plastic piece and charged me $70 to get it closed. It still flaps when I go over 60 MPH. A friend of mine owns a machine shop and thinks he can machine a set out of aluminum. Problem is I have to get him a template that he can go by. I'll keep in touch. Absolutely last Ford!

Adam Loftus (99)
Broken Plastic Tracks... piece of crap!

Debra (02)
51,000 miles, went up 1 inch wouldn't go back down. $130.00 to tell me the roof was broken. $1500.00 to fix it. Hahahaha too bad my daughter who is getting the car won't have a sunroof to use!

Karen Catron (99)
Broken sunroof, 1999 cougar for sale, any offers.

Ressie (99)
I have the same problem. Sunroof would not close, I had to have someone cut one bar on one side to get it down. Everyone I took it to said I would have to replace the whole thing. I love the car but that is too much to pay for a sunroof.

David (Ohio) (99)
Sunroof broke at 74,000 miles. Seems to be slightly different then reported though, metal guide that the plastic pushed is what broke on mine. Upon removal of the sunroof I could see both plastic pulley on both sides we cracked and deterierating, but still working. It was the front metal guide on both sides that broke. Hope I can find the whole assembly at a junk yard for pretty cheap, or else it's staying broken!

John Jonckheere (01)
Ford wants $1400 to fix it.

rebecca wilburn (00)
Bought the car 1 yr. ago. The sunroof would not open on one side. It would not close completly. We had to put duct tape on it. The plastic piece broke. Ford would not do a good faith warranty. Had to replace the whole sunroof.

Jim (99)
Got car at auction, knew it had sunroof problems. called ford and even at our cost for our garage ford wanted 1000 for the assembly. found one used but it was on the verge of breaking also.

canuck (99)
Ford wanted $2400 CND (including labour) to fix the sunroof

E. S. (99)
Bought my cougar 2 years ago from one of my friends. Her dad bought it for her new and she said that the sunroof never worked for her. Contacted my local Ford deal when I bought the car, but same old story. I would have to pay almost $1,500 for something that should've been recalled.

sarah carter (00)
roof broke at 75,000mi, not sure what is least it is closed!

Shane (99)
I bought mine last summer and it was broken when I bought it. I had the dealership check it out to see how much to fix it and it was $1700. I just want a little sun on my face!

Trace (99)
Bought cougar this year. Sunroof panel was missing when I bought it. Someone took it out leaving the gear assembly with broken aluminum rails and screwed a piece of tinted plexiglas in its place. Only problem is you cant open it. Upon further inspection of the gear assembly, I discovered it was made by none other than the webasto sunroof company. This is supposedly a company that prides itself on quality. HA! I think we should all go after webasto to replace these sunroofs as they are the ones who made them.

Karen Watts (99)
I bought my cougar 4years ago and my sunroof got stuck at pop after 1 1/2 years maybe 40,000 miles.In order to get it to closed i had to pop off a piece from the track. I took it to the dealer. they wanted to charge me $1300 to fix.they stated it wasn't covered under my warranty. So after reading all of your complaints, as i am writing this,i am going through the attorney generals office to get this repaired. wish me luck.My sunroof to this day flaps also when going over 60mph. although i love my cougar i will never buy another car from ford.

JimS (01)
My steel (not plastic)tracked sunroof malfunctioned at about 1 1/2 years and 13,000 miles!

Fortunately under warranty.

jake (99)
same problem. knew sunroof didnt work when i bought my car. tore it apart to attempt repair. had clips machined but it looks like im still screwed. will update if i get it to work

Nick DiBiasi (00)
I bought my car in july 2002 with 32Kmi, when i got to 36kmi my sunroof went out. I called the dealer they asked for my mileage, it was 3 miles over and they told me sorry your warranty is 36k not 36k and 3mi. These should definantly get recalled or something. As of right now when this car completly kills over it will be the last for car I own! Sunroof flaps in the wind and is stuck half an inch, just high enough water can still get in.

Leaha (99)
At 60 K moonroof broke and is now stuck in the open position. Yikes! Anyone have any tips to get it closed? Any recalls yet? Stupied plastic

Anthony G. (01)
Broke on my 2001. Couldn't get it closed. Eventually took it apart myself to shut it, but now it is useless. Nice to know I paid $800 for it as an option when I bought the car and now I have to pay another $1500 to fix it. $2300 for a sunroof? I should of bought a Toyota.

Richard C. Hutira (00)
Sun roof broke clear off. This is the response from FORD---Dear Richard,

Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center with the additional information we requested. We have reviewed your situation and unfortunately, there are no warranties, recalls or customer satisfaction programs on your vehicle that would provide assistance for this repair. If you have any other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them for you.

Customer Relationship Center
Ford Motor Company

David (02)
David H. 60K, my sunroof is stuck in the vent position. When I bought the car brand new I reported the roof making a funny sound, and they said it was fine. Time and time again I took it to the dealer and I told them it made a strange cracking/breaking sound when I opened it. Still nothing done. Of course the warranty is long gone. I found out the other day that its going to cost me over $1500 to get it replaced and fixed. Ummm with that money I could put a down payment on a new car...which will NOT be a Ford/Mercury product. There should have been a recall on the sunroof issue a long time ago, but nothing was done..sounds JUST like a republican!

Jamie (99)
69,000 miles on my new cougar. I just bought it about 2 months ago and the other day crack.... it broke... they are telling me 1200 to fix it... for that much I might as well just trade it in on another car... i'm very depressed about this

Frank Palermo (00)
I just bought a 2000 with a broken sunroof and found this site looking for information on a fix. It looks like I'm screwed. I think I'll check Webasto for a repair.

Laura (00)
Over 50K miles on my 2000 and the sunroof has not yet broken. However, thanks to info on this website, I've decided not to risk it. I no longer use the sunroof in the hopes that it will still be in working order when I unload the car. I have purchased 3 new cars from Ford. The Cougar will be my last.

Brigitte (99)
Sunroof wasn't working anymore so I took it in, the mechanic (who I trust) said there were too many broken parts and would have to be totally replaced-the quote was about $1900!He said that was rediculous and we're trying to get a quote from the glass company to just make a manual one. (sigh)

Jillian (00)
Cougar just hit 70,000 miles and my sunroof broke. Went to a private auto repair shop and they think that they may have found the cracked plastic piece for $6-$8 but they are not sure if it is the correct piece. Sounds to me like it's too good to be true. Back when my cougar was still under warranty the dealership told me they were having a lot of problems with the sunroof and they told me to use it often so that maybe it would break before the warranty ran out. Great advice. Why not issue a recall if there is a problem this large???
Private auto repair shop did not locate the proper broken piece of my sunroof track (as I thought would happen). I was quoted a price of $1,000 for a new track plus labor costs. For anyone viewing this website, we have to continue addressing this matter aggressively. File your complaints online with the NHTSA at and call Ford directly to make a complaint at 1-800-392-3030.

Gemma (99)
Having the same problem as everyone else. $2000 (with labor) to fix the sunroof at approximately 60,000 miles. What a joke! Must replace the whole unit since car is no longer manufactured. All the parts on this vehicle are more expensive to fix than what this car is worth.Trust me I know b/c I've had problems with it since day one. Should have gotten rid of it then. Co-worker instructed me to file a complaint with the NHTSA. Doing so today. Recommend everyone to do the same. Maybe Ford/Mercury will get the point and be man enough to fix their HUGE ONGOING MISTAKE! Here's the web address: . Let's see what we can do!

George (00)
Damn plastic broke. Had to take apart my sunroof just to get it closed back...yep looking for a new car now also!!

Nathan (00)
My sunroof broke today. Luckly I was able to get it to shut after it broke.

Mathieu Lapierre (00)
same problem :-( It was my last Ford !!!
UPDATE: I talked yesterday to a lawyer from a Montreal law firm. He is very interested to defend us in a CLASS ACTIONS agains FORD COMPANY. He is looking our situation and he will let me know if we can go further. I will keep you informed...
Another UPDATE: A second law firm is interested. Cool !!!

Ashley (00)
I thought my sunroof that was the only one that broke, but I can't find anyone who can fix it! I had to get the whole roof of the car taken apart just to get it to shut and the chain link is some cheap plastic! (BS!) Mine broke around 67,000 real complaints about anything else, but I didn't spend the extra cash for one just to get in my car and look at it! I want to use it!!!

Pat (00)
Stuck at 45,000, dealer said it would cost 1900 to fix. At least I got mine closed! No no to another Ford.

Jonathan (00)
Just past 90k, and when I went to open it, I noticed it was making a bit more noise than normal, and when I looked I saw that it was not opening evenly. When I tried to close it, it seized up and will not seat properly. It's noticable if you look at it but, now I wonder about the rain...

Dave Bour (99)
Just past 80,000 a tiny latch snapped...Surprise! The dealership wanted $1,200 to fix it...30% the car's value!

Christie (99)
almost 80K miles and on my way to work this morning, it opened slightly but then stopped. I was afraid it would get stuck, so I closed it, never to have it open again. I was hoping maybe it was a glitch and would start working again, but not so far...

Ed (01)
70,030 miles and sunroof broke. Sounds like the plastic track problem that everyone else is having.... I haven't talked to the dealership yet to find out what it will run me to fix it. Any thoughts on... how much would it be to get an aftermarket sunroof installed rather than fixing the one I have?

Eric (99)
99 Cougar more broken plastic. Ford's Service Line was no help either.

Neil (99)
55,000 Miles Moonroof stuck in the open position. Recommend printing this list and bringing it to the dealer. Ford... Listening Now???

cristina (00)
I have a feeling that the problem with my sunroof is all to common here! Im really upset at the cost to repair it too.

Jason (00)
Stuck open at 70K. Figured out how to close without breaking anything. Remove sunroof top by 4 torx screws from inside car. There is a 4Ē long secondary track near the front of linkage assy. The cam that slides in this track must be pushed full forward in order to pull the rear cam down to close position. If it does not push all the way forward, the broken catch that moves in the track needs to be behind the main linkage assy by pressing open button and getting it to slide past the linkage point where it was originally attached to. With the linkage in the closed position reinstall the roof panel. Took me 1.5 hours to figure it out but really is only a 15 minute job once you know what to do.

Rich (00)
Went to go to work this morning and of course it was going to rain and saw that the one side of my sunroof wouldnt go down. I got to work to do some research and found this site. My day just got worst now....
Damn FORD!

robin (99)
I have had a mercury all my life and this problem really conserns me. I now have 77,000 miles on the vehicle. My sunroof too became defective and I believe its off the track. It makes this ringing noise as I try to open it. I never thought it would be this costly to fix and am very disappointed and unhappy with these dealerships that continue to try and RIP YOU OFF! However, I am aware of the cost for the parts alone and would love to address the issue further with a possible re-call with the Ford Company so we may be reembursed for this very expensive transaction. Its bad enough what the cost of labor is in any repair shop! I hope you Ford Dealers are listening out there!!!!

brian (00)
bought car with 72,000 on it and sun roof won't shut even cost way to much to fix this should be a recall!

Ryan Przybylski (01)
It was the summer of '05 I was at work and looked outside and it was about to rain. All of a sudden I went out there I tried closing my moonroof but it wouldn't close! It got all wet inside and stuff. Took the car to Ford, estimated 1300. I said I don't need to see the sun for 1300 bucks. Cost me 120 bucks just to have them close the damn thing and it's not even sealed. To this day my moonroof has been slightly open with water getting in only from bad rain. I will never buy a Ford again.

Sunroof broke one summer day, will cost $2200 to fix, forget ford, never buy another.

Corey (99)
I am on my third sunroof. The second one that they put in(Stock sunroof broke)was after warranty, but they wrote it up as an "after warranty adjustment"(50,000 miles). This didn't cost me a cent. When I had that one replaced they "helped me out on labor costs" I ended up spending $900.00.(85,000 miles) What the hell is going on. I'm just waiting for this one to break also.

Andrew (01)
just bought car, private seller, sunroof "broken but easy fix", yeah right. flops up and down at 70 mph. what are my remedies?

Kabes (00)
It was about mid-fall of 2005 when my moonroof became stuck in open position. I had only had it for about 4 months and i was pissed. thanks!

Donna (01)
Sunroof broke at 15,000 miles!!! I've been easy on the sunroof too. My car is very well taken care of. I am very upset about this.

travis (00)
my sunroof broke it will rise but not move backwards i think it is a broken plastic rail it leaks alittle .. but if it costs anything close to what im hearing this is just another reason to not buy ford ..

Michelle (99)
My sunroof broke at about 40,000 miles....I was out of town at the time, it started to rain! Oh MY GOD I pulled into a Ford/Mercury place they shut it for me....then the bad news no warranty for this and the cost would be about $2,000! I love this car I now have 90,000 miles on it, just wish the roof still worked.

David Kidwell (00)
plastic tracks broken, have been told 1800.00 to fix

laura castilla (99)
Sunroof broke on rainy day. Insurance won't cover it and it looks like its going to cost about 1400.oo. Something should be done, by the company.

Sonya (99)
Just bought a used '99 for a steal, only problem is the sunroof. Replacement will be $1200, but I found one from a junkyard for $400. Hoping I don't have the same problem with that one.

Walden Bros Auto Sales (01)
Bought a 2001 Cougar with only 29,000 miles. Everything perfect on it except the sunroof. Would love to find a used one. Email is

Donald D (99)
bought a 99 cougar with 32,000 last year, after replacing alternator, battery cables, battery, and headlights that would fill with water when it rained, my sunroof breaks last week.

Sandy (99)
sounds like the same story as everyone else. it's the plastic track although the motor sounds like it's running. have done some research, apparently there was a sunroof with metal rails after 1999. mine is permanently shut. I miss using it but would never buy another Cougar even though it's been great mechanically.

Brian (99)
I tried to have Ford/Merc. fix my sunroof. They basically flipped me off. I'm now looking to buy a new car. I went to test drive the Mercury Milan. I told the dealer I would ONLY buy the car if they do 1 of 2 things:
1. Give me a written guarantee that they will replace the sunroof if anything happens for the time I own the car.

2. Deduct 2400.00 from the agreed price of the vehicle- the first 1200.00 for when I had to PAY to fix the problem in my '99 Cougar, and the addtional 1200.00 for the second time it happened which they refused to fix...

Heather (99)
sunroof was partially working when I got it. went to go put it down, it jammed and kapoof, doesn't work anymore. the dealers wanna charge me 2500 to get it fixed but honestly, i'll freaking go get it replaced with a non-moving sunroof before i pay that. and the motor stopped working, so it's pretty much screwed up. it's shut permentently so far.

Robert Lewis (99)
Sunroof does not work, same problem as eveyone else.

Bill (99)
92K miles and wife heard funny noise. Now it's stuck open in the vent position. If I try to close it with the button, the driver's side stays up and the passenger side tries to close. Posted 5/27/06

Melissa (00)
same problem as everyone else... dealer quoted me $2600 to fix the damn thing.

Elise Weeks (99)
The tracks on the sunroof is broke

Sherri (01)
I purchased the ZN edition cougar just last month for my 16 year old daughter from an individual that had nothing but great things to say about it. The car had 67,000 miles on it. One week after purchase, the sunroof track broke. I ran across this website and see that there is little hope of getting it fixed at a reasonale cost. I guess my daughter will just be without a sunroof. We were lucky that we at least got ours to close without too much trouble.

Alison (99)
My sunroof just broke moments ago and after reading through this site, I have very little faith in Ford. I personally like how "Ford recognizes it as a known problem, but since it poses no immediate safety threat there have been no recalls." So I'm thinking, if the sunroof flies off when I'm doing 70 on the highway and decapitates someone then they'll recall it!?! Don't you just wish they'd do the right thing before it becomes "a threat?"

Al Eckert (00)
Bought Cougar with 86,000 miles and was told Sunroof didn't work. Figured I could fix it later. I thought motor was bad because it doesn't make any noise when you hit the switch, I'm assuming now it was disabled after it broke, will have to check. I was looking around for information about a fix, when I ran across this website. It doesn't look good.

Mark (01)
Recently purchased a used Cougar from a dealer for our 16 year old daughter. Sunroof doesn't work now and about had a coronary when I checked with my local Ford dealer, $2500 to fix it which is totally nuts!!! I am in the process of fixing it myself. I am armed with original factory service manuals and found used parts. Will post again later with repair results. I agree with the consensus here, FORD should issue a recall on this obvious flawed, poorly designed and potentially hazardous option. Good luck to others out there with Sun-less Roofs.

Tim (99)
Same thing...sunroof goes to vent and closes after ra few tries. Wont open all the way.

Stacy (99)
My dad bought me a 99 Cougar with 85,000 mi. on it. We were told that there was one piece broken on it when we bought it and figured it was not a huge problem. Dad went to a Ford dealership and find out a new track system is needed and will cost $1,250.00. Is there not any other cheaper way to fix this problem? Right now I can open and close it manually but if I hit my brakes it slides shut, so its pretty much useless.

sekou (99)
Took my sunroof apart to see this plastic people are complaining about, It about the size of a small average paper clip but thinner, two hole on each side, one small hole holding onto the track, the other side small hole holding to the panel pulley thing and the hole that held onto the track broken Track still move but the panel donít move, sunroof got stuck when closing. Mercury and Ford Dealership told me the part itself cost about 1,200 labor about 600 and the total cost to fix it can go up to 1,800 or more. My opinion, go to the junkyard because the sunroof goes for about 500 with the track & panel. After installing get it clean, relubricate & hope to god it doesnít break anytime soon.

Kelly (99)
I have had the same problem for about a year now. My BF tried a couple things to fix it but every attemted didnt fix problem for long. He says Ford using that small plastic piece is like puting square tires on a car. Just plain stupid.

daniel villacres (99)
this car has been a piece of crap! i am completely disappointed with the services that i have gotten. i have done research and found out it will cost over $3000 to fix this garbage of a vechicle. and on top of that ford will not recall the crap they assembled. without a doubt on my mind the next car i buy will never be a ford. and without a doubt on my mind i will junk this car asap! i encouragae all of you to do the same. my check engine light has been on for a year and no one can tell me what it is. it almost blew up on me. im tired of this car!

S.Santerelli (99)
Motor acts like it burnt out

Kristi (99)
I bought my cougar in 2001 and I had it about a month when the sunroof broke. I took it to the dealership and thankfully it was covered by my warranty. It only cost me $100. It worked for about two years and it broke again. I thought that it was a defect in the part since it hadn't seen much use and I had already replaced it once. I was told that it would be over $1200 just for the part!!!! Needless to say, the sunroof has been broke on my car for over two years now. I guess I can take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one with this problem.

Donald (00)
Sunroof broke at 90,000 miles. Stuck in the vent position. Any help on how to close completely?

Herb (99)
Bought the car brand new, brought it in multiple times for weird noises coming from the sunroof when opening/closing and the dealer just kept greasing it. Anyhow, it broke in the open position and I had to slide it back manually. There's a little carrier in the track that snapped--it moves back and forth like it's supposed to but doesn't pull the roof on the driver's side. I had to get a little "hook tool" and catch the broken piece with that and slide the roof forward and then closed. Haven't bothered to fix it because I knew it'd cost too much.

Ford built a piece of crap and they know it. I'll never buy a Ford product again if I can help it.

Mike (01)
Same Problem as everyone else on my girlfriend's car. $400 piece, $1500-$1600 repair. Dealership charged $85 just to diagnose the problem. Sounds to me like they should have known right off the bat. Junkyard wants $200 for the track, then at least a few hundred to work on it, no guarantees. FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily. Lucky for us, the thing is down and sealed. I'm puting some caulk around the seal to make sure. F*%# Ford.

Eric (99)
Just bought my duaghter a 1999 cougar with only 52,000 miles on the clock for 6,400.00. I thought I had found a good deal until the sunroof locked in the open position and will not close. Now she can't use it when it is raining... Same as everyone else I have been unable to locate replacements and cannot find a suitable source for parts. I'm pretty good with a wrench, does anyone know how to fix these things? Is there a place where I can purcahse parts? ... thanks

Megan (20)
I bought my cougar new in 2001 the sunroof just went out at 60,000 miles. Have been doing research and have ran into the same problems. $1400 to fix and hard to find at a recking yard. Note to you cougar owners be aware of your door handles they are similar when they break. a tiny piece brakes and you have to repair the whole door handle and get it painted because it only comes in one color. About 300-400 to fix. I will never own another ford!!

Craig (99)
I am having the same problem w/ my sunroof. I bought My 1999 cougar used w/ 32000 miles in 2002. It now has 64300 on it. Plastic pieces in sunroof tracks this model year, right?? Did they use metal pieces in the 2001-2002 models?? If so, anyone know if they'll fit in a '99??

Brad (00)
After 130000K my sunroof broke on the same place everyone elses has. i took it apart and i managed to get it closed. Ford wants $2200(CAD) for the part. not worth it, ill just settle for no sunroof and learn a lesson not to buy fords no more.

Brittany (99)
My 1999 cougar had a broken track for the sunroof to work. So if you can find me one please do.

ron (00)
bought the car with 36,000 miles in the spring of 2005.
This summe the sunroof stopped working. The dealer was able to close it and discinnect the motor. Their price to fix it would be around $2,900.00. Found a source for motor and track for $900.00. I was told used ones are not worth the money. I'm thinking that this is the last Ford I'll buy, they are not worth the money if they don't stand behind their product.

alex (99)
my father is original owner of our cougar, along the way, one track broke, which did not let sun roof close, and the car had to be parked with the front uphill so that rain would not leak into cougar later, the second track broke, the thing is that we never abused the part and there is no reason it failed because of us

Ed Vandit (99)
Sunroof broke back in 2003. Some kids ran over the car and put dents scratches in sunroof and hood and hatch. Had to put through insurance painting and repaired sunroof at the same time. Parts cost 1960 Canadian dollars, not much for labour.
New sunroof has metal tracks and the sealant is different as well. Not buying fords anymore, what was I thinking...

Admin Note: not really related to the defect, but it was replaced with the updated assembly, so I'll leave it.

mandy (00)
when i bought my car, the sunroof was already broken, and they said it would be too expensive to fix. my doors scare me because they are hard to open. my vents only work on "4". i too will never buy a ford again

Scott (99)
I experienced a similar problem with my moonroof in that it would only partially open. The first dealership I went to said that the entire assembly needed to be replaced and that it would cost $$$$. As my car had the maximum extended warranty, I argued that the repair should be covered, to no avail. Then my car experienced some other engine problem when I was about 100km from home, so I stopped at another dealership and posed the question again. This dealership was able to replace the brakets on the moonroof and it has been working ever since (4+ years). I'll check my maintenance report to see if there are specifics.

Todd Cote (99)
Bought my 99 Cougar used at 36,000 miles. Sunroof went not long after purchase. Motor still moves window partially, but stops halfway. Luckily, I was able to close it. Now I don't mess with it for fear of it getting stuck in open position. I've never had a care that's given me so much anxiety waiting for the next (expensive) repair....

Krystle Beatty (00)
I got my cougar on April 25th, 2005 and the 4th day I had it, the moonroof stopped working. Is Ford going to recall them?

Megan (99)
Bought my cougar in 2005, not even a year later sunroof goes. I will never buy a ford again.

Ashley (99)
The sunroof in the car I am planning on buying is broke as well. the dealership said that this is a common problem and is very expensive to fix and also commonly break when you fix it anyway. I think that this is such a common problem that ford would have a recall on it and they really should considering how low american made cars are as far as selling cars.. Wow i know ford is prolly the cheapest company around but jesus should have enough to make something right.

Loz (UK) (99)
Bought my Cougar 2nd hand in the UK and the sunroof went after 50,000 miles. Couldn't shut it at first as part of the mechanism was stuck open. Had to snap it off so I could close it. Decided to glue it shut for security reasons. Shame Ford don't do anything about this as it's a sound car otherwise.

Matt Eriks (99)
Bought my cougar in March of 2005. Sunroof was broken by the end of June. Will NEVER buy another ford.

pakachuchu (99)
I bought my 99 cougar used at 40,000 miles. The sunroof is dead, i have no idea how to fix it, when i press the switch it makes a little wheezing noise but does nothing. i dont even know if it will ever open. its like 2000 dollars to fix it at the dealer.

Amanda (99)
I bought my cougar in December, and the sunroof never worked, one day I took apart the overhead console and realized that it wasnt connected, so I opened it and it is now closed. HELP if anyone knows how to close it!!

Alex (15)
i bought a cougar and it's the worst car ever made. the stupid sunroof is pretty much the worst thing ever made. i shoulda bought an Optra.

Yvette (99)
The Sunroof is DEAD! Plastic track broke. Went to FORD DEALERSHIP & asked how much to fix, ready for this? $1913.00 CDN funds just for the part & NOT including labour (extra). Go to Junk Yard to find a good & decent track. Most junkyards have broken ones unfortunately or they are an aftermarket product. So make sure that you test it before purchasing it. Mark my words; I will NEVER buy a FORD/MERCURY again. I'm the original owner of this vehicle, & waited 15 weeks upon ordering this car; costed me $30,000.00 when purchased, & what a LEMON. From the sunroof broken, to brakes, to tires, camshaft sensor, to tie-rod ends, to fuel pump, just a big LEMON. A learning lesson! DON'T BUY A FORD!

Mary Ann Kowalski (99)
Sunroof is dead. Hardly ever used. Dealer wants $1600. to replace. I am disabling it so that it will not get stuck open. I quess there have been no recalls on this. I did like the car otherwise.

Jaimie (99)
I bought my 99 Cougar used and within a month the check engine light appeared, estimate at over $1000.00 to replace several sensors. Currently the sunroof is broken, along with that I am getting just 22.2 MPG. The fuel mileage is continually getting worse. I will NEVER buy a Ford/Mercury again.

Terry (99)
The sunroof is not the only thing that is dead on my cougar. Two months after I bought my car, the windshield wipers went out. No one can even fix them. Not even the dealership. They have no idea what the problem is and they want $3,000 just to figure out what the problem is. The check engine like came on three months after I bought it. There are several sensors that I have to replace or get fixed. I have had to replace the catalytic converter 3 times within the last year at $1500.00 a pop. The sunroof has never worked since I got it. Don't know exactly what is wrong with it. But they are estimating $2500 to fix. I am not going to sink any more money into this car.

Teresa (99)
I bought my 99 cougar used in 2003. I have had 3 alternators,3 brake jobs the door and window locks half work, the heat and air switches half work and now my sunrook is broken. I will never buy another Ford.

Nikki (01)
The plastic pieces that move along the aluminum track broke. Sunroof won't go up or down. Motor works, but that's it. Looking for a cheap way to fix it.

Melanie (99)
Bought the car about a year ago. Has worked and done fine with everything. Just got in it one day and the sunroof stopped working. Could hear it trying to move when you hit the button. Then after that it just quit all together. Going to have to replace everything, motor, tracks, etc. Is going to cost close to $600 just for parts. And thats only cause of a discount because we know the guy personally thats going to replace everything. Was planning on getting car painted and everything here in the next few weeks too, but looks like thats going to have to be put off now cause of this stupid sunroof.

Vince (00)
Bought the car new, now have 91K mi. Sunroof recently broke - would move, but wouldn't fully open or close. Dealer quoted $1700 to fix. With this many miles, not worth fixing. Paid $180 just to get it fully closed (I worked on it myself first for 2 hrs without success.) After reading about other folks, I feel lucky mine lasted this long. Have had other problems as well. Not feeling optimistic about holding on to this car.

Steve Damien (00)
love my cougs... but im on my 3rd alternator... sunroof went about six months ago... had some suspension problems too... and of course the IAC had to be replaced.. anyone who knows a good cheap way to fix the sunroof, I would love to hear from you... its the rightside bracket that went on mine!!

Dean (01)
Same story, Bought used w/ 66k. Should have done the research. Thought I could fix. Broken rail piece. Was closed tight. Should have left it alone. Now wont close. Bummed.

Ryan Thompson (00)
sunroof not working, engine light on but shop can't find the problem. Ive only had the car 2 months and already took it in 3 times

Sarah Jordan (00)
Same problem with the sunroof, so I finally just broke it shut. Don't get me started on the engine light, I think I finally found the problem on that it is the EGR valve, it needs to be replaced every 50k miles, isn't that nice. You might as well replace the fuel pump then to cause I'm on my third one now. Ford should really help us on these problems.

Sandy Rice (00)
pushed the button on my roof the other day and suddenly it was sideways and off the track. managed to get it closed, but it seems we all have the same problem.

Matt Butcher (99)
My sunroof is broke too, but that is the only problem I have. I think ford rushed the production of that car and should have had more cars based on that platform so parts would be cheaper

David Forbes (99)
at approx. 94000 miles the sun roof has finally broke. The left side of the sunroof will not close all the way and is stuck up. At this point I just want to close the thing. Hopefully it will not be too dificult. I haven't heard many good things about Ford. I've been pleased with the car that I bought used. The original owner had a lot of work done on the car that was covered by warranty. I recently drove my cougar all across the country and had a good experience.

Al Cervantes (00)
Sunroof w/metal tracks broken aprox. 2 years after replacement of plastic tracks. Dealer quoted 1450. First replacement covered under warranty, second is not.

Bobby Hollis (01)
Sunroof broke in the open position last fall and I was able to get it closed. My son just found this website and come to find out I had a warranty to 100K which it was under at the time it happened but I did not get it repaired even once due to busy schedule, now I am at 108K and nothing I can do apparently. Ford should make this a vehicle RECALL!!! I was also quoted over $1200. Outragous!! New car to have the roof put it is only 900!!! No way repairs should outcost new installs!!

Nicole (99)
Sunroof broke in the open position and now I can't get it closed. If anyone knows anything about recalls or what we can do to fix this problem please let me know.

Kelli C (99)
My sunroof broke last summer as I was trying to open it. The right side worked while the other wouldn't budge. We took it to a body shop and they were only able to clamp it shut as far as it would go and then put clear tape around it. Repair for a new one still cost $1,000. As a college student I don't have that amount of money lying around. With all of these complaints you would think that Ford would do something about it.

eelco (99)
i bought my cougar with 97K on it and the dealer said the sunroof didnt work because the motor was busted .
so i went on ebay and bought a new one , when i went to put it in i noticed the old motor was disconnected .
when i plugged it in the roof went up but would not come down anymore
i ended up finding one at a junkyard on TX for 400 dollars

J ustin (00)
sunroof closed (luckily) but will not open. Dealership told me $89 an hour to diagnose. My beautiful wife can diagnose the damn thing for free. ITS BROKEN!!! duh. I also called Ford Customer Service and was told there was nothing they could do. Doubt my next car will be a Ford. (or a chevy for that matter)

zach (99)
k i lost the parts to my broken sunroof.. but i need the wheels i think that make it slide.. the ford company said in order to get the parts i have to order a whole new roof.. which is a thousand bucks.. but i just need the parts....can u help on where to find the parts?

shullinger (99)
Sunroof quit opening and closing a few months ago. I had it in a mostly closed position, until I thought I could fix it today. Now I can't get it closed. I now see I'm not the only one. Wish I would have read this before I did anything.

Justin (99)
I bought my cougar used and when i purchased it the sunroof had been disabled by the previous owner. Apparently the sunroof will open but not close. I would like to fix it but I have no idea how or have any money

Rik (99)
usual thing, plastic guide snapped so i cannot close the roof. Have stripped down, but cheaper to sell the car as they are now worthless in the UK, i suppose like all second hand fods

Richard (01)
Sunroof Won't work

Deric (99)
Broken sunroof does not work at all. I would love to gete it fixed but it's not worth paying well over $1000 for.

grant (99)
happened prior to 75000 miles
same as the rest, sunroof opens on one side but not the other. I am not willing to give ford money to fix something that is there fault.

sondra (99)
would like to know if anyone knows how to get your sunroof down if it is broken please help dont want to pay to fix it has to many miles

Raja (99)
ought a used at 62K miles...owner said that sunroof is stuck , some minor problem that can be fixed real cheap. Took it to pepboys and seems they dont fix sunroof's ! ...any special reasons for it ?..says its dealers only that can replace! ..Neve had probs with Ford before , but this one just crumbles my confidence in their vehicles and after sales support.

Liz (99)
Bought car new in '99. Sunroof track broke a few months ago. Made terrible noise & wouldn't close. Called all over to get reasonable charge 4 repair. 1 person gave me anything close to an answer. Told to go to a junk yard, find a sunroof for my year & bring it back..he'd fix for $800+. Called around couldn't find 1 so had to rely on dealer to fix it at a mere $1200.00+! Am sad to hear that this is a common problem that Ford / Mercury should have informed us about BEFORE we were out the money. Very sad..truly love my car. It is the 1st yr for the model,low miles will make it a collectors dream i Hey's about reimbursing me monies for your mistake?

Mark (00)
At 62,500 miles, I heard a loud snap as I tilted the roof up from the closed position and looked up just in time to see the right tab break at the rear corner of the sunroof. As I assumed, my local dealership "has never run into that problem before" and was unwilling to call their regional representative to see if they had any experience with this known problem.

Ryan (99)
Sunroof on my wifes cougar has been broken for 2 years now. I am however going to fix the damn thing. I am a welder/fabricator by trade. As long as the motor still works, I'll figure it out. I'll keep you all posted.

Bob (00)
Sunroof would not close on one side, dealer 1265. for new frame labor 800.+ Now have it down and will seal it up. Nice sunroof design FORD.. And great support.....

russell (99)
Having the same problem as everyone else. $1800 (with labor) to fix the sunroof at approximately 90,000 miles.Must replace the whole unit What a joke! just need small track part to fix but they tell me i Must replace the whole unit What a joke!afordiable? yea right. they never could fix the rear hatch after paying $700. not falling for it again will never buy ford /mercury/ again

Brandon (00)
whoever did this website, thanks, I had no ideas the problem was this large. my sunroof went at about 77K. only the one side stoped working, so it's not the motor. Ryan, if you come up with a fix that I can do myself, that would be great. I bought a ford CD ( which BTW if anyone wants a copy, maybe we can arrange something) to try to see if I could fix it but no luck

Julius (00)
same problem. even though I dont recall hearing a crack or anything break, but my driver side would not come down. I tried experimenting with it, by opening all the way. only about 25% opened and then it quit working all together. There is no motor noise or anything. Any suggestion? how could I shut it manualy? I tried pulling it with my hands, but I dont want to apply too much force, therefore wasnt realy able to move it

Dan (01)
same as everyone else...roof brakes...dealership wants way to much cash to fix it. I was lucky enough to get it closed, and plan on leaving it closed indefinitely... last time I purchase a Ford!!!

steven stout (99)
Same problem as with everyone else at 82,000 miles. Called salvage yards all this country . Sold or can't ship it. I'm glad my two other cars are GM. Junk , don't buy a cougar with the sunroof.

R. Macallister (99)
drivers side rail broke.

Garry (00)
Same as everyone else hope someone finds a reasonable fix for this

Lacy (00)
My sunroof is broken on the driver side.

Robert Groome (00)
Sun=Sorry,Unresponsive, Nogood roof. Same problem as the other 1000+ owners. No wonder "Fraud" is about to go under. At least the japanese cars work!!!

Joe (99)
At 48,000 miles i heard a snap....motor seems to run but the sunroof only opens about an inch and stops

linda young (99)
I bought my 99 Cougar and planned on keeping it as a collectors car. Sunroof broke open , bill $1000 +. Why isn't Mercury standing behind their product???
Can we do a class action suit????

Henry (02)
Like everyone else one day the sunroof would only go in vent position and would not slide back to open. Closed it and took out the fuse so not to have anyone open it and get stuck in open position. We should see if we can band together and get some kind of class action lawsuit against Ford for sell a known defective product.

Above is a link to a stories about Ford losing a defective product lawsuit...Interested in your thoughts

Gus (99)
Bought my Cougar and the night I got it home the sunroof broke, i took it back and forth to the dealer for 2 mos. and they finally said it was too expensive to fix after they promised to fix it.

Matt Hoffman (00)
After owning my car for about a month the swivel piece on the passenger side locked. Roof would slide all the way back and all the way forward just fine, but only the drivers side would try to come down to close. I agree with all this class action suit talk. It is rediculous for Ford to sell a vehicle with such an obvious defect, and then charge rediculous amounts of money for it to be fixed...

jon (01)
my car has 50k miles and the sunroof just broke... i didn't think it was as big of a problem until i saw this site. ford needs to address this issue...

Casey Palmer (99)
Sunroof would only go up and down. I thought something was caught in the tracks so I took the panel off and shot compressed air everywhere. After I did that it worked beautifully then I tried to put the panel back on and wooops. The right side wouldnt go down. RIP little guy...

bryce savage (99)
50,000 miles roof didnt open or close, motor worked. dealer said belt broke but would have to buy full assembly at 1300 dollars. closed roof and disconnected motor. and why do peoole buy foreign cars?

Erin (99)
My sunroof stopped opening right AFTER I decided to sell it.

Adam Algiere (00)
I have to same story. The sunroof would stop going foward and back. Then it's broke open and can't get it to close. It sounds like $1300 is the price it takes to fix the problem and isn't worth it. I wish I would have know of the problem I would have took the fuse out. I can't believe that American cars aren't a little better.

jeremy (99)
same problem. i need a new assembly.

Maria (99)
I had the same problem with my sunroof last year. One day I went to open it and it got stuck half way open and wouldn't shut. It was off the track. I took it in and got an estimate of $1300. They said the only way the could close it was to break it. After that, it flapped in the wind, so I had it the entire roof replaced. It has been 9 mos. and it is now broken again. With all of these comments, why isn't Mercury recalling?

James Bulthuis (00)
Broke at 95k. Plastic track on one side cracked and the whole thing is left open. Dealership wants $1,560.00 to fix.

Dave Lowe (00)
Broke at 90k. Haven't taken it to the dealer yet because I wanted to see what my options were. Fortunately I had read about it and was able to get it closed. There's a thousand names here but think of all of the people who never bothered to look it up or just paid for it...

Kory Wiesner (00)
Goofy thing opens about an inch and will on occasion shut back. I get dumb every now and then and try it. What canyou expect at 50,000 miles

Rick Bone (99)
Sunroof will slide back and forth, but the rear portion will not pull down.

Kris Romp (01)
Won't shut and it's supposed to rain all week.

Dana (99)
The first time the sunroof broke at 20,000 miles and was under warrenty, now at 95,000, it has broke again. Over $1,000.00 to fix.

R Steimle (01)
Motor frozen. Need drawings or schematics to find motor and repair Help!

R Costa (99)
80,000km. Broke while opening and stuck in open position. Had to work and cut to get it closed, now it flaps in the wind at 50mph+ (with windows up).

gregory (99)
I purchase mine in 04 it had 54000mi and within a week i heard a grinding noise and realize it only opened on one side

Mario (99)
sunroof stop working @55 said belt broke but would have to buy full assembly at 1200 dollars plus 600 labor.

SAM (00)

Dan (99)
Left side track broke couple years ago. Got it closed.

Psycho-gHo (99)
Passenger side roof-arm seized. Work Ok. Would not drop. Dealership broke plastic clip when forcing it to close. IRATE! $2500 repair bill in Canada.

Jeff Romp (01)
Broken. Will not engage or close all the way

j gralka (01)
Track broke at 47,000 miles. Being fixed by independant sunroof dealer.

ric bolin (99)
pos is broken again have replaced w/salvage yard piece and its broken please ford,do something, i would advise u not to buy sunroof car

Alberto Mercado (99)
Broke while opening it. Dealer wanted to charge $400 just to close it. Broke at around 40k miles.

jason (01)
Heared poping sounds then it stuck open! the first time i had it fixed under warrenty. But just for it to fail again.It seems to be installed to fail!! The small sqaure shaped piece that pulls the track keeps getting caught and snaping in half.When does this qulifity as a lemon!

A Vergara (00)
Broke at 48,000 6 years after I bought the car so no warranty.
Unfair to pay $1,500 when car is not woth as much as whe bought

Andrew (99)
Sunroof has broke three times in the past 5 years that I have owned the car. It is currently broken and I refuse to put the money out to fix it.


stephanie (99)
have had numerous probs with my cougar: alternator, brakes, alignment, transmission(fluid probs), driver window leaks in car wash,cruise control quit, fog lights don't switch in and now--no sunroof. it still looks hot though! ;-)

Scot (99)
Seems like it wants to open, but wont- just moves a little- dealer screwed me.

Brian Bakken (99)
After reading about all the issues I finally just sealed the sunroof down instead of paying out the money.

Stephanei (99)
Sunroof broke at approximately 60,000 miles about 4 months ago, did not replace due to it not being worth the cost as I am now trying to sell my car. Unfortunately now having problems selling the car because people don't want it with the sunroof broken. Not a happy camper right now. Irate at Ford, for not recalling an obvious defect that they were well aware of.

Shannon Foster (00)
sunroof froz's up after 65k. Does anyone none how to shut it manual without breaking anything.

Mark Howard (99)
Broke at 47k. Paid $1,551.00 to have it fixed at the dealership. The power sunroof power gear assembly was $1,130 plus the labor cost to replace it. Had to fix it. Wouldn't get much of a trade-in with it broke.

Kathi (01)
Bought car brand new off the lot. Within 6 months the rack and pinion went out. It only took 4 trips to the dealer and about $350 out of my pocket on that one. Sun roof broke around 27,000 miles. It was under warrenty. I no longer open the sun roof. I have not had as many problems as most who own this car, but I am positive I will NEVER purchase another FORD again.

Tracy (99)
Sunroof simply stopped working at 70,000 miles. I'll have to fix it in order to sell it, but am afraid of how much it will cost.

Stephen Morrish (00)
Had a trim guy close the sunroof after it gave out. Been searching the bone yards for some salvage with no luck. Surfed the onlines with no luck. I don't want to pay the dealer his ransom... any ideas???

JAMES (00)

Daniella Muscarello (99)
My sunroof just stopped working at 54K miles. It starts to pop up but doesnt slide back. My dad looked it over and said a plastic piece that connects to the arm to make it slide back has a piece broken off. The dealership wants to charge me $100 just to tell me how much it will cost me to fix this. I was just getting ready to sell my car this month and now this.

tim shaeffer (99)
replaced sunroof three times under warrenty. would like to know how to replace it with a manual slider or possible convert the current sunroof to slide manualy.

emanoyhl (00)
sunroof hinge/clip broken off - the part that rides in the track to pull the sunroof shut - at the corner - sorry folks it will never be a recall since it is not a death hazard. you can fix this problem with a welder - or replace the hinge/clip

jeff (99)
sunroof stuck open

Scott (99)
sunroof broke, on the way UP,
luckily was able to close it.
dealer "diagnosed" the problem to the track .. a 1k part

Blake (01)
I bought the cougar in June. I thought the sunroof was up just because it looked good at the dealership. I guess its broken and it will cost me a grand to fix. Ford sucks wang...

Jaime Rytlewski (99)
busted track. grinds away when u try to open it

Scott Maxwell (00)
just bought used Cougar, sunroof stuck in vent position, had to break both sides off to get it to shut

Debbie (00)
Bought car used, year later, sunroof wouldn't close all the way. Ford Dealership says will cost approximately 1,400 to repair

JEFF (99)

Mike (99)
Plastic piece on track broke and Ford wants to charge me $1600 to fix!

bob wallis (99)
track busted motor runs but doesn't move

ryanlavallee (00)
yea my right side broke, just removing the 4 srews on hot days and taking the roof of (like a t-top) sux tho.

Josh Judge (99)
Bought my car 4 months ago used with 87k, sunroof was a big selling point with me. After no more than a week, the sunroof broke...

Garrett (00)
I have been driving my Gold Cougar with a broken sunroof for over a year now. It is somewhat stuck shut. I say somewhat because it is cracked open just enough to allow spiders to creak in. I had some hilarious moments jumping out the car because giant spiders creating full webs between my dashboard and rear mirror.

Fidel (99)
60K miles and still going strong. Nice car that ladies dig... till they want the sunroof opened. Aarghh... good thing I have something else to compensate ;-)

Inston (99)
i left my sunroof partially open going to work then my alarm went on and i realise that someone vandalised my sunroof and the plastic part broke like the others in this site but mine was good until 6 years i am looking for a neww assembly less expensif i saw was 850$
i suggest peaople instal them self it is very easy to remove the old one

Krystle (99)
My sunroof wont move at all.. that is until I get on the highway and go over 60.. then it flaps up and down..

Katie (00)
Mercury knows that this is a design flaw. I wrote to them and they called my husband to let him know that they weren't interested in providing the replacement part to repair the flaw. I had offered in my letter to cover the cost of labor if they would provide the redesigned part. My mom has a Lincoln LS and my dad a Ford F-150. May be our last ones. Until now I have loved my Cougar!

Vince (99)
Seems I have the same problem as everyone else, my 99 cougar sunroof is busted (won't go past the vent position) dealer says $1000 HAS ANYONE FOUND A WAY to fix the "tracks" without paying $1000?? Clearly a malfunction with the car....but who wants to pay so much for a car that 7 years old?? Any help would be great!!

Manny (00)
same problem - you can file a complaint with the FTC:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=

also - WEBASTO is the company who makes the sunroof - and they failed to write me back - i recommend filing consumer complaints to FTC

Andy Leedom (99)
my sunroof arms ar broke and it wont raise up

Kent (02)
Sun roof is off track, cant get it to close all the way. Pieces just falling off!

Haley (99)
Sunroof has never worked since I bought the car, possibly needs new motor? Could this be the reason that the panel of lights underneath the sunroof switch has never illuminated either?

Britney (00)
My 2000 Cougar sunroof just broke couple days ago....seems that everyone seems to be having the same problem, plastic tracking! Got it quoted for 1800 bucks for a new track...bull ****!! Anyone know a good place to get it fixed for cheap??

Hey everyone lets all get together and complain to ford...please!!!! Email them at

chuck (98)
The sunroof stopped working in the open position. Is ther a way to manualy close it?

david (00)
Sunroof broken,motor good but track broken estimated 1800 to replace entire system. Why not sell track alone? They have every part seperate unto the screw yet will sell as a complete unit.

Mark kenes (00)
My sunroof needs the clips that keep it on track. But cant find em. They said I would have to buy the whole thing. $2000. It works, just wont suck back down when you try to close it.

Matt (99)


Jesus Mendoza (99)
My sunroof wont open the motor runs but the moon roof just stays . c'mon ford do something. oh and as stated by haley my lights under dont turn on either but i could hear the motorrun but it doesnt move!!

Adam (01)
one side stuck, so tries to twist open. Scared to ask cost...

Dave (00)
Sunroof track broke the other day, thanks ford! Ford is a bunch of ***holes who cant design a hole out of a plastic bag, oh wait they did that, thats what the sunroof tract and armature is made of. Sorry ford, train some better engineers and quit trying to cut corners. Quality Plz.

Clifford Riner (99)
Sunroof broke like everyone else. The car is my wife's from before we got married. My family wouldn't be caught dead in a Ford, and neither should anyone else with problems like these. And to think people wonder why American cars suck so bad and foreign cars seem to last forever. It's all about the engineering. You can bet your bottom dollar that Toyota would never have a problem like this, and if they did, they would do everything possible to fix it.

Stu (01)
Daughter's moonroof broke at 45K miles. Ford wants $1300 just for the parts. I see a lot of complaints, but no solution. Is there a place to go to get an OEM version of the plastic pieces? If not, what a great business to start. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!

Ted (00)
00 Cougar Special Edition- sharp car but the roof is broken and 850 bucks for a replacement part is just plain unreasonable. Total irresponsibility on Fords part. I run a fleet of 17 Ford trucks and right now am so mad that the next fleet rollover is likely going to start a phase out of all Fords. I can't afford their attitude.

Harry (00)
Purchased the car used. I inspected the car with the dealer and they assured me that everything is covered, when the sunroof broke two months after the fact, dealer was "so-so" on whether or not its covered. I seem to be getting the quote of $1300-$1800 for repair. Ford should really be ashamed of themselves for this one. I've been reading all the complaints here and I have to say that maybe someone from Ford should be reading these and do something other than charge people an arm and a leg for a defect on thier product.

linda (99)
just got a 99 cougar, the moonroof opened and now wont close. it was at first just the passenger side and i keep messing with it and then it wouldn't close at all, and i cant afford to have fixed. so if anyone with any ideas on how to get it closed id love to know.

Matt (00)
I purchased the car used with 35k on it in '03. Fuel pump and trunk release went out, but luckily were covered by the extended warranty but still $100 deposit out of pocket. Moonroof tracks broke, Mercury of Bellevue, WA gave me an Est. of $1700 to repair in 05/06 with 60,000 miles on it. Not being considered or covered in the warranty is bullsh*t, let alone not doing a recall when this has been a VERY common occurrance. If the F150 is the only product they'll stand behind then they deserve to go belly up. And I come from a Ford family.

dana (99)
Bought a 99 a few months ago. Dealer said they would fix sunroof. They had no idea how much it was going to cost. My mechanic told them he could do it for $1000 -- they agreed to it -- now my mechanic says he can't even order the part! What gives?

Reply from Linda:
Dana find out from your mechanic if you buy the motor for it could he put it in, because you can buy a motor off line for about $300.then the only thing you would have to pay would be labor fee.

Clint (01)
Same story as everyone else...roof just stopped working. Doesn't sound like the motor, seems like the track broke. Thankfully it's closed with no leak.

Wesley (99)
Hell i just bought mine three days ago broken and wanted to add my name to the sight thanks

Gammy (99)
I drive back and forward down the road to the Piggly Wiggly in my 99 cougar. I have now got 18,000 miles on it and i bought the extended warranty so its still under warranty. Unfortunately I opened the sunroof now it wont close, so I have to drive back and forward to The Piggly Wiggly getting rained on or a bird sh*** on my head.

Reply from dana:
Gammy - PLEASE find someone to manually close it before your interior gets soaked and starts to grow mold!

Frank (99)
sunroof broke long ago - you have to force it down breaking all stuff but it keeps out the rain ha ha - still looking for metal track assembly - bummer!!

wendy (00)
Seems I have the same problem my sunroof when trying to open it, it make a grinding noise and when not go pass the vent position. So could someone tell me what is wrong with it.....

Scott (02)
Stuck open had to break other side just to close it

AARON (99)

olga (99)
My sunroof does not work, you can kind of hear the motor but the thing is that it does not move what can i do or am i better off leaving it alone

carl junjulas (93)
need too buy rubber that holds sun roof .the roof leaks

Note from admin: Not related to broken sunroofs, but I'll leave it in.

Pat m (99)
just wanted to join the club. will slide back and forth but driver side won't drop down only passenger side. think broke it trying to close it but didn't get it all the way down. at this rate you can bet that this it the LAST MURCURY I BUY. I want in on that lawsuit too.

Brian (99)
Seems like there isn't one 99-00 cougar that has a working sunroof. Mine wouldn't even slide back, so I figured I could try to at least jig rig it. Well I wasn't finished and it started pouring, so I just layed the sunroof back on so it wouldn't get wet inside, then I forgot about it until I was driving down the road and decided to roll down the windows and poof, there goes my sunroof. I was wondering does anybody know a good site/place to get a new sunroof top? It would really help and be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Rick G. (99)
I would have killed for a manual sunroof instead of the POS power one that came in my 99 Cougar.

Vix (99)
Broken sunroof, cost about 1000$ or more to fix by dealer, POS sunroof.

Lookin for metal tracks.

Eric Harvey (99)
I have a 1999 Cougar and the Sunroof has failed. The track system, it seems, is made out of plastic and is prone to break. I think that Ford/Mercury should recall these items and replace them with the new metal rails that Mercury installed in later Cougars. They are not subject to the same failure rate the the 99-2000 Cougars experienced.

jason banks (00)
moon roof will not go up and down. Moon roof motor will make a noise but nothing happens

amanda (00)
stuck open had to break the other side so that it would close. so know i have to keep my window down somw so that my sunroof will stay closed.

Bob (99)
I don't believe it - an entire site for this stupid problem. I have a 99 - bought it in the fall of 98 - sunroof has been broken for about 2 years and it was one of the things I liked about the car the most. I'm going to tear it open this spring and see if I can fix it.

Jerry (99)
1999 Cougar and like all the rest my sunroof track has also broken because of the plastic rails. I was able to remove the lid and move the rail into the close position and then move the good rail to the up postion and bolt the lid backon. Then I closed the lid and luckly it has not leaked.
Currently I see the replacement sunroof is around 800.00 so I am not looking to remove the entire sunroof and install a 3rd party moon roof.
This will be the last Ford/Merc I purchase. In my eyes Ford has sold out and no longer stands behind their products!

chelsea (02)
Well i just got a 2002 cougar for my birthday and the other day it was nice out so i decided to put the sunroof down but when i got home it wouldn't go back up. finally after working on it we got it close but only the one side the other side is cracked like its off track. If you think you can help me let me know

Wendy (01)
Sunroof didn't work when I bought the car.

Christina (00)
My husband has the sunroof problem. Funny thing is, the only time the sunroof worked is the day we test drove the POS. The next day we tried it and then it wouldn't shut. Eventually we got it to shut, and for some stupid reason we opened it again one day.
My Husband tried to fix the problem his self and it wasn't the motor that was the problem as we'd expected. But when he was trying to fix it he broke some metal peices that hold the top on the tracks and now it's totally f***ed up.

Abby (01)
I've had this Cougar now for only 5 months. The sunroof unexpectedly quit working, it opened fine but when I arrived home it wouldn't close. Anything to help?

CAL (99)
I have a 1999 and I have the same problem as #1084.

matt (99)
I bought my car in jan. 2005 with 7200 miles on it. with in the first 60 days I had to fix the hatch spings and put a new altanator in it.then my sun roof assembly my motor is shot at only 122000 mile.what a pile!

CV (01)
2001 Cougar, purchased in September 2001. Sunroof broke in August 2003.

sergio (00)
I bought this car new and a 2 weeks later the sunroof broke so I was lucky for the warranty was still there and they fix it but the mother broke again and is out of warranty so it will cost me about $1500 are they crazy and now my left window wont came down. I love my cat but this is crazy, ford should do a recal on their mess up, if any boby knows how to put the metal rail please let me know.

Laura Shreve (99)
Quit working with only 60K miles on the car!!!

Chandler (00)
sunroof gasket that moves the glass Same probe as 1094, 1095

Krystal (00)
passenger side motor is broken on my sunroof

Linda Coleman (01)
Bought car at 78,000 miles and at 79,100 the sunroof broke. Went to have it looked at and it cost $75 to have looked at and $1385 to repair. Told them to close it and I am checking with Ford. He said there has been alot of problems with Cougars. I have a very unhappy teenager and I can say neither one of us will be in any hurry to buy any Ford again, unless this is taken care of. Very bad PR

Mike (00)
same story as everyone else...i'm about to break off the arms so i can at least get the sunroof down

Alyssa Mullins (00)
this is so retarded you fix one thing just to have something else go wrong, we need a recall on the stupid sunroofs!!!!

Jim (00)
Sunroof will not close. It appears to be the same problem as everyone else is having. Anyone know anything about a lawsuit against Ford/Mercury to make them fix the problem?

Denise Wright (99)
Sunroof doesnt go back . When you push the button to lift it . It will not lift until you hear the sliding motion then it will open about two inches. It will close back after opening the two inches though. Ahter seeing this website i am very greatful that it closes. Dealer charged me 70 bucks just to tell me it would cost me about 1500.00 the fix.

Michael (01)
Bought my '01 in 2005 w/ 71K miles, thought I wasted my money by buying the extd warranty, but its paid for itself and some, by fixing the 'moosing' noise($650) at 88K miles that I was reading so much about in Cougars, and now its repairing, no, I mean replacing the[with a brand new] sunroof at 91K in 03/07; warr. exps. at 95K...whew!. Guess I made out this time, sorry to hear that so many people are stuck(pun intended, mine was stuck open, and wouldnt close).

Kevin (99)
I guess i'm the newest member of the broken sunroof club. It stopped working today, will not close. 105,000 miles. Just one of many problems with this car. 3-23-07

luis (00)
Well i'm another one that has had this problem. I had about 45,000 on my 2000 cougar and you know what happened. I went ahead and called the dealer I bought the vehicle from and still no help. Does anyone know where I can buy the track assembly for cheap. please let me know. I tried looking on ebay every know and then but still no luck there. Well wish me luck on my ventures on getting my moonroof fixed. Other than this problem my cougar hasn't had any major problems. THANK GOD!! Good luck to you all and thanks for all your posts.

Melissa (00)
My sunroof breaking is most definitely not the newest issue but is definitely on the list. It's been broken for almost 2 years now. I've actually tried fixing it before the cheap way (epoxy lol). The right sides lever thing that it slides on is broke. Is there anyway that I can get just that part for it. The motor is fine and so is the other side?? I've tried pricing some parts but it's for the motor and I'm not sure if that even includes the slide things. I'm most definitely looking for a cheaper price than $881.00!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

Ivan (01)
Sunroof broke around 80,000 Miles. Have 110,000 miles now. Just thought maybe ill add myself to this list. Maybe Ford will feel sorry for my broke ass and repair the flawed Sun roof.

Cassie (01)
Same problem as a lot of people. Opened the sunroof because it was a nice day and now it will not close. This car has had nothing but problems. A few mechanics that I know have said stay away from this car. This is the last Ford I buy!!!!!!!!!!

kris jackson (99)
after a year of owning the used car at 48,000 miles, the sunroof stopped working and is permanently stuck in the partially open position

JKay (99)
43,800m driver side sunroof track broke with roof in up position. dealer stated could close but it would be attached to the car with just the front 2 corners and would "flop" if driving on highway with windows down. 1670.00 for new track assbly. please include me on list if class-action suit is brought

GaryHy (00)
Same for me at 88,000 the wife opened the sunroof one day and it wouldn't go down with out help. The little plastic hinge on the passenger side broke. I am in the same club FORD is living up to its reputation Found on road dead. Never again I agree they sold out and should just stop making cars.

Christian (00)
i bought a 2000 cougar about a month ago and the guy at the lot warn me that the sunroof didnt work i thought repairing it will be easy but now that i see this wow damn that car has 88,000miles my guess it didnt work 4 a while thats the reason i bought the car cuz i like the sunroof i want my HONDA back ....can anybody help me ....thanks

Dave (99)
My sunroof broke at around 93,000 miles. Had to replace the entire thing. One year later and $1200.00 poorer it is broken again. This sucks. I feel ya'll's pain.

Shelly (01)
Sunroof broke after 6 months of having the car. Little piece is all it needs yet cost over 1000.00 to fix...and i tell a friend at work this and hey guess what they had one to and it did the SAME thing. ford can kiss my butt.

Jenelle (00)
My sunroof just broke today the car has 111,000 miles on it. I can't even get the roof shut so we took the top off of it and we are trying to get it to where I can get it shut. This makes me so mad, I love my car but it seems like there is always something going wrong with it.

Sarah (00)
My sunroof broke yesterday at 90,000 miles. I had heard that the sunroofs were bad on the cougars (right after I bought one, of course) but thought that since mine survived this long, maybe this car had one functional part! I'm glad I found this website since I managed to get it closed, now I know not to open it again. Is it really worth fixing this part on a 7-yr old car? Too bad its one of the reasons I bought it!

adrian (00)
My sunroof broke in November 2006. Suddenly started making a horrible grinding nose. I managed to get it closed but its definitely screwed.

OZZIE (99)
My sunroof was working great and was one of the main features that I loved on my Cougar..I brought it from TX to MN and one day, the imprudence of one of my friends broke it...It was very cold outside and obviously the mechanisms were frozen. So my friend was just being nosy and pressed the button to open up the sunroof. Well one of the pieces practically broke and I was able to get it closed but now I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to open up my sunroof again..any suggestions

nikki (99)
my car has the same problem, my sunroof wont close completly niether; its partially open. im looking to get it fixed but i cant seem to find any online. like shelly all it needs is a little peice and it cost over 1000.00, which sucks.

Bryan (99)
I mean, really. With the amount of people complaining, you would think that Ford would have a recall. Now, I see why they are having trouble. The dealer in Alexandria, VA wants $700 to replace my sunroof. It got stuck at around 86,000 miles. Never again will I buy a Ford. Do we have enough for a class action suit????

Jessica (99)
58,000 miles ... bought the car about 7 months ago... a month after i bought it it started having transmission problems... first it was leaking which cost $500 to fix ... then it started bucking ... which was $1800 to fix ... now my sunroof is broken and wont go down ... i had to break a piece off the get it down but come on .. i mean if ford knows the sunroofs on cougars suck ... put out a freakin recall ... or else you're gonna lose customers ... maybe thats why they stopped making them ...

Kathleen Estadt (02)
Sunroof broke in the open position at 59,000 miles, within 60 days of buying it used from a Ford dealer.

Paul (99)
My car held up 116,000 miles, then the driver side stayed up... this sucks. I might just make it a targa style top now. Ford seriously should refund- this is like the 30th thing that has screwed up on my cougar.

Lance (99)
Well, I bought it used at 72,000 miles. Car was in great condition except for the sunroof. It quit on the owner just after his warranty ran out (shocker). I'll just save up and get the roof with the aluminum piece and the metal tracks I guess.

Jessica (99)
My sunroof broke and I found a number to call to get a recall started: 1-888-327-4236. Maybe if enough of us call, we can get this moving.

Chuck (99)
I bought the car used and got (what I thought) was a good deal for it. The sunroof will not open on the left side. I thought it would be a simple/cheap fix. I guess I was wrong. I didn't expect a little piece of plastic to cost so much to fix. Also, I've had the transmission both rebuilt, and then completely replaced in the 3 months. I've only owned the car for 8 months.

Angela (99)
I have the same problem only I feel lucky because i can at least open mine to vent position and close it again. i was amazed at how much the dealership expects us to pay for this part not to mention the labor i was told approx $1700 total. That is about half of what its worth! everyone needs to call ford and not give up until they fix thier problem!!

Jeff (99)
Broke @ 5K dealer fixed. Then broke @ 65K, i got new toyota I want to sell that Ford Crap

Bree (01)
Holy crap! I had no idea everyone had this same problem!! I live in Alaska, and mine was stuck open in the snow and freezing cold! It has been permanently closed for the winter, but now spring is coming and the damn sunroof was 75% of the reason I bought the stupid car!! And of course Ford is saying $1000 + to fix... :( grrr!!

Evan (99)
My sunroof wont open all the way and sometimes when it does it gets stuck and its a pain to get it back.... the sunroof was a big reason why i got the car and my abs, engine check lights are on but when i get it fixed after a week it goes back tomrrow im going back to the mecanics to fix it for the 6th time its pissing me off my car spent more time at the mechanics than with me after i bought it

Henry (99)
broken sunroof, motor spins
but stays open.
called Ford customer service
about this issue to see if
they will be able to help
with expense. It's a design
mistake that ford has known
about since 2000. A piece of
cheap plastic that breaks and
can't be repaired, must buy
a new assembly w/aluminum
part which I feel they should
pay for!

Becky (01)
We bought the car for our 16 yo daughter. Seller said dealer told her it would cost $700 to fix sunroof. Wrong! Try $1700!!! That's why people are switching to foreign autos, they stand behind their products and recall when needed. We will probably unload this Ford and buy a Honda or Toyota, NEVER again a Ford!!!!!!!

Feothan (99)
50,000 miles... can't even tilt it up completely. Anyone know where to get a replacement part for Do-it-yourselfers?

Chris Bancuk (02)
My moonroof broke at 65K, glad to see everyone else has the same f-ing problem.

Darren (99)
69k miles. Will slide forward with help, but stays in the tilted-up position. It's supposed to rain today, too. Stupid car.

David Bradford (01)
Mine broke with only $40,000 miles on the car. It will tilt up, but will not open. Worst of all, it will not stay closed as the airpressure pushes it up when going 60mph. At the same time, my transmission went bad. The dealer reduced the cost of fixing the tranny, but refused to help with the sunroof. I think the Mitsubishi Eclipse looks great with a 5 year 60,000 mile warranty.

linda (99)
my roof was also broke, but my boyfriend "fixed" it by taking the roof off and breaking the the piece that wouldn't move, so it would slide down, did that and put the roof back on and now its closed. it doesn't work anymore but dont care atleast it is shut now.

Brett (99)
My sister's roof broke two years ago. It will open a slight bit when the broken clips inside finally reach the rear of the tracks. I called my local Ford dealer and was quoted the msrp of $1,185.32 for just the track and gear assembly. I would like to repair this for my sister but this cost is a problem. I may attempt to make my own replacement parts.

Melissa (00)
Metal piece moving passenger side slide assembly broke 2 weeks ago. Took it apart but cannot get new parts. Looking in the junkyards for another one.

LaShuna (00)
I bought my cougar in 2005 and it had 75,000 miles on it. About after a year of driving it my sunroof went out to. I have been quoted at our Jensen Lincoln Dealership of $1200.00. Crazy, someone needs to do something about this. I still owe on the car and I have no warranty left. Please help! There are so many people wow!!!

Scott (99)
Same story as the rest....having the sunroof was a major purchase factor. Three months into buying the car the thing breaks. What a piece. I bought a warranty and still owe on the car. Summer's approaching and I'D LOVE TO USE THE SUNROOF! Anyone with a cheap fix solution?

Eric (01)
Same cast metal piece broke in my 01 cougar. I fought to get it closed and it has been there ever since. This is unacceptable and an entirely substandard performance of a modern automobile manufacturer.

Krista (00)
Just got the call from the dealership about my sunroof before I started searching the web for a cheaper alternative to the $1200.00 part that needs replacing. That $1200 doesn't even count the labor cot of replacing the part. I guess it is a lost cause since there's a whole boat load of us that have the same problem with the same costly fix. No cheap way out this time...

Fabiano (00)
The plastic hinge on the passenger side track broke at 53,000 miles. I had to force it closed.I had no idea a website like tbis was around. I also cannot believe how much it costs to fix. I will never buy another Ford.

peter harrigan (00)
sunroof stopped sliding yesterday (26 apr 07) just 50 miles before our 100,000 miles birthday, one side only, are there two motors?

Christine (99)
:[ this is making me not love my cougar. that car is my baby....but yeah i'm with everyone else...MY SUNROOF IS BROKEN TOO!!!

andrew (99)
sunroof broke two days ago (April/29/07). Dealership wanted to install a whole new sunroof which was priced at $1499 labor not included!!!

Matt (00)
Sunroof broke last Summer. It opens a little on one side. I just left it shut and thought it could be fixed. I called a auto detail shop and he said to seal it shut because they are known to fly off the car on there own.... WTF!

Amanda (99)
My sunroof stopped working also. If i hold in the button it opens very slightly after awhile. I took it to a autoshop and they said the sensor is messed up. They said something about reseting it, but they need the manual. When i bought my car they never gave me a manual. Can anyone help or have any ideas?

Christina (01)
Sunroof broke May 1/07. I thought it was closed until i seen on one side it wasn't closing all the way. This is crazy the cost of mine is 1200 don't Know if that includes labor!! They need to do something about this!!!!

Katrina (00)
Hey all. I just bought my 2000 cat used at a dealer who took the sunroof apart (I assume because of this problem). Right now, it has the motor, the track, and the roof piece that actually opens. What other parts do I need, and where can I find them? A parts list would be totally awesome. Thanks in advance! =)

Dominic (01)
Went to put sunroof down then just stop working! The tracks and the plastic pieces seem to be intact, im not getting any movement at all though! and I cant get it closed, its jammed or something!! stuck in the cracked open position...this sucks, maybe its the motor

Todd Miller (99)
Left side (drivers) track broke on moonroof. Motor still works, and will attempt to close roof, but only right (passenger side) moves down.

chuck cox (01)
Bought '01 cougar new has about 85,000 miles on it and the sun roof broke it just makes a grinding sound and will only opento just the vent then stop but it will close all the way after you hold the button down is the track broke or is it off track

Stephanie (00)
I love my car, but HOLY this sunroof breakdown pissed me off! Sunroof was huge criteria in my car purchase ... there are a LOT of us! Any cheap ways out? I guess no chance of a RECALL of some sort?!

Brian (00)
Had the car since it was new. Moonroof stopped working probably a year ago or so. Just the motor alone is almost $500 and that's without installation. Would like to fix it. Any ideas without paying that much money?

Justin Scherrman (99)
Car was purchased at 83k miles with what appeared to be the newer metal tracks, and then at 124k it broke again. Drivers track broke, only passenger side goes back / up and down.

Jim Cudziol (99)
Bought the cougar in 2000, sunroof worked for 4 years. Motor malfunctioned first and I replaced it, parts and labor - $500. That worked for about one year and one day it, whammo, sunroof doesn't work. Sounds like gears grinding, while motor runs. Took entire sunroof off and found broken plastic part, gears are totally jammed up. This really sucks, thanks Mercury, for $824 I can replace sunroof assembly. Yeehaa

Chris (99)
Bought car used with broken sunroof. Was able to shake it back into closed position, think Ford should be ashamed of shady business and warranty lameness.

junior roman (99)
my sunroof is broken. the motor works but the piece on the rail that moves the sunroof to open and close is broken. what can i do to fix it? can you sell the the piece/kit?

Phil (19)
I am now on my 2nd repair of the sunroof. The first time was the track I guess warped and cost $1,700 that was covered by warranty. The 2nd time 4 years later again was warped track and this time will just have the sunroof closed as it is not worth another $1,700 to repair.

Lucas Yedica (00)
Had my cougar for about 2 years till one day (right befor a storm was about to hit i might add) the passenger side slide broke. I was quoted 1350 to fix it with labor. you would think that ford would offer assistance with this problem. No wonder they are going out of business.

Carlos Santos (00)
I bought the car with the sunroof broken...I was expecting to fix it but when I went to the dealer I found out they don't sell the parts's necessary to replace everything...shame on you Ford!!

Jayne Kues (00)
I bought my cougar in 05 with it has 110 and the moonroof motor has gone out twice already along with $6,000 worth of other stuff...Good one Mercury!

catie (99)
Im going to buy a 99 cougar but my sunroof doesnt work. Is that a bad sign?

Rob Spencer (02)
Sunroof was broke when I bought it with only 32,000 miles on it. It opens to vent position but doesn't slide back. The dealer told me it's not supposed to slide back. Just an excuse because they didnt want to fix it. I have the shop manuals for the car and the problem is listed but not much info for fixing it. These manuals are written by ford motor company and don't even help to resolve the issue. With all these damn problems, this should be recalled. I guess ford is just too cheap. I wish somebody would sue them.

Alyssa (99)
Mine broke with 35,000 miles on it!!! And they tell me its 1500 dollars to fix because all the junk yards are wiped out cause the cougars sunroofs suck!!!

Ryan (00)
I bought my cougar and the sunroof was broke and the rest of the caris perfect but the sunroof to replace it would be 1500 dollars! I agree the sunroofs do suck on the cougar

Mitch S (99)
Sunroof just broke the other day. I took it apart, and saw that the cast metal piece in the track on drivers side was broken. Dealer said that you have to replace the whole track assembley. Aprox $2400 +_ Labor. I went to the 2nd dealer in my area and was quoted about the same. They Want $3000. The car is only worth about $6000. What was ford thinking?

Chris (01)
Mine just broke the other day. It only half pops up. I see people are talking a couple of grand for replacement. This is crazy.

Jamie L (00)
Trying to sell my Cougar, but can't get sunroof replaced for less than $1500. It's in great shape otherwise!

William (99)
Sunroof broke with around 60,000 miles on the car, no way in Hell im going to pay 1500 to get it think with 1200 people with broken sunroofs Ford would do something about it...nope! They got their money!!!

Ryan (99)
my cougar sunroof can be moved back and forth on the track with just my hands! and it seems like it won't close all the way on the passenger side. haven't got it checked out or anything but i bet its about 1000 dollars to fix. meanwhile, my sunroof slams shut when i tap the breaks and it bobs up and down when doing highway speed.

jimbo (00)
Sunroof will not close all the way. The motor works,ford
wants $1600 to replace track.
Any ideas on how to close or fix the problem.

DanoftheDead (99)
My old nissan finally died so pops decided to help me out and give me his 99 mtx cougar. The day i picked it up from his house i tried the sunroof and it opend an inch before it stopped. Gave him a call and he said "oh yeah forgot about that, just dont open it cause its broke". Great heads up dad.

Shirley (99)
20,000 miles when purchased in 2001. Sunroof broke at 30,000, was under warranty. Has broken again at 78,000, no warranty, repair quote $1300.00. No way , having sealed closed, $174.00

Stacey (02)
My sunroof just broke the other day when my dad was visiting me in Florida. I love my Cougar and it would figure that once the car was paid off something like this would happen. My car only has 60,000 miles on it and it's in mint condition. My dad reseached local dealerships in my area an no one but the dealer will touch it. Also in the South Florida area where I live there is no one that is in the business of fixing power sunroofs, which to me is so unbelievable. Can we do anything about this problem.

junior (99)
i bought my car on 78,000 miles with the sun roof broken. mechanics are charging me $1,000. i think the motor works fine. it the hangers that push the sunroof back are broken what can i do?

Richard (00)
Roof broke last year, this year I contacted Fix Or Repair Daily motor company to see about wanted 1185 for just the PART, another dealer said the part was discontinued...Will do it myself and purchase the part needed online (only 875 or so), but really sux. Found Off Road Dead motor company will not help since car is out of warranty....But they are "sorry it happened."

I am sorry that I actually believed the hype about "Quality is Job One." It's a shame that taking care of the Customer wasn't "Job One."

Mark (02)
Moonroof broke in the vent position on the driver side. Had to pay $175 to get it closed and was quoted $1,750 to have it replaced by the dealer.

Dmitry (00)
my sunroof broke about 7 months ago, can't find used one, dealer said - 2014 CAD + labour... and then it will be broken again... i say awful

Barton Diamond (01)
moonroof broke, had to shut it manually. havent had it fixed yet since i'm i student had dont have an extra 1000 laying around!

Isaac (04)
Broke after 33 days of use. The car was brand new after won in a local lottery. 413 miles. The Lottery refuses to fix it and obviously insurance will not covor it. A bunch of poop faces if I must say so.

ali (01)
One day I noticed my sunroof was cocked to one side, and it will not go down. Unfortunately, they said it was 1700 to replace, because they do not sell a single part. Now my car is worth 5 grand, have transmission problems, and NOW a broken sunroof... WHAT TO DO? Sell it as is or put in 4 grand just to fix it?!?!

Bernard (99)
drivers side float pin broke in half now the roof will not open and the dealer wants 1000 for the track and thats just the track not the motor or installation

Andy (99)
Sunroof broke on opening, emitting cracking sound, after seven years [!]. Got roof locked down by reassembling one side and breaking the other. Options now are 1. sell the car, 2. replace the roof at a cost of 680 GBP + three hours labour, which is not recommended as it will damage the non-sunroof roof lining, or leaving the roof locked down securely.

Esteban Mendoza (99)
i'm looking for a moonroof for my cougar... i went to the dealership and the price just for this its 1000 dls so i don't care if i got one in use but i need want

LeAnn (99)
Same problem. Sunroof stuck in open position. Motor works moves it back and forth but will not close on one side. The other driver side closes but not passenger side. Don't know how to close it. Any suggestions?

Brian (20)
Same as everyone else. I was quoted at 1150 to have repaired since the individual piece cannot be purchased.

alma escobar (00)

Sean Roberts (99)
i need the tracks for my cougar after it broke early last week.

Rod Bailey (00)
I bought this car used at 99000 miles for our 16 year old daughter, she fell in love with it. Sunroof was opened 6 times and broke, 1200.00 to repair, HA HA!!after reading today.Buyer beware DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON BUYING CARS. If we had only looked on net we would have NEVER bought this car. FORD, YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE AMERICAN BUYER!!!! NO WONDER YOU ARE LOSING TO TOYOTA, HONDA, ETC.

Brian (00)
at 80k, broken moonroof, ac, keyless entry, alarm, and alternator. dont buy one of these

Jeff (99)
Broke 2nd time
1st time on 5k miles 3 months
2nd 66k 6 years
F... you Ford! 50 % was replace on warranty, this is crazy
my wife has a toyota 6 year 99k now not a single thing broke

bub (00)
80000 miless roof closed wont do anything guess after reading all these probs ill take out the fuse and feel lucky its closed

Dee (00)
Broke at 72k It has been stuck with the vent up since February. Oddly,the other nite I had an inkling to try it out and it opened about 4 inches and stopped. Urgh! at least before it wouldn't get rain in it, (still hard to wash) Now I'm screwed! Whose brave enough to get the lawsuit going? I'm in.

Brittany Rose (99)
My cougar is a piece of crap!! Sunroof dont work I can push it with my hand! I have put over 1500.00 worth of parts, seems like I fix one part and another one breaks!! Great one FORD!

Rockye00 (01)
I have a 2001 Cougar and the parts in the sunroof are plastic. I can only believe that it was made earlier w/ 2000 parts or sunroof was replaced once already. I truly thought someone tried breaking in thru the sunroof and broke it. I put in a claim and they covered it. Where is everyine getting these quotes from? The sunroof assembly alone is $1100 new and labor would take 5 to 10 hours. At $65 an hr,that's $650 at most. What am I doing wrong?

John (02)
My sunroof broke after 10,000 miles. At least it was under warranty. I HOPE it doesn't break any time soon.

Michelle (00)
My sunroof flew off of my car. Where do I get a good rate to replace the sunroof?

Markus (00)
My sunroof just broke today. It will still open and close but not slide back and forth. You can hear the motor working. The roof opens when the motor is at its end position when it slides the roof back. The car has about 45k miles

Kiera (00)
Got this cougar in May to take to college. Sunroof is broke and open about 4 inches. Dealer told me $1,600 to replace the entire sunroof, and had no suggestions as to how to close it. I am still in love with my car. I need to get this fixed affordably - any help out there.

amanda (00)
I have had my Cougar for 4 years. Right aside track of the sunroof broke 3 years ago, left side broke 1 week ago. Called to have it fixed $1,700. I called around and lied about what each dealer said it would cost from dealer to dealer and got it down to $1,000! You guys should try that. Also has to for $870. Thats the leaverage that I used to get the parts down then worked with each dealer on labor. Just wanted to help!

Michael (01)
bought my 01 used from carmax in 05 w/72K miles, and paid extra for extnd warr. the warranty has paid for itself by fixing the dreaded cougar "moosing" noise at 85K mi; and it also covered my broken sunroofs replacement at 90K mi. the sunroof inv total was less than $900.00, which also included overnite shipping for 2 roofs since they broke the first one, and had to order another one. Usually I think extended warranties aren't a good idea, but this one really has paid for itself and then some. Mercury dealerships seem to have some serious markups, wow!

Gary Carmichael (00)
I have metal tracks and the drivers side pin broke anyway. Based on all the comments I'll get the thing closed and forget it.


Stephen Knowles (00)
Bought it used in late May 07 at 81,000kms. 11 days later.... Stuck half open.
Quoted $2100 + labor. Laughed my ass off, and told them to seal her up.... for For $2100, I should be able to drive it.

Kimberly (02)
Just purchased an '02 Cougar used. Unfortunately, I did not pick it up myself so I didn't realize until I got it home that the sunroof was messed up. Like others on this, it opened about an inch and stuck there. I brought it to a local place that handles sunroofs (avoiding dealerships if possible) and a very nice mechanic was able to get it to close for me for free. He took an allen wrench and was able to manually rotate the gears in the motor to unstick it so it would close. He told me that if I can find the motor online, he would be willing to install it for me. The car only has 36K on it. Does anyone know if they can get the Webasto motor direct?

Jim Berryman (99)
Bought new hardly ever used the roof and the metal slide breaks. Good car except for the roof

Dave (99)
Purchased a '99 in June of '07
Seems well maintained with 141,000 miles.V6,5speed manual,4 wheel disc. Runs very well. However the suroof is broken and will more than likely remain so.It's closed and doesn't leak. The A/C works great.

boomer (99)
Purchased mine for my step daughter one year ago. 69k miles and we had it for 2 months and sunroof broke. I got it closed and does not leak. Little mechanisms that guide the roof up just broke in two. Looked aluminum to me. A/C motor just went out. Bad time for that.

Dennis (01)
Daughters car, she bought in 01 used, now has 65,000 miles and sunroof just broke. I tried to tell her not to buy a Fix Or Repair Daily. F-O-R-D

David (99)
AC is out, sunroof is out, fan quit. What a crappy car this is.

John Jonckheere (01)
Looking for instructions on how to replace the sunroof on a 2001 Mercury Cougar. Yep....mines broke too!!

Darrick Hayes (99)
Sunroof was in vent position and wouldn't close. One of the rollers in the track broke. thousand dollars to fix. Not worth it.

Jerry M. (01)
My daughters 01 Cougar sunroof just broke at about 65000 miles. I got it closed and keeping dry with clear packing tape holding closed. I have been attempting to find someone who could replace with
a simple after market mechanical sunroof. No luck so far.

Traver (02)
My sunroof just got stuck in the open position. I guess from these comments, I need to get it sealed and not pay $2000 to fix.

Brandon (02)
So I have 70K miles on my car and my sunroof broke yesterday (8/8/07). Luckily I called the warranty people and they are going to fix it. But this car has been a problem since day one. The front end has been replaced once and is getting done again tomorrow. The alternator has gone three times. My brake system had $500 worth of work done because of ABS. The transmission slips horribly shifting into third gear (warranty won't fix unless completely quits). I've had more sensor's replaced on this car then I think I can count. All in all I have a HUGE envelope full of the repairs that have had to be made in and out of warranty. F*** you ford! This is why I bought chevy's before.

Chris (00)
Broken sunroof. And based on all these comments, i won't even attempt to get it fixed. I'll just have someone close it up.

Darcy (99)
broken sunroof I think all sunroofs break is this true

Rick (99)
I found insructions how how to repair the broken sun roof at I don't know why they charge such a outrageous amount. It took about 2 hour to replace the drive gear.

Frances (99)
Just bought a beautiful '99 Cougar with my own money as my first car, choosing it over a mitsubishi eclipse, thinking it'd be a better "brand". We knew the sunroof didn't work but the motor worked and we figured it would be an easy part to fix. It WAS sealed shut til my dad's friend wanted to look at it to see what was wrong. Looking at this, i'll prolly seal it shut again. I get to go to the first day of school with ducktape on it to keep the air from blowing it off completely!! woohoo!

Laura (00)
I bought the car new, was happy with it until sunroof broke a week ago. Dealer wants $1900 to replace. I decided to have it closed for $200.

Walt Monroe (00)
Sunroof is stuck open but there seems to be no power
or motor noise like many previous posters. Hoping it would only be a fuse but the power windows (supposedly on the same fuse still work) How can I manually close myself for the time being (which will
probably be an eternity at these prices)

99 cougar motor missing, cable assembly housing broken

Tiffany (99)
Sunroof is stuck shut, with the left side a little bit higher than the right.

Marshall Picco (99)
Motor has power, but panel will not move. Track is broken, and panel can be lifted out of the car by hand.

Seems it would be in the interest of the aftermarket to develop a set of rails to replace the shotty factory set.

appassionata (99)
sun roof broken

Matt S (99)
Sunroof stuck closed. Left side will raise up, right side stuck tight.

Eric L (01)
Went to open sunroof one day, one side went up, the other one didnt. You kno the rest of the story. now it just stays closed ;(

Elijah Ransom (99)
Sunroof went back but now will not close

Ghislain Tremblay (99)
You are not alone, Gear assy is broken.

Jon A (99)
Went to close the sunroof, it slid foward but the right side won't come down.

Barney (00)
58,000 miles and sunroof doesn't do anything at all.

Sagar Babar (01)
Hey, I have 2001 Mercury cougar and its sun roof is not working. Its not going back from one side. I know the cost to fix it is around $1000, but still want to know if we can just SEAL it and never use it again.

Alicia (99)
wanted to sell and the prospective buyers pressed the button to open the roof and it won't close. Ha, what a mess, now it will cost me more to get it closed if I can't figure it out.

Keisha (91)
I have a 91 cougar that has had the alternater and battery replaced recently. When I was driving the radio started getting quieter and then eventuall died. I jump started it and it ran for 10 minutes turned off the engine and it would not restart. Any suggestions Other than the junk yard!

Cody A. (00)
80,000 miles and the sunroof falls of track, and bent the track. Dealer wants $1200 JUST for the part. And it leakes horribly.

Larry Kolanko (00)
Bought car for my daughter; used car dealer promised to repair as soon as he can locate replacement parts, but has had no luck finding broken "clips" via junk yard inquiries. He won't buy new part ($$). I called one large new car dealer, and was sent two small plastic clips/slides. Will be taking them to dealer to see if they are the right parts.

Scott Z (02)
Had passenger side lock up and wouldn't close. had to break the lift mechanism just to get the roof to close.

David Reyes (98)
I have no idea how it happened, just one day the sunroof was messing up and eventually just wouldn't close any more.

Keenanc (00)
When I first bought this car new the sunroof made a funny noise, so the dealer replaced it no charge. Now the replacement has broken in the open position. :`-(

Dustin (00)
One side broke halfway open. Broke the other side and scratched my roof to get it closed. Had a body shop seal it with windshield epoxy -- no sunroof but no leaks and it costs $40 instead of $1300-$1500.

bts (99)
broken sunroof

Tim (99)
sunroof stuck shut and leaks when it rains

Jeff B. (01)
Had car for less than a week sunroof broke in open position. Bought used in 2007 with 111,000 miles. Pissed.

Steven R (99)
My girlfriend's beautiful brand new car back in 1999 has now become my headache. Sunroof broke Aug. '07. Looks like this one outlasted quite a few of you. 114k miles. Opened it up myself saw the problem, put it back together and is awaiting my day off to repair.

Dave D. (99)
Broken sunroof - estimate to repair - $1200.

connie (99)
sun roof broke at 90,000 miles

Jason (01)
Sunroof Broke around 83,000 miles. At first it would go down only on driverside while I was looking at it and trying to close it on passenger by opening and closeing the driverside broke. Now nothing works. I can hear motor runs and the track piece slides backwards and forwards. I can move roof backwards and forwards by hand but can't close it. Went to dealer but they where to busy to look at it and said they just quoted someone on theres 1800 or 100 to close. I think I might try to get it closed or find parts at a junkyard. Did find parts at $871+ for part I think I need.

GARY (00)


Sean (01)
sunroof track snapped while opening one day. Can't find replacement track anywhere, and something like 1250 for a new one... talk about agitating

Brent (99)
sunroof broke at around 50,000 miles. Is fully open but I can't even close it at all now. This is so frustrating to have a car that has something break like this. what a piece of junk!

Kelly (99)
Moonroof broke around 90,000 miles. Was semi-stuck open, then while trying to close it the other side of track apparently snapped and broke. Cost to have a repair shop break further to shut and glue closed, $90.00. Cost to replace with a new one: $1,200.00. The repair shop noted tracks for cougar moonroofs are extremely hard to find- even in a junkyard they are mostly broken from an air bag deployment. Snow is coming...I need a bat...
Ps- This problem has nothing to do with fuses! Cougars are notorious for faulty moonroofs.

Fred S (01)
gear stripped

Peggy (00)
Sunroof broke around 50,000 miles. Just wouldn't close one day. A small part about the size of my fingernail broke. Costs around 400.00 for a body shop to fix. I managed to get it closed and just don't open it anymore. At least it doesn't leak!

Etienne V (01)
Grrrrrrr. What is the point of having a sunroof a not to be to use it? Oh! by the way, my A/C doesn't work either, but that is another story ... My roof is stuck closed on the passenger and only lift up on the driver side. Luckyly, I have been able to keep it closed. Ford wold charge me 3000$ (Taxes in, labor and roof ($2200)). For a 2001 I am really desapointed. Is it legal to push my car from the top of a steap hill and watch it crash :) ... just kidding!

Juan PEdro (99)
broken sunroof

xavier (01)
sunroof is stuck cant open it

Dee (00)
BEWARE:Ordered the part from as suggested here, my sunroof has no gears in it and "Travis" the owner told me to send it back for a full Palpal refund. This was in October and he still hasn't refunded my money. His Paypal account is empty so I have to go through my CC company to request a refund. Total hassle, slapshot business owner. Thank God I have it in writing!

Chris (99)
sun roof broke and flew off

Jay David Wolf (99)
We just bought a 99 with 66,000 miles the sunroof is stuck closed. Does anyone know where to get a good diagram of the mechanism?

Bunke (02)
sunroof stopped working while it was open.

william piette (99)
sunroof track broke and also a/c clutch at about 125000kms

Shelley (01)
Sunroof stuck half open!

joy (99)
The sun roof fly's off while driving down the high way! Dang It! Now, i can't be a "Thunder Cat"!

mike (01)
118,000 miles; mostly no problems other than clutch cylinder failing. today (11/30/07) the drivers side won't close. stuck open just in time for winter.

Prez (99)
first my sunroof got stock then i was driving one night at the high way and it came off hitting the car behind me :@ i glue it back now i can't open my roof at all!! my car 99 cougar got 139,000 miles

Kirk Parnell (99)
Sunroof mechanism on passenger side is broken causing sunroof not to close completely.

Chris (00)
Sunroof died after opening it. Could never get it to close properly, had to cash out $250 just to have it closed.

Michelle (01)
bought my daughter this last year she opened the sunroof once and it broke..the mechanism is junk.My husband works for a car dealership and you can't just buy the assembly you have to buy the whole moonroof..My daughter is very disappointed.

Larry (00)
Moonroof broke. Track is broken. Broke around 40K. Dealer wont have this part re called! Costs $1200 to $1500 to get fixed. This part should be a recall!!!

vickers (00)
yeah bout the same have a 2000 cougar with 130,000 and the sunroof wont open and close anymore and when i go over 60 mph it starts to flutter with the wind and bounce up and down making my ears pop!!!! where can i get a replacment?

Cheryl (99)
Same as everyone else, roof won't open anymore. Luckly it stopped working while it was closed and doesn't leak or rattle. Not that it is really lucky. It has been broken for about a year and a half now, and looks like it is going to stay that way. Very dissapointing considering it is such a prevalent problem.

RonC (00)
Sunroof broke while closing; didn't close completely. Pins in track broke off.

Frank (00)
Just bought a 2000 cougar today and found that the sunroof doesn't open. During driving, it vibrates up and down and I'm really worried it's about to fly off ...

Renie (00)
Purchased car new I had roof problems 4 years ago returned to dealer and could not afford the repair price.I went to a body shop they were able to close roof and keep out weather,today this car only has 44000 miles.Ford should be brought to task for this blunder.

Chris (00)
I purchased the Jack Roush Edition new in 2000 and just had my sunroof stop while closing. this car only has 25,000 miles on it and i was just about to put it up for sale, so i'm double bummed! isn't this considered a flaw in materials and/or manufacturing!? this should really be taken care of by Ford/Lincoln/Mercury!! do i hear a vote for a recall!?!? class action law suit perhaps?!?! what can be done about this? this just isn't right!!! needless to say, i'm DONE with FORD/LINCOLN/MERCURY!!!! never again...

Hector (99)
My sunroof doesn't close and it's no working now. So i had to put some tape for the raining days while i found a solution. I want to buy someting maybe works(the gears) but i am not secure about it fits whith my sunroof. Anybody knows?

JILL (00)

Jessica Dailey (99)
I have A 99 Mercury Cougar andf the alternator went bad and I have had my sunroof recently quit working and wont close properly and i also have 4 recalls on my car once i contacted ford motor company........

nando (99)
bought the car with 50000 miles sunroof hasnt worked ever sise i ink there should be a recall done.budies have the same problems gon on

Butch Rhine (99)
I have removed the sun roof on my 99 cougar and some pieces are broke on the rails. I can not figure out how the mechanism in the back that moves forward in the rails. If I could get them to move forward it would pull the back of the sunroof down so it would close all the way. Anyone know how that back mechanism works?

jenn (01)
2001 C2 Cougar Sunroof track broke on right side. I will be spending $1700 for it to get fixed!!! But i have put a alot of time into my car and i love it. It will be fixed and fixed right!

Jay D Wolf (99)
I bought 1999 Cougar for my Daughter with a broken sunroof.
Last week I fixed it.
how I fixed it is at

J.M (00)
Sunroof broke while open, was able to get closed after much effort and removing the lid from inside. Will try to fix myself when the weather warms up. Ford advised it would cost me $2200 part + $350 labour (Cdn$) if they did it.

Faith (99)
I just got an email back from Ford about my sunroof.I need everyone to email them about their broken sunroof.The more that complain to the company they will do something.Even you who paid to have it fixed they will reimburse you if enough people complain.That is what i was told by Haydiliza from customer relations from Ford.Jump on it folks they should pay for it!

Madisyn Failing (00)
I just bought a 2000 Cougar with 80,000 miles the sun roof won't open the Dealer said they would fix it. But after they found out how much it would cost they changed their minds. Please help

Geronimo (00)
My sunroof just stuck open and won't close. The car only has 80,000 miles on it.

Frances (99)
Also have a broken sunroof. Currently using ducktape to hold it down. lol definitely takes away some of the car's beauty. I think it's crazy the amounts they expect us to pay. My sunroof was broke when i bought it, the dealer said they don't mess with fixing sunroofs , i understand way now. lol Currently paying my car off and don't have a spare $1200 sitting around to spend.

brian (99)
25000 miles clip broke on passenger side foor no longer moves

Ron Alvarze (02)
I have a problem with my sunroof. the fuse seems to be fine. I was on my way out when I tryed to open up my sunroof it moved then it stoped. Any idea's way this happen?

Ed (99)
ABOUT THE SUNROOF. yes, they suck. but, dont pay $1000 if you're somewhat mechanically inclined. it costs $100 or FREE if you want to do it. the sunroof is only held on by 4 screws. these are star-drive screws, so buy the right size before trying it. put some duct tape on the interior cloth so you do not damage it from rubbing.
after taking it off, you will notice the cheap tracks. if your sunroof goes up, but not back, most likely its the crappy plastic pieces that are driven by the motor. they break at the front and slide freely. the motor is located directly above the light in the middle of the interior of the car. to access it, just pull the main light piece, and it should just snap out. then take out the two screws that hold on the rest of the assembly. simple. pull that out, and you will see everything. to get to it, take the rubber molding around the sunroof opening off... then slowly pull the interior off of the metal. eureka.
taking off the motor/drive transmission is a pain in the a**, but you can use a pair of pliers and the small star-bit. good luck. it takes like 20 minutes for 3 screws. once that is off, the motor is connected by two phillips screws. the motor and transmission are FRENCH, so you can see why they are crappy. if you take the motor assembly apart and put it back together, try pushing the switch while holding it closed. if it works temporarily, then the problem is the transmission. it is cheap plastic, so the teeth get eaten up. it will be off-center, so you cant fix it. may as well keep it shut. to do this, look at my next comment.
to close the sunroof, take it off by the steps ahead; then slide the cast metal piece and the little arm towards the back till its lying down completely. then put the sunroof back on and screw it down. if they wont slide down, disconnect the transmission/ motor from it, then slide them down. make sure you put the transmission back. dont want it pulling up on the highway. if this was somewhat helpful, just send a thanks to. i saw it done quickly.

Blaise Macioce (00)
Sunroof is stuck up, won't go down. Tracks and crappy plastic things that go in them are completely garbage and broke. I got it down, but now every time one of my doors in the car is closed, the sunroof pops up a little because of pressure in the car.....ridiculous!

cathy (00)
2000 cougar sunnroof wont close on passenger can ford get away with selling shoddy workmanship and not be accountable

Lauren (20)
Ford Motors suggests you replace cheap with ceahp, for $1200.00. What a sad ripoff, so we leave it closed for free!!

Jen (00)
Got ripped off getting my moonroof fixed last summer. I've heard lower quotes for installing a new sunroof/moonroof into a car than for what I paid to get mine fixed.

Eric (02)
Same problem here... My sunroof stopped working shortly after 80,000. :(

Courtney (99)
Sunroof was stuck up and now i have it sealed. Also cat conveter is bad and they want 454 just for the part. maybe we should all by a parts car lol.

T-Bag (99)
POS, Installing Glass panel now...

joe ende (20)
sunroof broken shure would like to fix it

Mike (01)
I bought my car Sunday... Already knew it was broken. Looking into getting an aftermarket sunroof put in from a company up in Fresno. They guy fixed the sunroof a year back he only has 50k on the car. So yeah, i'm not really all that upset. Every car has its issues.

Justin Harps (00)
the track broke on my sunroof i was looking for a price in order to fix it

adam (00)
sunroof inoperable

Simone Milton (01)
My sunroof won't open.

Gerson (01)
The driver side of the sunroof closes just fine, but I can't get the other side fully closed. The motor seems to be working well... SUCKY SUNROOFS

Dan (00)
MY sunroof broke just out of blue. My car had 70,000 miles and everything was fine until yesterday when the sunroof was able to lift but not to move back. It got stuck on passenger side.

Kathy (02)
2002 Cougar; 55,000; moonroof stuck in the open position; any idea how to close it manually?

Daniel (00)
sunroof has stuck in the up position for the 2nd time. not to mention several other problems with the vehicle that are not related to normal wear. supposed to rain tomorrow and if I cant get it closed I'll have to break this side too. I dont really see myself buying another ford product.

Darin C. (00)
I just bought a 2000 Cougar with a busted sunroof thinking I could fix it pretty cheap. When I looked up the cost of the replacement parts I almost crapped myself, that is ridiculous.

Bernard Woods (01)
Sunroof was Stuck shut, I pushed it hard while operting the button, it open but somthing cracked and now the driverside will not close, dealer wants $1500 to fix

Steve Pitt (99)
purchased my 99 cougar used in 07 with 100k on it, sunroof does not move or try when I press the button, does the motor just need to be replaced? if so is it possible to replace it myself with common knowledge or with the help of a mechanically inclined friend?

Dany (01)
Hi guys... i have been problems with my sunroof too... but here u have some advices:
If you want to close your sunroof, just take off the sunroof motor... just be patient and be careful is easy...

If you want to repair your sunroof u must to find the entire assembly, is very very expensive unless u could find it in a junk yard...

Max (01)
sunroof opened and won't close, the fuse and switch habeen tested and get power, but the motor makes no noise, how can I shut without having to shell out the cash for a new motor ?

Jennifer Zanella (01)
Pops up on passenger side, doesn't budge on driver's side.

Kelsey (02)
Wanted to join the crowd. I love my cougar, but less than 30 days from purchasing it, the moonroof won't close. Of course the dealership's Peace of Mind warrently doesn't cover a broken moonroof. BBB couldn't do anything to help us.

Matt (00)
When i bought my cougar. it was a fairly nice day. So i opend the sunroof on the way home. Guess what... it didnt close. So i figured id mess with it tomorrow, and it rained that night. So i took it back to the dealer and they wouldnt fix it, and said you bought the car as-is. It cost me a lil over $1000 to fix it. let alone a couple of hours trying to get the moldy smell out.

Blaine (00)
Same as everyone else.. Won't open or close all of the way. No warning anything was wrong, it worked one day, and made a crunch noise the next. At this point I just want to get it closed all the way!

shawn (99)
My sunroof worked fine for about 3 weeks after I bought it. Then for some reason, it wouldn't open or close. Now I would just like to get it closed so I can wash it.

luis (00)
i was on ebay the other day and finally found a sunroof for my cougar. i just wanted to let you know theres still hope. just keep an eye out and you might be just as lucky. nows the fun part the install. we'll see what happens...

Jim (00)
Put a new unit in my wifes car.Works perfectly.
It is about a 2 hour job.

nayne (99)
the reason there is no recall is for know the problem is considered cosmetic this could change if everyone reported their softy concerns to the d.m.v this is a safety issue considering that at 50 miles per hour the roof rises out of the tracks and becomes a safety hazard

Brian (99)
Sunroof jammed after the winter. I went to use it and heard a stripping sound. One side would try to open but the other side was stuck. I managed to get it open and almost closed manually moving the one side while pushing the button to move the other. I found a bunch of broken plastic and metal parts near the front of the unit. It is discouraging to find a site like this while sourcing parts for repair.

sam (99)
besides the transmission falling out 7 times since i owned it the sunroof stopped working after 70000 miles pinched my fingers getting it closed and now does not work at all and to have the garage fix it cost more then the cars worth 1500 dollars

luis (00)
can anyone give me any info on where to find out how to install a sunroof from a 2002 cougar into a 2000 cougar. it seems more complicated than i thought. i took off the headliner and the motor but now i'm stuck. please post on this site and i'll keep looking. thanks

Tricia Jarrell (99)
sunroof won't close

Brandon wallace (99)
Had the car for about 3 weeks before the sunroof went out...never really looked into fixing it until now. With summer coming itd be nice to have a sunroof. But lame how much it is to fix...even doing it yourself

Nicole (00)
I have a 2000 special edition with 74,000 miles and just like everyone else here my sunroof stopped working out of the blue. I went to open it and it made a pop/crack noise and appeared to be off track as it started to lift to open and then stopped. Now, it wouldn't come back down. After my fiance tried to fix it himself we realized that the track is made out of PLASTIC and all the the teeth that move the sunroof are broken off!! This is a terrible design on Ford's part and I will never buy a Mercury/Ford ever again. I also will not be paying the $1500 to have the POS sunroof repaired. Now I am stuck with a sunroof that doesn't shut all the way and will leak every time it rains.

Philip (99)
99 cougar sun roof broken been that way for about 4 years. It works great as a warning that you have just exceeded the speed limit, It starts floping at 70MPH

jessica (99)
I had the same exact problem with my 99 cougar that Jay d Wolf did, how the hell can we fix or order this part, I will pay you jay d wolf if I can order a picec from you exactly like the one you made for your daughter.. the piece broke on the drivers side of the roof and the right side tried to open I have had it selaed and put down so it would not leak.. due to the fact there is no recall, they Ford will not fix it i have tried.... I want car my car back the way it was i love my car...... I cant believe it broke and all i did was try to open it on a hot day.... Thanks much.. Ps If anyone knows one group from ford we can all complain to i sure will do it if it gets my baby fixed...

Greg R. (99)
Broken... what can I say.

Bernard Woods (01)
Sun Roof wil not close- broken assembly dealer wants $1,500 to fix

Wade P. (01)
I have had multiple problems with my sunroof and just as I'm fixing one another arrises. On the passenger side I believe whatever drives the sunroof is stripped or something because when pushing up or pulling down even without sunroof on there is a loud clicking noise. It sounds like a rod might be stripped or something. can I replace this or do I have to buy the whole assembly. How do I find the exact part?

brandon (99)
Opened sunroof and got stuck there. I had to pop the dome light out and remove some screws to get to the motor. Once you remove the motor, you can manually close the sunroof. It will close all the way forward, but will not go completely down. The only way I got it down was jamming a flat head screwdriver and pushing the gears by hand since my motor is broke. Once I did that, it closed nice and tight.

Margie (00)
My sunroof one day when I went to open it started making a popping noise and opened crooked. I thought it just bounced the track or something...but of course not its the same problem that this entire website is devoted to. So now my sunroof wont close and I'm leaving in two days for vacation. I just need it to close....

Brad (99)
I bought my 99 cougar v6 yesterday. Drove it home with the sunroof open, went out, closed it, got back in and opened it..... do i have to say it. So this morning i spent 3 hours taking it apart and reseating the track. The thing is still broken but at least it is closed.... oh yeah and the ac doesn't work.

Megan Teal (02)
Sunroof does not close.

Ron (99)
My daughters sunroof on her cougar stoped working and it is partly open. All I want to do it get it closed. I looked around and can not figure out how to open up things to get the guts. Can someone please explain how I would get it close? what do I need to take off to get to the motor?
Thank you.

Emili Gomez (99)
drivers side plastic track guide broken, does not close on it's own. Does any one know of a solution? is there a cheapish replacement option? any help would be nice

Scott (00)
I bought my Cougar with the sunroof already broken. One side moved and popped the back of it open an inch. I just consider it a teaser option.

Shayna (00)
My Cougar had 77,000 miles on it. On another not I want my sunroof fixed where, who, and how can I get it fixed???

Kevin Russell (01)
I bought it not working but all it does is make a popping noise when trying to open.

L.J. (00)
I was waiting for the day and it has happened! The yellow spanner service light is on and my roof will only open an inch of tilt on one side. Too costly to deal with in the U.K.

Lee Travis (00)
track is broken, will not open. The clips to hold it on are broken also. surprised it doesn't blow off going down the road!

Kris (01)
Broken rail, am I # 1346?

Colin (00)
Drivers side plastic track arm pusher is broken, does not close or open on own. Does any one know of a cheapish replacement option? Any help would be nice!

Dan (01)
Sunroof track linkage has failed for the second time

Jon (00)
The clips that hold my sunroof down are broken from getting ripped off from a thief. The glass and moter are fine but I need to fix the clips. How do I fix it?

Keith (02)
The sunroof doesn't open or close. Theres no noise made trys to close every once in a while. I need to no exactly wear the motor is for it.

Jim Landes (99)
Plastic slides craked & broke away. Roof panel can't move. It is now being held down with duct tape and the grade school brats are making fun of my car.

Bonnie (00)
50,000 miles and the sunroof broke, the same story as everyone else. One day it was fine, the next it wouldn't open and it made a horrible noise as the gears ground together. I haven't fixed it because I can't afford it. My husband is handy and was able to figure out how to get it closed. I am so disgusted, it's just one more thing to add to the list of what's wrong with my car because of cheap parts and shoddy workmanship.


Annette (01)
80,000 miles and the sunroof broke.Got it to close and it doesnt leak(thank god).But cant ride down the highway cause it might fly off.Save my money and got another roof.Cant put it in cause the labor is so high.

shayne slentz (02)
up until now i was very happy with the car why do they continue to make and sell a car that makes them look stupid ,I'm sure they could make it without the moon roof at least until they finish the third grade

nathan spangler (00)
just bought the car and sunroof broke within a week! plastic piece in track broke, took me an hour to get it down, but its down. hopefully it wont leak

Seth Johnson (01)
I bought the car used a few weeks ago. One week after the purchase, the left side stopped going down. I got it down, then put it back up (like an idiot). It hasn't gone down since. I tried to fix it 5 min ago and something broke. :( I miss my sunroof!

Bruce Soluski (99)
Sun roof failed about two years ago. Now it is closed all the time but luckily it does not leak.

Justine Olson (00)
I just bought my cougar last week. Last night, I couldn't get my sunroof to close. Its stuck.... I have to wait until monday to SEE if it can be fixed.

justin vickers (00)
bought my cougar over a year ago . . . sure enough the sunroff broke and after fighting with it for two hours i got it to close the it rained and filled up the inside of the car with water. . i have also heard of the roofs flying off on the highway, mine bounces up and down like it wants to rip off . . . . .

Jacob (00)
The sunroof worked for about 6 months into having the car, ever since then it has never worked again, 3 years later.

Steve Flower (99)
99 cougar, 49000 mi. bought new,sunroof just stopped. Fine one day, won't open next. Motor runs, passenger side stuck. Dealer wants 1600 dollars for new assembly installed. Put me down for recall list or class action. I guess I'm lucky it will close.

David (01)
Bought used 6 months ago 90k wont close stuck open on 1 side.

Della (02)
sunroof will not close all the way on passenger side. Had dealership close it up. The part will cost $1200.

jami (00)
Sure enough bought a 2000 cougar 1month ago from dealer now the sunroof broke on passenger side. I got it closed hasn't leaked as of now,but I highway commute and I'm awaiting for it to blow off,does ford take responisbility if my sunroof blows off and flies through and car windshield because I bought cougar needed to get to work?...Put me on list for recall or class action..This is absolute crap that there no recall for this issue..

brpavers (00)
the sunroof is stuck closed and will not open. It does not leak. The motor runs ut there is only a plastic clicking noise and the panel moves but not in alignment.

Liz Golyar (99)
bought the car, didn't realize sunroof was broken, tracking is gone. was wondering if there are any online companys that sell the sunroof. would put in myself.

Steve (99)
bought my 99 cougar used a week ago. sunroof is closed and wont open.

Lee Schroeder (00)
Small metal retainer that pushes the metal bar to engage the rear passenger side of the sunroof cracked in half.

Bobby (00)
bought the car and had no problems with the sunroof. the guy i bought it from said that he had never had problems with it. two weeks later, my girlfriend calls me and says that it's stuck open and won't close. it's closed enough to prevent leaking, but won't open at all, or close the rest of the way. there aren't any grinding or popping noises, there is no noise at all.

daniellem (00)
I can hear the motor running and the part moving but the sunroof isn't doing anything what is there to do??????????

Debra (99)
I bought my Cougar new from dealer. The sunroof stopped working in 2001 as I was closing it. I had to get someone to push in on the left corner on the outside as I used the switch to close it. I love my car but not the sunroof design. The dealer refused compensation or free labor.

Miranda (99)
JUST got my cougar yesterday... the sunroof leaks & wont open. You would think that ford would recall these 99' & 00' after all they did recall the 01' and + i dont think its right they should fix the problem for free its not our fault their sunroofs dont work!! what do i do about this?? i dont want to pay $1200 for a manufactor problem ??

Kelsey (99)
I bought my car used 1 1/2 years ago and its been great except the sunroof. i guess the smart thing would have been to test the sunroof at the dealership. my fault, but seeing that an entire website is devoted to this i dont feel so bad. took my dad over 3 hours to get it closed so that it wouldnt leak. THATS WHAT I GET FOR BUYING A FORD.

Jesse (00)
Sunroof motor makes no sound at all, and only one side stays down about half the time. RECALL PLEASE!

Nanc (99)
Same here. Three years ago it broke, had it fixed with replacement parts from a wrecked cougar. That broke within months!!! Have been without since. No recalls??? What is going on, I had no idea all these cougars had the same problems.

Moe Mayhew (02)
Sunroof is stuck.... and transmission went out...we need to do something about it

Alex Arthur (01)
my 2001 cougar zn sunroof is breaking in everyway! It opened and I finally got it closed but it leaks like crazy and I opened it to see if that was the real leaking problem and now it closes to about 2/3 of the way closed and I am wondering did they really recall the 2001?!

Michelle Delaney (02)
I have a 02 Cougar with 41k miles. I use the sunroof on a regular basis, I went to close it and noticed a noise, after being in the store 15 min, I came out and it would not open. I could hear the motor engage but it would not open. About 15 min later I went to open it and it opened just fine but heard a POP!! It will close but will not shut all of the way. It has been stuck in the "vent" position for a week now. The driver side is the side with the problem. I am so frustrated it is raining today and for the next 2 days!!

Liz (00)
Just bought myself an '00 Cougar, and the sunroof won't open or close, since the owner I bought it from disconnected it saying it needed new tracks. Boy, will this be expensive!

Mike Fales (99)
Just bought my 99 Cougar...sunroof not functioning at all...appears to not leak...Ford should have fixed this problem for customers given that this was an expensive option

Leighanne (00)
Sunroof off the tracks! Going to cost between $1500-1800 and my sunroof is stuck open! Mercury/Lincoln/Ford---they should have fixed this or make the little tiny track cheaper than $1200!!

tonya Hartline (01)
the same as everyone else plastis cips broke cant close sunroof I ca open it with my hads by lftingup I am affraid it wll fly off ad kills some one to. I just fund out the cost for part is $1000.00 no includng labor cant afford that not with ss check this is a shame I hpe they are not sleeping at night knowing what they have done to us

raymond (00)
my sunroof broke

Leigh Anne (00)
I regularly use my sunroof. One day, when I opened it, it made a horrible sound and I couldn't get it closed all the way. When I tried to work on it, all kinds of little pieces were broken off. Now, it's stuck open and I don't know what to do! I don't care if it ever works again. I just want it to close all the way!

trish (00)
sunroof broken, bought it that way...the dealership disconnected and "sealed" it but on the freeway starts to open to the vent position

Jeni Gass (00)
suprise,surprise..I am experiencing the same problem. I can't beleive that there hasnt been a formal recall. believe me, I am definatley talking to ford soon(as I know someone there) and making them aware of this site.I think this site was a great idea!ummm..except for all the crumminess it took to make it..

Danny (99)
looking at purchasing a 99 cougar. going today to test drive it actually. the sun roof is the only thing wrong with it. they say it needs a new track.

Amber Kittelson (99)
My cougar sunroof hasnt worked since i bought it and i herd this is a very common problem for these cars. I cant afford a new one there VERY expensive this should be a recall and fixed for FREE!!

Tricia (99)
My 99 cougar has been working just fine. Minor things untill this fall. I had my sunroof open on a nice day and I went to close it. It closed most the way but quit working. It is stuck in the vented position. I shoved a towel in the vented area and it has held off the water for now, but winter is coming. Any ideas of what I can do. As long as I get it closed it will be fine. I will not use it anymore. I'm just afraid the cost to repair it is going to be almost as much as the car is worth.

matt wheeler (99)
i hate the sunroof it broke after 3 months of owning it

jess (00)
stuck in vent position, just bought it - does anyone know how to slam the stupid thing shut? thanks :)

Donna (99)
The sunroof will not open or close completely, it seems to be stuck. I believe water is getting in also.

frank (01)
my sunroof broke today 4pm 11/18/2008 at about 11000 miles
try to open it. move a little bit. then stuck in the open position. when i press the button again, no more reaction.

i tried to press it down to close position but failed. what am i gonna do

TJ (01)
Sunroof broke when trying to close it 11/10/2008. one side closed the other was stuck open so I removed the drivers side piece. If u have full coverage insurance they might fix it they r fixing mine

Dennis (02)
Even 2002 model got a problem. It does not close at all. NEVER; NEVER AMERICAN CARS ANYMORE!!! Just bail out your ass!!!

matt miley (00)
Stupid Cougars sunroof isn't working and i would love to have it working. My last Mercury Sable same year Sunroof worked great!

Bernie (00)
Hasn't worked since i got the car, owner said a track was broke

David (99)
After years of waiting for this moment, i can officially say i'm part of the club. Sweet.

Brandi (00)
my sunroof has been broken for about a year now...went to open it and it wouldn't open on the passenger side...cheapo alluminum part broken, too expensive to fix...screw mercury!

Sharon (01)
Bought a 2001 Cougar for my daughter in September 2008. She opened the sunroof last night, in the middle of winter (don't ask why) and now the stupid thing is STUCK!!! Saw a screw laying there in the track. Didn't have time to mess with it this AM. I'm ready for a recall or SOEMTHING. How many complaints does it take??????

Reg (00)
Same problems as everyone else. Just bought off a lot used and sure enough a part came and fell onto my lap while trying to close. rather than breaking the other side assembly like others suggest, I used a screwdriver to tap the other assembly towards the front, at least closing my sunroof. Mine's currently held down with duct tape as if you're on the interstate, I encountered the sunroof flapping up and down once I hit 65 - 70 mph

Greg Matthews (20)
moonroof stuck mostly closed

Anna Nabhan (00)
Passenger side sunroof plastic piece broke and wouldn't go back into track without manually pushing it back in.

carl (99)
the sunroof just wont open, i wanted to know how much would it cost to fix it?

Michael Lasko (99)
Tried to put sunroof up and was fine, but when trying to put back it stuck and wouldnt come down or move in any way. getting tired of ford products

john (01)
my wife totaled her 01 on christmas eve.the sunroof stopped working a few weeks after she got wanted 1500.00 to repair.she had to have another one,so we bought a 01 last week at a dealer.the sunroof wasn't working on it either[82000 miles].dealer said thats just a cougar for you,none of them work.youd think with all the billions the govt. just gave ford they could fix our sunroofs.should of bought a honda,toyota,or nissan.

jason powellson (99)
Same as everyone else broken sunroof. what a piece!!!

Jory (01)
DIDO with the sunroof bought a used one and sunroof will not open and or close for that matter Cougars have pleanty of problems and its pissing me off hahaha so much rattling in the car it embarassing hahaha at least it isnt stuck open sorry fellas

DaveC (99)
Slides on one side but not the other. Considering the relatively low sales of these cars the amount of people registering on here with broken sunroofs is disgusting!

EX-Cougar owner (00)
My sunroof broke and I just said someone broke into it. My insurance then paid for it. $250 instead of $1500. Now the POS is gone! Thank god!

TJ (01)
Is Jay D Wolf making and selling any of these replacement pieces? just bought it and the Roof is broke.

Evan (99)
Lol my sunroof pops up but does not slide back. idk its cheaper to repair it yourself that buy a new one.

Jessica (99)
Ford! Do your job and stand behind your product!

Derrick H. (99)
Same as everyone else, slide broke on drivers side but still working on passengers, opens but will not close fully.

John A (99)
Same Problem WTF and they want like 1500 2 fix. I didnt even pay that 4 the car. And they say "BUY AMERICAN".

k-ton (00)
sunroof broke of course the the POS broke down again me and buddy towed home got home sun roof had flew out beat that one.!!!! needs a gernade to fix it right

jami (00)
I posted at #1365...FYI my lawyer has contacted Ford in regards to replacement of sunroof in Nov 2008, **NO RESPONSE** from Ford as of this time..the prices to replace the sunroof assembly is between $1300- to $1700.. that doesn't include labor or the sunroof motor,my local Ford dealer will do the work but I must replace the sunroof motor(as per service department..since mine still works)and thats another $700.00 plus taxes so it will cost over $3200.00 for parts labor and taxes for a car I paid $5000.00 for9definately biggg waste of my money)...This is pure bullsh**t on the behalf of Ford..

TJ (01)
I also have a sunroof that doesn't close tight and flaps at high speeds on the highway, since we all can't afford to fix it I discoverd if you put one of your windows down about inch it seems to create a vaccuum and the sunroof doesn't flap in the wind

Miranda Whelchel (01)
I just brought my cougar three weeks ago... and i was on my way home and me and my friends opened the sunroof... yeah i know... bad started raining too...

Donald (99)
sunroof just cracks open but will not shut wtf??? Motor seems ok. Took it off everything looks good but driver tract not moveing help

Taylor (99)
Same problem. Highway speeds it flaps in the breeze unless I crack a window. it opened until the other track (drivers side) broke and it scratched the roof to hell.

Anyway I'm lucky it hasnt fallen off while i've been too busy reverse engineering the rest of this poorly made car. Like the TSB on the alternator or the poorly made relay for the drivers window.

worst 2k ive ever spent i think.

Should have bought the lexus

Lance (01)
Same thing. Passenger side won't raise, whole assembly won't slide.

Brian (00)
same problem as everyone else. Plastic piece snapped off on drivers side, now the sunroof won't close. Going to try and manually close it, but don't know if I can get it all the way down.

chelle (00)
Sunroof Stuck Open But no plactis Pieces broke I got the motor off in one piece but relized that hte drivers side is off track any suggestions

Josie (99)
i almost have the same problem as everyone else my sunroof is stuck open i thought it was the switch come to find out it wasnt i just wanna know if there is like a crank somewhere in the car so i can just shut it i dont care if it ever opens again. or how much it would cost to fix it.

Dan (99)
Sunroof motor blew out. At least it is safely shut....built ford tough my ass

Vipin (00)
Have been driving with a half closed sunroof for 2 winters now. Motor makes a noise and doesnt do anything. Have tried to get it fixed but nothing. Its a bad design. For now I am covering my car top during rain or snow. Its sad.

john rubalcaba (01)
My sunroof got stuck and it was not sliding evenly,,, right side was slower then the it closed but whats the purpose of asunroof if you cant used it? we paid for this option as consumers Ford should replace this product,,,,

Steve L (99)
The sunroof on my '99 Cougar is busted. When trying to open, it makes an annoying clicking sound. Thankfully (unlike some other folks), it broke while closed!

Fireman72 (99)
Tracks broke then the sunroof got stuck in the open position. I had to break it even more just to get to close by hand! Ford needs to step up and fix the problem.

Anya Beattie (99)
I bought my cougar used but in great condition. When i bought it my sunroof works but then one day it just wouldn't open any more and this was about 2 weeks after i bought the car. My very good friend said the arms to hold it open broke b/c the were made cheaply with plastic.

CHAR (99)

daves (00)
The plastic pieces are broken i can't use the sunroof I was told there are metal ones to replace the plastic were can i get them help

Raf (00)
Had motor replaced about 4 years ago. This year the gears started to make a sound like the teeth were broken and the roof would only slightly open. Then only the motor made the sound and no movement. I tried to open the roof manually but it got stuck in the slightly open position. I can't completely close the roof now.

Matt (99)
Bought my Cougar used and the sunroof broke when it was popped up, had th break it more to shut it

william (00)
my sunroof tracks are broken and i need to get new ones

Charles (00)
Same problem sunroof quit working. all of us coug owners should sign a patition to have ford fix this problem for FREEEEEE

Erin (01)
Plastic piece broke in two, and my sunroof was stuck open. They had to break it even more to get it closed. Have to buy a completely new sunroof at a cost of $3500 if I wanted it fixed. NUTS!

Debbie (00)
My sun roof broke last spring when I tried to open it on our first nice spring day. Luckily my husband got it shut. Bad design. Ford should stand behind this!

Javier (99)
Broken sunroof, want it replaced with a aftermarket from a company in the southern California area or western Arizona (close to Cali state lines)

chris (01)
whats the easy way to fix this this sun roof or is it a waste of time any leads

Chris Kellogg (99)
I want this fixed. the stupid sunroof will not go up or down.

Tim Burns (01)
Sunroof will not open or close. I dont know wether to try my self or let mecury f@#$ me on fixing it but then again I cant find parts for this car anyway but I still Love my ZN

caleb (99)
my little hooks on my sunroof broke and i was wondering if there is any where i could find the little clips to repair it i agree with the recall that is bull!!!!!

josh (00)
sunroof will not open

John Webber (99)
Sunroof tilted up drivers side, will try to close it and
leave it shut.

tim dippel (99)
the sunroof is stuck in the open position and wont move. you can hear the motor when you press the button but no movement. its raining like crazy please help!

Stephanie (02)
The sunroof will open all the way, and vent all the way, but the driver side will not go all the way down. I am freaking out, I don't have a garage to store it in, and I don't want the rain to get in... I don't know what to do :(

Me again...I am even more infuriated now than ever!

Everyone NEEDS to call this number 888-327-4236 *ESPECIALLY* those of you that have had your panels BLOW OFF!!! This is the DMV safety line, THEY are the ones that can force the recall after they have had so many complaints!

I went to an auto customizing shop to try to get an estimate on recutting the hole and having another sunroof installed, and they said the design of the roof won't support a larger hole. So, basically, we are totally screwed.

My entire family is a Ford family...this is SUCH a huge disappointment to me, should've stuck with a Pontiac.

Stephanie (02)
Just got off the phone with Ford...when I told them there were over 1400 ppl with this problem, they basically blamed it on angry bloggers and said that if you don't call in they have NO record of the problem. So, I am going to take it upon myself to bump this 1-800 number up everytime it is off the first 10 shown posts. CALL!!!!


ileha (00)
I literally pulled the car into my driveway for the first time, and of course the sunroof broke. so is there a cheap fix? Who is really going to pay that much F***ing money to fix this!!! its pretty bad when there is a website just for people to bitch about all of these stupid sunroofs

alan (99)
Got you all beat, bought my cougar with a faulty roof but at least it was closed and didn't leak, went for a drive to whistler mountain and the whole panel got sucked out of the car while doing like 100km/h by the time I walked back and found it totally scrapped it started to rain, I found another complete unit at a wrecker and installed it and it broke first time I pressed the button. It is now sealed in permenently.

Ulas Camsari (99)
My sunroof broke down a year ago, took it to the dealer in Cleveland, was told that it would cost 2000$ to replace it, including the labor. Of course I did not have it repaired. After a couple of months of pain, I finally closed it parmanently with silicone. I am so much dissapointed with Ford products overall. Instead of using their motto "quality is job 1", they should stick with poor reliability, poor manufacturing, poor customer care. I would never buy a Ford manufactured car again, I will never recommend anyone to buy one.

Terry Roberts (00)
Sunroof problems

Erikaa (00)
Sitting in the car trying to make the cat get off of my roof one night my sunroof got stuck and began to not move. Barely popped it began to pour as the cat ran off. Now im stuck with a broken sunroof popped, a wet interior and a 1800 dollar bill. F*** cats.

Stephen (01)
Opened sunroof and it does not close. It is stuck in the open position. Received a $1,200 from the dealer to get it fix. that is a ripoff. It seems this is a common problem. Ford should step up and get this fixed

M. Pittsenbarger (00)
After 9 years my sunroof finally broke. After some inspection, it appears that the moving part that pulls the roof open broke on the passenger side (plastic)...

On the driver's side, the same part has noticeable stress and cracks and would have also broke soon or later. It amazes me why Ford would decide that plastic was an acceptable engineering solution. This has been a great running car, but I have noticed other engineering WTFs in my 9 years of ownership.

After looking at other posts saying the cost would be in the thousands to get fixed, I would rather seal the sunroof than fix it.

Dave (00)
Sunroof broke recently at 140000km. Longer than most I see here..but had no idea it was such a major problem. Just got the quote now, insane!

Carolina Girl (00)
I began to research after my sunroof suddenly quit working and discovered this site - and a much bigger problem than I'd hoped. It was working fine after a trip to the beach where I used it often. I closed it when I got home and when I left the house and went to open it again it started to open and then fell back shut and its as if the switch will not operate anything any longer. It does absolutely nothing when I try to open it. This is extremely frustrating as I do not want to invest a lot into a car that I wasnt planning to keep much longer. If I don't fix it I'm sure I can kiss my decent trade in value goodbye! I can't believe there isn't a recall for PLASTIC parts used...

robert (99)
piece of trash is broken, what more is there to say???

Rene (99)
We bought the cougar from a local dealer the sunroof did not work then. We replaced the motor and got it to open to the vent position but it won't open any further. I think I won't use it at all after reading about them getting stuck open.

tristan Barnabe (00)
broke a track need to replace the whole track assembly

Ken Sattler (00)
Whatever you do, don't pay Ford to fix it. First off, it's ridiculously expensive. Fixed mine myself. Tested track assembly: $200 on e-bay. New motor: $250 from The process is not difficult. It took me about 2 and a half hours on a Saturday afternoon. The worst part was aligning the roof panel after attaching it to the new track. If you're not sure you can do it yourself, get the parts and take them to a local mechanic. They should be able to do the job in less than 2 hours. If the going rate for labor is $75 to $80 an hour, then parts and labor should be well under $700. Ford wants nearly 2 grand. Quality is NOT job #1...and customer service is pretty far down the list, too.

Joey (99)
i need new tracks for my moon roof in my 99 cougar they are broken and it flops open when it feels like it

Erica (01)
A piece broke off the guide and only 1 side of the sunroof would close. Had to take the piece off just to get the sunroof to completely close with a plastic bag in case it rains! Went to the dealer and they are telling me that it will cost over $1k just for the parts.

Ben Litchfield (00)
Grinding noise when attempting to open my sunroof, opens partially.

Jay Williamson (99)
just randomly quit opening in the closed position. When i try to open it, it only opens on the left side. it will go back completely closed though.

David Warner (00)
The sunroof only partially closes on driver's side. Motor sounds like it is working.

Bryan Adams (01)
left side would open right side wouldn't. had too take it aprt just to get it to close. duct tape holding it closed.

Lori Doyle (00)
Moonroof stuck open. Had to get someone to close it and screw it down so it will not leak.

Vinissa Porizek (00)
my sun roof wont open.motor does not even work when press button. like its not connected but it is and the fuse is still good

Dan Hazy (00)
just like so many others. broken plastic parts just to save a few $$ made cheaply. wont open or close, had to take apart just to get it to close cant drive in FL with rain every day ... :(

Anita (01)
My sunroof sounds like it wants to open and it does about a half an inch or so. after raising an inch the motor makes grinding and knocking noises. it will go back down. i am sooo disgusted with this situation. one of the reasons why i purchased the car was because of the sunroof. i've had it for five years and now everything wants to go wrong :/

opened 2 inhes now will not close at all.. ANy one have a fix suggestion that worked?

David A. (99)
Failed sunroof, dealer completely unwilling to budge when i spoke to them on multiple occassions. I will never buy another ford product ever because of their complete and utter lack of respect and responsibility to their customers.

Tim (00)
My daughters first car, sunroof doesn't work (knew this when we bought it). Reading the attempt at an epoxy repair, I would think that I could get a bronze part made by a machinist (it sounds like the disassembly and reassembly of the riveted frame was done successfully). Does anyone hav a really clear picture of the mechanism?

olivia (03)
dad bought me an '03 for my sixteenth birthday and two weeks later sunroof went open about an inch with the button but wont open or close. i thought i was one of only a few but i guess not

Stephanie Treece (02)
My sunroof broke awhile back. One side was stuck open. My Dad broke the stuck bracket and sealed it, but it's kind of leaking. When we got a lot of rain, it was wet around the edges. I am so thrilled to know that eventually my car will smell like mold and mildew.

PLEASE PlEASE call the Dept of Transportation Hotline show on left! I have made small business cards with this number, and when I see a Cougar ina parking lot with duct tape or screws (and I have seen 4!) I leave a card.

Heidi (02)
Sunroof broke in Vent position. Opened an inch, then just stopped. No sounds from the motor, nothing happening from the switch. We have the Cougar repair manual, and followed the instructions. Electrical tested fine, so we removed the motor. The gear wheel to move the sunroof didn't budge. After careful inspection, found a broken bearing. After removing the bearing, the gear turned easily! The sunroof is closed!! Now I can remove the corny plastic from my roof.

Going to try to purchase a new motor. It only has 74K miles on it, and I really, really enjoy the sunroof. I'll post again if we can successfully fix it. But at least it is driveable.

Adriene (99)
my sunroof will not open all the way it opens up just a bit and gets stuck and days later you can get it to close back.

Naomi (00)
My sunroof is stuck in the one inch open position and will not close. No fuse issues and motor does not respond.

vince (99)
I just came accross a website that claims they have the fix for this: has anyone tried this? Have anyone gotten anwhere with replacing it? I was told $1000 4 years ago. Supper pisssed to this day.

Terry (99)
I took the car into a local garage because we were not getting heat to the defroster.
While it was there i asked them to find the leak coming from the drivers door. to make a long story short. They determined that the leak was coming from the Moonroof drain tubes. The drivers side tube was clogged, therefore when it rained it would overflow into the head liner running down the trim by the door and out on the floor by thr hatch release button.
When we picked up the car they had apparently broke the tabs while diagnosing the leak and told us that they did not even open it. Yeah right.

Marvin Parms (01)
Got a 2001 V6 for my birthday. The car is great. Except the sunroof won't open at all. Checked the fuse under the steering wheel and it was good. When I press the button to open I hear nothing except little clicks every now and then but doesn't move. Made an appointment to check it out. Have to wait an see I guess.

Melissa P (01)
I've been without a functioning sunroof for years after getting a $6000 estimate. It will move to vent position, but I can hear the stripped gear grinding. Thankfully I had spoken to another Cougar owner by chance who warned me, and I stopped using it before I was left with a sunroof stuck open.

I haven't had it checked, but I believe I also have a problem with the sunroof drain tubes leaking through my door seals. Will have to check that out...


Yannick (01)
I got the car couple of month ago and I love it. The only problem is the sunroof mecanisme that broke while i was using it . As I open it up I saw the part who's following the trail as broken.Anibody as a clue on how we manualy close the roof. Im stuck in vent position.

Lashonya (00)
The same thing happen to me. I think entire car should be recalled it seems to have all of the same problems; with different drivers. It just doesn't make any since and it seems no one is standing with us to fight ford. How are they or did they get away with this?????

Gary Bowden (99)
Sunroof stuck open, will not close

craig warnick (01)
sunroof stuck in vent position

Frank (01)
Sunroof stuck in vent position. Isn't there a way to manually close it??

junior (02)
sunroof is stuck open and can not close. possible electrical problem if no sounds from motor

Bob A. (01)
Sunroof is stuck open. Plastic pieces that slide down track have broken.

Kaytan (00)
only one side of my sunroof would attempt to open and would not be able to move past the vent position. :/ very random considering i very rarely use it and seemed to work prior to this experience.

Brad M. (01)
3 years ago or so i knew there was going to be a problem. the sunroof started to make a slight clicking sound when fully extended. then a short time later it would only open to the first stage (a vented opening). Now as of today, oct. 4, 2009, its trash. it opened to the vent position and then the motor decided to crap out. Now i can not shut the stupid thing. ford, ford, must of used japaneese parts. lol. Anyhow...i'll just break the thing shut and let the next person fix it if they want the sunroof feature. we are ready for a new car anyhow. plus there are lots of other items on the car that have been problematic to this point as well. RIP COUGAR!

Jeremy C. (00)
Sunroof stuck in vent position. Hasn't worked in 4 years. I'm so pale now, and not pleased. I want my sun back and I don't have 1.2Gs to burn :(

Alicia (00)
I purchased the car in November of 03. By March of 04 the moonroof would not close but was only open a crack. It stayed that way for five years until the guys at Firestone decided they needed to open the moonroof to rotate my it's stuck open. There's just a long line of problems I've had with this car. I'll never buy a Ford again.

Bob (99)
Same as all you people, Ford wanted £1,500 to fix, looked for someone breaking a Cougar, part a sunroof man to go and get it and then swap with mine, total £520 was caused by use of cheap plastic parts he said

james Bonorden (00)
One side will not attempt to open. Plastic inside the track that attaches to the motor broke. Engineering flaw.

SLIM (99)
Just bought my cougar a few days ago... decided to use the sunroof and well... you know the rest... never buying a ford again.........

emil vanta (00)
will never ever buy a ford again.... my sunroof or i should say my vent roof has been stuck for 3 years now... i have so many problems with this car ranging from CAT converter, steering wheel pump, gas tank recall, etc.. they shouldve recalled this car ill be switching to toyota or honda soon!

Stephannie Danner (02)
This is the SECOND Cougar I've owned. The first a 00, the second, my 02 35th Annivesary Edition. I love these cars so much -- I flew from MO to CT and DROVE 23 hours home just to get THIS particular car with all the specs. I've had it 8 months and just like my 00 -- sunroof track screwed! I too got the outrageous $2k quote from Ford!! I have nothing against Ford, but this is RIDICULOUS!! Why in the world is there no a recall?!?! I love my car and just want it to WORK!!

There is a way to manually close your roof guys. Pull the lighting console out. The back portion (behind the notification lights) just pops out. Once you have that out, reach your hand in there gently and push the dome light bar out. This will reveal two star bit screws. Take those out. Then you can disconnect all the plugs and get all that out of the way. Next, move your visors to the side and gently pull out the little hooks. Then pull the trim around the sunroof off.

Now youve moved enough stuff to give you lee-way to work around the sunroof motor. Take an alan bit and stick it up in the hole of the gear box and rotate. That is how you manually operate it. If you're lucky, the track my be messed up enough to where the safety mechanism prevents to motor to operate it but still enables you to manually move it to get it closed.

This is where i'm stuck. I really cant find anything visible on the track preventing it from operating correctly. I've had the hard top completely off and poked all over in the track...if anyone has any hints, tricks, feedback, etc. Please shoot me an email, send pics anything!! If you're in MO all the better, maybe you can help me fix it! I WANT MY SUNROOF BACK!!


Frank Suareo (00)
Sunroof stopped opening/closing @ 39k miles and 5 years old.

Luckily, it was closed and wouldn't open. Haven't had a usable sunroof since.

How much extra did I pay for the sunroof option?

Mike Coats (99)
I used to be a Ford person but this is junk at it's best

benjamin hdz (00)
i just need the sunroof to open and closed so i can sale that car looks good to much money to fix

Scott Curry (00)
2nd Cougar, first with a sunroof. Sucks that it doesn't work. Can't believe Ford/Mercury knows about this and does nothing, guess we know why they're following GM into the crapper.

Samuel (00)
Just bought a used Cougar.The girl knew that the sunroof is giving problem but got it shut somehow and didn't tell me.

Came home opened it and now it wont close. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Scott Curry (00)
Samuel, when I figured out mine wasn't working it was stuck open at the time. Get someone to push the button to close it while you push on the sunroof. That's how I got mine closed.

Evan (00)
well same thing happend to me. blah blah it happens to everyone with the car. but i went to and i bought the gear for an outrageous 55$ but it worked!!! so it was well worth it. they even show how to do it on a for contour which is what the cougar is based on. so i recommend you purchasing one if you hear a clickng sound coming from your motor. if its the track, your pretty much screwed. it is very expensive to fix that. thank god that wasnt the problem with mine.

leo (99)
i bought mine with the same problem.i thought it would be easy to fix.when i google that's when i knew the only way to fix is to replace to whole sunroof.if it was a foreign they would already recall the problem.because they do care about their product.

Tyler (99)
My sunroof gave out at 57k, but it was open when it broke. I took it to the dealership, and they manually closed it and epoxy-sealed it. But I'd like to take the interior panel off to still let some light in. Does anyone know if this is possible or how to do it?

donald larsen (20)
I purchased my 2001 Mercury Cougar in December 2000. My moonroof stuck open in 2007 and I had to pay $75.00 to have it closed. I contacted Ford and virtually got a brush off over this problem. I also informed them this would be the last FORD MOTOR PRODUCT I WOULD EVER BUY AND I'LL STICK TO THIS. Foreign car quality is the only way to go. NO MORE FORDS, CHEVROLETS OR CHRYSLERS FOR ME

Kolten (00)
I just got this for a first car, and i got the sunroof up half of an inch and now it wont close. It's not the components because the motor doesn't make noise and the fuses aren't blown. So whats wrong?

Aimee (01)
Haha...isn't it great there is an entire website dedicated to this one problem, and yet Ford will not take responsibility for their POS craftsmanship. I have contacted them via e-mail and contacted Ford Canada directly. They claim it's not a defect, therefore it can not be recalled. My sunroof broke down last year, so I brought it in to Ford to be fixed. They could not fix the problem, but could replace the entire sunroof. $3000+. No thanks. I'll try to claim it through my insurance, if not I'll take it to a custom body shop and put a manual sunroof in it! This just proves how "Ford tough" vehicles are made...with plastic parts.

chandler (00)
Ihave a oougar with a sunroof problem. this seems to be a common problem. you needto own up and fix the problem

Carrie F (00)
Just purchased my daughter what we thought to be a nice used car. Sunroof was closed but dealer said he thought was an easy fix. Now we find out that this sunroof will cost $2000 to fix, which is just slightly less than we paid for the car. What is wrong with Ford??

Vincent (00)
my cougar has NOTHING working with the sunroof... motor... tracks... nothing. In fact, if I drive more than 60 with the windows up, the sunroof will start to lift up into the slipstream!

Myron Horn (99)
Bought it one year ago used and from looking at this site I am surprised it worked for awhile. Quit working last year and yesterday the damn thing blew off in the highway. This is my daughters car and I have a new Ford truck. Re thhinking that.

kurtis (02)
the sunroof is opened about an inch and will not close. how can i get it to?

Janis (01)
I am looking for a part for my still works I just can't get my headliner redone until I find this piece. If anyone knows how I can get a hold of the plastic piece that sits under the glass....or rather the piece that the visor slides into. I would greatly appreciate it.

daniel f (02)
my sunroof worked fine yesterday but when i closed today it completely stop about 2inches from being closed....this car is turning out to be a lemon with one problem after the next

Keenan Cole (00)
M sunroof has been broken for 2 years and I cant afford the crazy money required to fix it.

Tom L (00)
My daughter's '00 sunroof broke a number of years back. I went to the dealer and they agreed to go 50/50 on the replacement - my share was 600 (I think). Now this was when the car was 5 years old - way beyond the warranty. The new sunroof is still fine.

DAVID (99)
bought this car few months ago with thoughts of a racer. this car, the sun roof stoped working, it has 73,000 on it the engine sounds bad in just the few months i've had it

danielle (00)
I have the same problem as everyone else, go figure. I called Ford about some recalls for other things and they wouldn't even fix those so you know they won't fix this either. CHEVY ALL THE WAY.

Gail Fitzpatrick (02)
In October or November of 2009, I went to open my moonroof and found it would not lift on the right/passenger side. It would lift a little on the left/driver, but with the other side not lifting, the moonroof will not work. I took it in to the dealer Northtowne Lincoln Mercury - Kansas City, MO - they said it would cost $1,900 to fix, $65 to take the motor out so the roof stays permanently closed.

Jeremy Villata (99)
99 Cougar with a moon roof assembly. The tracks are broken, the motor dead and the plastic ceiling frame that supports the liner is broken, so it's hanging from the overhead light.

Terry Harbottle (00)
sunroof broken. Track problem

scott (00)
sunroof does not operate, and stuck in partially open position. Motor does not appear to be working. No prior signs of trouble. Does it sound like motor or the plastic all are talking about. How do you access the motr.

joe (99)
i wish my sunroof worked,,,problems the motor. week system, total failure.the company probly knew this was set to happen, pretty scary the engineers who built this car cant design a reliable sunroof

Kay (99)
About 4/5 yrs ago went to open roof, right/passenger side cocked and would not go back. Went to dealership, told $1800 - past warranty. Agreed to fix for $600 as known issue with this car by dealership after some wrangling. Today - same problem again...getting it checked out tomorrow. Live in WI and use it maybe 4-5 months - really? Only 5 years on parts for this? Won't fix it this time at that price even though my car is still a gem!

Susan Shontelle-Smith (01)
Have a 2001 Cougar only 43,731 miles on it...transmission totally went before that the sunroof stopped working. Still owe money on it. Has new brain, engine good, but the transmission that I had someone take out of another Cougar is it sits year after year after year. Ford would not even pay me for the brain...nothing but problems.
I will never buy another Ford again. This car was a lemon. Should have bought the extended warranty on this one. Sun roof stopped working before the transmission totally dumped..luckily in the closed position. Can't afford to get it fixed. What a shame. Now I know why they have so much money they don't honor any of their recalls.

Michelle (02)
I have the same problem with my sunroof. I was closing it and heard a pop noise. When I tried to reopen it.. it opened crooked and one side will not close(the arm). Every time it rains I cringe.

I also have a problem with the 6 disc cd player. It broke it 35k miles on it.

Dan Mac (99)
Sunroof just stopped working. Ive heard about this issue but wasnt worried. Guess what now doesn work. motor kicks in but thats it.

Michael Baas (99)
I have a 99 cougar and I bought the car used with 100K miles on it, the dealer told me the roof didn't work so I decided to check it out. I got it to open and close, but now I ripped it apart and am trying to get it closed again and it will get closed but not shut down. The motor works but it acts like its off track or alighnment somehow. I can force it open but can't get the moonroof to come equal to the rest of the roof.

Mike Juno (99)
sunroof jams and has to be forced shut

Tiffany Dover (99)
Bought a cougar and was told the fuse was blown and that's why the sunroof was not working. It turned out to be a blown motor AND the plastic POS tracks are broken. Ford NEEDS to be the ones to replace these for free since it's happened to so many people.

andrea graham (00)
Sunroof one side stuck open other side down the motor works but the one side will not open? Im looking to have it repaired but obviously this happens alot.

Craig Smitjes (02)
I had no idea about the sunroof problems in these cougar's untill mine broke and i found this website. Same as alot of people, i went to open it and just herd a crack. the passenger side track pc broke not allowing it to open straight, I'm so suprised at how many people have this problem. Ford should def. come good for it. the only time i drive my car is in the summer and i sure do miss my sunroof. Stratford,Ontario,Canada

Scott K. Wallace (01)
sunroof broken, track brackets broken, motor fine, but one side, track brackets broke

Diane Ebert (99)
Sunroof just stopped working. Husband would love to be able to fix himself.

Steven Bennett (99)
I didn't even knew it broke I just went to open it up one day and it would go up just not slide back. I look at the top of it as it opens and it looks like it is opening at a slight angle so im taking it that the track on the left broke somehow.

Patrick Knight (01)
Sunroof would not open or close fully. Tooka look and found broken guide on left side and broken rear slide pivots. Ford says parts not available anymore.

matt schein (99)
the motor seems to work i can hear it working but it wont open or close i can force it open and close it with force and the moon roof slide ither

vince (99)
Same as everyone else, i see there is no fix, has anyone ever tried putting a 2002 sunroof in a 99? I think it will work but i don't want to get the sunroof out and try to put in the 2002 and find it will nto work. i"m not paying 1200 for a new part, which they did fix and upgrade to aluminum.

Michael Ryan (02)
My sunroof was broken the glider pieces snapped and the roof didn't want to move. Then it rained which cause the motor to somehow get wet and then didn't work altogether. Ford specifies new roof...sorry I can't just pull $1200 out of my a**!

Daniel Evans (00)
I bought my Cougar in 2007, and the sunroof never opened. Plastic gears were really the cheaper way out. Good going, Mercury xP

Tina (99)
my sunroof broke like everyone elses and have to replace the whole thing for 1200 bucks. made me want to trade it in!

steve (99)
Same problem here, broken sunroof, repair is too expensive.

Maria (00)
I just bought this car and wondered why the sunroof was caulked shut. I asked the girl I purchased it from and she said it came off while she was driving. I can't imagine what would have happened if it would have hit the car/person in back of her. Quite frankly I'm surprised there has not been a recall on these sunroofs!!!!

Robert (99)
I had the moonroof open and hit a small bump...heard something overhead...later when I tried to close it, it didn't completely close. This is the SECOND time this has happened. The 1st time it was under warranty. It would have been @ $1300 to fix (in 2001). I was also told the the machanic at the merc dealer that the moonroof is NOT FACTORY INSTALLED.
THanks Merc!

TDJ (01)
roof opens but needs help shutting. Quit using because I am afraid it won't close one day. Ford say $1800 to fix. Whole track needs to be replaced. Should be a recall. Wonder what the number has to be before FORD considers it a problem.

Anita Mackulin (20)
my sunroof opens fine but when i go to close it only one side closes. dealer said they send them out to be fixed. is there a recall on these?

Cody Robertson (99)
At first only one side of the sun roof would close. Now neither side will. Not good.

josh (99)
i cant get my sunroof to open at all does anyone no what fuse is for the sunroof so i can check it and is the radio controls on the steering wheel on the same fuse as the sunroof

Mark (99)
My wife bought the car new. In 2004 the Sunroof failed while out of town, we had to force the unit closed which cant be good for the rest of the assembly. As i am writting this, Ford has announced that they will be killing off the Mercury line in the near future and concentrating on the Lincoln line. You cant tell me that they (Ford) doesnt have 2000+ replacement sunroofs nationwide to fix the problem that is obviously their fault. Like anything else nothing is done until someone is mamed or killed. BE PROACTIVE Ford, NOT REACTIVE!!!

Ford wanted $500.00 just for the motor, I got a used one for $75 but it failed after the sunroof went up but not back

Sandra (01)
My sunroof will not close all the way back after slid halfway shut and now stuck.....

Chris (01)
2 years ago the sunroof went up and not back down. Had to break off the arms holding it up as I couldn't even force it closed. The sunroof is now sealed with silicon so it doesn't leak. yay.

tony (01)
just bought my 2001 cougar and the dealer said the sunroof wont close if you open it so im not touching it HELP !!!!

Jake Morris (00)
Sunroof will not close. Control rail arms and track are broken. (plastic parts, go figure). Cost to repair a manufacturer design weakness is ridiculous. Ford did not take any bail out money and I was going to consider purchasing another. Seems they won't even stand behind their product. Must have to get maimed or killed before anyone will do the right thing and fix their design mistake. Ford, do the right thing. recall and fix this mistake.

John (01)
Sunroof stopped just after starting to move. I found the problem was with the motor. Took the motor out and found the motor itself was fine but two of the three micro switches were bad. I found them online, replaced them, and it works fine. This cost me 8 dollars. Told the dealer and he said you can't replace them. Wrong again!

Brian (00)
My Sunroof has stopped working in my 2000 cougar. If there all these problems ford really should do a recall.John do you know where you can get switches. I took the motor out assuming it would have brushes and if I cleaned them it would work but there are none.

Amy (01)
has a metal piece that pushes the sunroof up and down that broke and jammed the other side. Dealership told me I have to buy a whole new track and have them install it for $1600, no thanks it's closed now cuz my dad cut the other side off and it doesn't leak when it rains.

Kyle (00)
Same situation as Chris (1588) Mine still leaks though.

Maicel (10)
Sunroof strikes and cannot in cologne takes not of the thing because the car is too old.

Daniel (01)
Mine fell off the track on one side and the dealer wanted $3000 to repair it- they said that they'd scratch all the paint just getting it off and have to repaint the whole thanks!

Marc (00)
mine opened half-way and won't shut...hunk of junk :(

Steve (00)
Bought it used in May 2006. Sunroof worked fine everyday, for 6 weeks, till one really hot day I left the back of sunroof up to let the air circulate. The heat from the sun MELTED the PLASTIC rails. Metal rails cannot be bought seperately, entire assembly $2200 + install.... What dumb ass thought PLASTIC was a good idea????? We should all get a free kick on that guy's nuts

Track just came off while driving and bent both sides when roof came down. Can't seem to find metal tracks at a reasonable price....where do you go to get them?

steve (99)
Sunroof failed to close all the way. Motor is not making any noise. Pulled the fuse and it almost closed. Going to manually shut it tonight. For sale tomorrow.

DL (00)
Just bought a 2000 cougar and had high hope of putting a fuse in it to fix the sunroof but that was not the problem. Took it to get repaired and they opened it and cannot close it. Now I have a 2000 pound paper weight. Thanks Ford!

Sunroof took several days of constantly trying to get sunroof closed. Thank god no rain. Finally closed, disconnected switch so it doesn't get opened accidentally. Too bad, best part of the car.

Charles Tinsley (00)
Sunroof broke of course. Now we know why ford didn't need any bail out money; they've been "TAKING" it from the customers!

joe (99)
someone posted a brass fix here is the site

Kyle Evans (00)
Plastic piece is broken which causes it not to open.

Justin Banks (00)
sunroof usually always lifts sometimes wont slide back... however when i want to shut it about 80% of the time it wont budge no noise at all. if it does slide 60% of the time it wont drop. (i keep shut the car off let it sit start it and try again) got it shut now and im not touching the button....... what a piece of junk...

Trey Collins (01)
The sun roof broke in 04. It is a defective product made of plastic.

johnny warren (99)
broken sunroof gear assembly. plastic piece broke. i like my cougar but it is junk

Curtis (00)
plastic and metal piece broke. thanks ford your so great.....

Rod (01)
I love my cougar, but the sunroof assembly is shot. Is there a recall on this?

Dirk Morgan (00)
Sunroof stuck in the open position!!!

Josh Lindauer (00)
Went to open sunroof and it open cockeyed, so I was pretty sure the track was broke and hey it was. Surprised it lasted 10yrs not bad knowing cougar sunroof issues

Mary Anne Waldt (02)
Sunroof stopped working. Could it be a fuse or do I have to worry about a motor?

Betty (20)
Sunroof stopped working I had replaced the motor for $1200
sun roof was working until I push the button again and it stop.Took toford dealer and said was now the track and it would cost me $1200.00 to put the track in. No way I will not buy another car from Ford
Ford if you know this was a problem you should do a recall and fix all the sunroofs do the right thing.

Jonathan (99)
Sunroof problem pretty much sums up ford. Cutting corners to save money. Using unreliable pieces. And not caring about their customers. Guess who im not buying another car from?

Matthew (01)
My son's '01 sunroof won't retract.Is there a manual override to retract sunroof to close oosition? Replaced transmission twice-not willing to put anymore money into this LEMON.

fred rowland (00)
track broken

Betty (02)
Love my 02 courgar but nothing but problems with sunroof which one of reason I purchased it cuz love sunroofs is there a recall since there is such a problem?

saul (00)
I have a 2001 Mercury Cougar. I was working last night as a delivery driver and had on of those signs with the name of the business. I was really hot and without thinking, opened my sun roof. It went up and then back and then got stuck. I closed it quickly and later when I tried to open it it lifted up and then wouldn't move. Now I'm stuck with a half open sun roof and the controls don't move the sunroof either way. My dad and I checked the fuse and it is in perfect working condition. Is there anything else that I can do to get the sunroof working again because rain has been on and off lately and I'm afraid to leave my car anywhere even for a few minutes. Please Help. Thank You.

Marc (99)
My mercury cougar sun roof just stopped working! found out that the problem with it is actually the track for the sun roof!

Dennis Mccarthy (02)
Sunroof failed too close all the way an stopped working

Anita (01)
My 2001 mercury cougar hasn't had any major problems. It has 126 plus miles and is still my favorite...However, the sunroof hasn't worked since 2008!!! I purchased this car in 2005 and one of the main reasons that I bought it was because of the sunroof and the body style. It was love at first sight! I am very dissappointed in Ford for not recalling this issue! Cougars from 99-02 have the exact same problem; so why hasn't Ford done some this about this!? I can honestly say that this was my first and my last Ford/Mercury purchase!

aaron t fuller (99)
moonroof does not function at all. i have always been a ford customer and am very dissapointed in this issue. ford should take responsibility for this issue and do a factory recall on this product. i wouldnt bet on this happening though. they say its not an safety issue so they wont do anything about it. i dont know who heads up the financial department over there but i dont need a calculator to figure out this problem will cost ford way more money in the long run and way more customers if the problem isnt corrected properly when its all said and done. i am very disappointed. thank you for your time.

Ben (00)
Nothing but problems from the get go with this car. Replaced the alternator 3 times. Now the sunroof is stuck and won't close the entire way.. why did I get stuck with this vehicle? Please recall this car, Ford.

kayla (99)
my sunroof stopped working and it's a inconvenience.

Manny Rodriguez (02)
I have replaced the moon roof motor assembly 3 times, the micro switches give out every 12 months. I have also replace the transmission 3 times gives out every year. Piece of crap car

Jean (99)
sunroof stopped working, ford must do a recall on this. no more Ford for me.

Darrell (99)
Sunroof, blinkers, hazards, radio, dome light, side marker lights, and overdrive dont work. Has been nothing but electrical gremlins since I've owned it.

mimi (00)

Dan (01)
My sunroof quit working three years ago and still can't be fixed without a major expense. Thank you FORD (Fix Or Repair Daily)

Matt (99)
One bright sunny morning I noticed that my sunroof was slightly cracked open before getting into my car. I pushed the button to open and nothing happened. I pushed it to close and only the left rear end moved (slightly) down. I took the car to a Ford dealer to inspect and after the $75 charge they told me I would need new rails. Happy that the problem was identified I provided the go-ahead to fix the problem. The mechanic explained that the parts that he would need were discontinued and there was nothing he could do. After pestering salvage yards I was informed that there are very few floating around. Today I am still looking for parts...

Hillbilly (99)
The plastic levers in my sunroof broke too. So I rednecked mine! Took it out as one unit. Slotted the rail under the levers and put a rope on each side. Now I manually pull each side and slide them forward. Up goes the back and the roof slides back! Sweet! Cost me about two hours and the sun is shining! I'm thinking about putting some decorative pulls on the ropes. Maybe cougar emblems!

Dennis (99)
i dont know what fords prob is but they need to stand behind there crap this is a super huge prob with these cars at least be realistic on the pricing of parts thousand dollars get real u bozos

Greg timmons (00)
I cant even find an assembly to fix the problem. Ford you need to take a look at this.

Jason (00)
bought the car with 100k miles on it since we needed something cheap and hopefully reliable. Sunroof didn't work when we bought it but the used dealer said the "switch was broken". We weren't too concerned since a sunroof wasn't on our list of items we needed. Now I'm worried it's going to fly off the top of the car on the highway! This is one of MANY electrical issues on the vehicle. My last 5 cars had no less than 100k miles on each of them, and none of them have had issues like this thing. No wonder why the company folded.. Mercury: "New doors opened, when you least expect it!"

Patrick Reczko (99)
Sliding Roof quit working 2 days after buy.. That Sucks..
1000Ä in Germany just the Parts..
I can Fix all by myself, but without Parts ?

mike bruce (00)
Same problem, plastic piece broke, sunroof wont open. My wife constantly keeps me aware of this. :(

Christopher Kimmel (99)
99 cougar v6 had to fence wire my sunroof closed

susan shontelle-smith (01)

Keith amato (01)
My cougar's moonroof stopped working recently. Then the cv joint went. And when I got it towed they lost the moonroof. Now all I have is a hole in my roof. Garage is acting like they didn't lose it. What a mess

Fran (02)
Second cougar, was told this year had metal tracks that wouldn't break. Well they did. Now stuck with half the sunroof open...

Dean Bryant (99)
Just bought car. It worked sometimes but now it won't work at all.

Mitchell Earle (99)
Have a 99' Cougar and guess what? The moonroof is broken due to the cheap plastic parts!

Alexander Gammon (00)
Where can i buy a complete new sunroof?? this is BS!

Gail Harrison (19)
Sun roof stopped working after 2 years - days like today really make me angry about that - pay that money for it then does not work

Dylan (00)
Bought the car from an auction without the sunroof already broken. Motor was broken so it simply sat on the car without any locking mechanism. Would "flap" up and down above 65mph. One day i came out to my car to find the whole glass panel missing.

William Ammons (00)
Broke about a year ago and I now have time to fix it and can't even find the parts.

Shantrell (99)
If the motor is making sound when I try to open my sunroof but it dosent open is my sunroof jammed??

Carl (99)
Wish I would of read all the broke sunroof, would not bought one for my som

jose (00)
Buy this car never use sunroof went a try to used broke down. now every time it rain leeks from all over the sunroof

dARRYL (99)

Dustin (99)
I bought my Cougar not too long ago. the sun roof was broke when I purchased it. I didn't care that it didn't work, but now that its leaking I need to fix it.. I just want to seal the leak and not mess with it anymore.

paul berrier (01)
roof was working fine all day then went to close it and it wouldn't do anything. No sound. then pressed button and it opened rest of way but then quit again and wouldn't close.

Jason Brown (20)
Bought the cougar a couple months ago. Moonroof was broken with a siezed motor. bought a new motor and replaced the fuse and relay. Now it makes a buzzing noise if the switch is clicked, but will not spin the gear.

Jim (99)
Moonroof piece of crap and headlights flicker. Great job Ford...Quality has been demoted to job number....37?

Alex Eberly (99)
My sunroof isn't working and I checked the fuse box and fuse number 21 looked okay. It still hasn't worked.

Marcus Segundo (01)
Just bought it recently and was told the sunroof doesnt work. Well it works, but only half opens up while the other side is stuck. Forced it open to take a look and it turns out the guide on the sunroof part is split in half. Got it closed and it doesn't leak, but where do i start looking for replacement parts?

Carll (99)
To Marcus: go to!

Lisa Taysom (02)
Same as everyone. Sunroof broke almost completely closed, but still cracked. It will open and close, Although never completely.. Will leak always! today is 6.7.11 anyone know where to get this fixed yet?? FORD you NEED to help with this overly common problem!

Michael Latham (00)
Plastic broken on rail

Lisa McCallister (99)
Moonroof just broke last night- stuck open, then a bad storm rolled in- wouldn't you just know it. We bought the car used at what bluebooked at a really good price- I love driving it , but everything on that seems should be an easy fix is outrageous. My Pathfinder used to do the same thing but I could always "pop" it back in place. The first Cougar I ever drove was a 1969 when I was in highschool in the 80's - this Cougar has been nothing like that car.

Melisa Walker (99)
Same here. Sun/moon roof makes a sound like it is closing but does nothing. can not even be closed fully manually :(
$1500 to fix? No way! Too much money dumped into this thing already. I remember a saying when I was a kid and should have stayed away from Ford ..Found On Road Dead..FORD

Mike B (02)
One day the roof only cracks open , but does not fully slide back. It closes and does not leak. I just made an appointment to get it fixed. It seems it should be something I could fix , but I cant figure out the problem.

BjŲrn R. (99)
Had the cougar for 3 months now. Moonroof made a strange noise today and won't open anymore. Sucks.

Ed (00)
My problem is different. The problem with my sunroof seems to be either a short, or a bad switch. It opens and closes fine (when it wants to, sometimes it will just get stuck. halfway, quater way, all the way open. It just stops responding. if the track was the problem it would make noise, but i just keep clicking the thing till it eventually goes. It has a mind of its own, sometimes i have to leave it for a few hours and come back and try again.

Mike B (02)
Just a follow up to a previous post. I took the car to the Dealer. The Service Mgr told me he didn't want to take the roof apart because the parts were obsolete. He could not get parts even if he found the problem, plus he didn't want to cause more damage, espeically since the roof was able to close. So I guess I will have to live without the sun roof , or get parts from a junk yard etc.

pat (00)
where to buy replacement sunroof assy


rev (99)
The 99 cougars sunroof button is pressed and doesn't do anything has me vexxed

Chris Haynes (99)
Bought this in December 2010. Apparently was broken when I bought it but hadn't checked since it was winter.Contacted previous owner.Had been broken for years! THANKS FORD/MERCURY For my POS.

Jeff Sanders (02)
Slide on left side of moonroof fractured a couple of years ago and will not allow roof to close tightly. Sealed unit requirea complete replacement, according to Ford dealer, at a cost of about $1600. It seems pretty lame for a part that probably cost a few cents to make and could be easily accessible.

Peter Marth (00)
00 Cougar Sun Roof in open position, motor doenst work how do i get the roof back down closed until i can get the motor replaced

Dale Mancuso (02)
Have the two main common Cougar problems. 1. Battery cables overheating and 2. Sunroof suddenly breaking.

Billy Cole (20)
Track locked up 5 years ago and got stuck open. I took out the headliner, removed the moonroof assembly, forced it closed, re-installed, and disconnected the switch (would open but not close). For the price of a new assembly, I figured I'd just have a coupe.

Joel Pilgrim (99)
Sunroof leak, pulled out headliner and no drain lines,and cant see where thay would be do thay all have them

Evan P (99)
motor overheat whenever switch is plugged in. no sunroof functionality

Lance Evenson (00)
08-17-2011 72,996 miles 2.5L V6 Auto :( Traction Control.

I opened the sunroof a bit so it wouldn't get so warm when the car was parked outside, then go to close it and the one side breaks, the motor and all still runs and pops it up as others have stated. The good side of this is I get to park my car in the garage so it doesn't get rained in. ;)

michael rivera (02)
Sun roof stuck open need to know how to fix

James J (99)
Sunroof leaks water, and when opening it is making a grinding noise, so I keep it closed in fear of it breaking in the open position.

andy (00)
I just bought a 2000 mercury cougar and the sunroof doesnt do anything i need to know where the fuse or relay switch is located seeing is how i never got a owners manual with it.

Diane (99)
Just bought a 99 cougar, I didn't know about the sunroof until i went to open it! It is stuck up on one side. I have tried to get it down, but no such luck. any suggestions on getting one side down before winter sets in?

Renee (02)
My sunroof is stuck open! How can I get it to close??

Lynn (01)
My sunroof is open and won't close. When you push the button there is nothing. No motor noise.

john (02)
my sunroof like blows ima change my car this is ridiculous

elissa bradberry (01)
i need to replace the motor in my sunroof, but my ford dealer says the motor is discontinued. is there anyway i can get the motor replaced??

carolyn (00)
fan doesn't blow ie: no defroster, heater or air. sunroof wont open

Mike (02)
sunroof quite after only 8,000 miles on car. Found plastic gear broken and split. cheap CHINA junk like part. no wonder they quit making these cars. FORD should be ashamed

Susie (00)
I'm on my 4th sunroof. It just broke again. This one came from a junk yard, since they no longer make them. Is there anything that can be done? Mine is a Roush Cougar, and I'm trying to make it last forever.

pj (02)
Sunroof is stuck in the open position. I can't get it to close. When you push the button nothing happens. I have a tarp on it - rain and snow are here-I need help! How do you get this thing to shut!!!

Dave S (01)
Sunroof was closing and got stuck just as it was almost closed. It's open just enough to see daylight through it. Looking at it from the top, the drivers side is flush with the roof, but the passanger side is up and open. Please help, I live in Wisconsin and it's starting to snow big time :(

Rob Cardinal (00)
track is broken, motor works fin, went to Ford dealership and they told me that part is discontinued...

Dwayne (00)
Needs tracks for sunroof.

hunter (00)
help!! i tried putting my sunroof down not thinking of the below freezing temp. out side. it opened but came off the track and now i cant get it shut the whole way, the back two arms appear to be locked in place and they wont shut, is there any way i can get it shut?

Heather Templeton (01)
Opened sunroof an now it won't close shut. I took it to a dealer ship and they told me the track to the sunroof broke off. Making the glass go off track and breaking!
I am very easy on my car. I take great care in my vehicle. So I know this was a very cheaply made part!

Jim LeGrand (00)
plastic piece on track/rail is broken. roof will not function and flaps in the wind. I am concerned another part of the assembly will break and the roof will fly out.

Len DiNapoli (00)
drivers side sunroof wont completely close. motor is working. winters here, how do I get this closed Ford/Mercury

SR Six (00)
2000 with a drivers side failure in the track.

Ray Matthews (00)
went to close sunroof got stuck wont fully go down

scott mcgonigal (00)
sunroof wont open

Roger (99)
Sunroof stopped opening (sliding back) shortly after warranty period. Continued to work in "up and down". Until yesterday. It's now stuck in the "up" position. And it's starting to rain...BIG BUMMER.

geoffrey (99)
i need a completae part number for the sunroof

Ron Fauconniere (99)
NEED whole sunroof assembly

Billy B (99)
Sunroof blew off car.Can't find a replacement.

Rich M. (00)
need new track for Sunroof

elizabeth (02)
Need a new track and plastic parts for my moon roof.

John E. (00)
I have a 2000 cougar that has just 9500 miles on it,,Sun Roof Tracks are broken. I heard they were recalled..How can I get it repaired..If not recalled how much for the tracks

Alona (99)
i have 1999 mercury cougar ,the sun roof blew off :(

Brandon Berry (99)
sunroof won't work...

James Fee (99)
Track system is broken. Need new linkage parts.

Tyler Cordonnier (01)
Sunroof track broken. I called a sunroof specialist and he said the only thing he can do is glue it shut. I'm very frustrated with Ford right now.

Lena Beck (02)
I have an 02 cougar & the sunroof does not work, you can hear the motor working when you push the button to open it, but it will not open...can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this problem??

Christy (02)
I just bought a 2002 cougar and the sunroof will not open. I don't hear any motor sounds. Everything on car is in good shape and I have been told the brackets and all were checked. Should I be confident that I just need to buy a replacement motor?

Jeanne Bourque (00)
my sunroof wont open do you have any suggession as to what the problem could be?

bethany (00)
i bought a 2000 cougar and the guy i bought it from said the pin fell off on the passenger side how would i fix this???

jimmy (99)
my sunroof wouldn't shut so i took the hinges off. how do i get it working again?

Tyler Stright (99)
Wont close fully and i will permitatlly shut it if i can find out how..

Dave W. (99)
Sunroof stuck open, finally got to close up, but not all the way. Small crack open. Won't do anything now. Any suggestions on how to get it to close totally?

Richard Phillip (99)
Has 101k on it, the first sunroof would only open one side, replaced it with like sunroof, after three uses same thing!!!

Ron Sommers (99)
cam in the motor assembly is defective

Jeff O (99)
Just got a 99 Cougar with a manual moonroof. Today it rained for the first time since I had the car. While driving I got a nice shower in the drivers seat. It came from the front left side of the moonroof. There are no drains in the manual roof, so what can be leaking?

Joe Allen (00)
The metal locking mechanism that feeds into the hook on the driver-side track snapped off leaving the whole sunroof totally useless.. Ford quoted me at $1000 when I saw the discounted price on the same site ($800) before I came in. Worthless company.

Debra (01)
Sunroof will tilt but not slide open and passenger side back corner will not go down all the way. The motor sounds like it is working properly. The sunroof flops while going down the highway which is VERY dangerous! Disgusted and will NEVER own another Ford even though I have owned 6 Fords in my life. Step up to the plate Ford and prove to your customers that you truly care! Ugh!!!!

Shari Baer (00)
Sunroof hasn't worked for going on 2 years. Sounds like it wants to open .the one front side will pop up but not the other side. You can try to help it but it doesn't work. I love my car ....just wish the sun roof worked again. It was one of the only reason I picked it over another model. Was quoted $1,000 to fix it. Just a little steep on a car that runs great but has age to her. Dealer said the manufactuerer used a cheap plastic part that should have been metal. They should have fixed it!

Ronald beale (00)
Drivers side will not go down. And cant get it to close without breaking it. Will fix it myself if i could find the parts.

Edward Bennett (99)
Bought my Cougar new in 1999 and currently have 96,000 miles on it. The sunroof failed when the car was 4-5 years old. I was able to close it and it has never leaked. I have been to several different dealers over the years trying to get it repaired. One refused, another told me not to bother because it will just brake again, another quoted me $1,400 but said it would be a waiste of money. I will never buy another Ford product again and I have purchased eight new cars from this company.

rita khan (02)
Opened my sunroof and it wont close. Finally a mechanic got it to close and chek electricsal, it was goo so he told me the switch as bead , motor works, Changed the switch and then it opened a little and wont close back. Got it to close but its not fitting right and u can see a space like its not fitting in groove . Its still raised a little. The miles is only abt 60k. What can I do Ford needs to recall and fix it. I pd $22k for my care new. Thats a lot of money for a piece of crap like this to happen.

cee cee (02)
roof wont close, can it be fix this stuck thats why i want this car

Craig (20)
Drivers side slide broke front and back at same time, the aluminum pieces that are powered by motor.. Too pricey to fix, going to jam a screw into it to keep water out of car...

Andrew Gonzalez (00)
My 2000 Mercury Cougar moonroof busted about 3 months ago. It started to open then a loud crack and it would not budge. It was offset so I had to get it to lower by using a screwdriver and popping it down so it would seal up. I still have yet to fix it due to the extreme cost. This needs to be covered by a recall cause I will not fork over 1500 dollars to get this fixed when it was Fords fault in the first place for making it out of cheaply made materials.

Matt Dixon (00)
I bought this car recently. When I press the button nothing no motor noises or nothing. After finding this site I'm now scared to try and get it working it is shut fully and happy where it is. Just thought there might something simple. Any help is appreciated.

Wes (00)
My shit won't open and I'm pissed lol

Jay D. Wolf (01)
I am selling a working 2001 sunroof on Ebay:
Item# 251115075230

William (01)
My sunroof was working perfectly until one random day when it creased operating. This must be a manufacturer's defect for so many people to be having the identical issue.

Bubba (00)
My sunroof will open but doesn't close.

Lauren (02)
sunroof suddenly wouldn't close completely on one side. Works perfectly except it wont close all the way now.

Jason (99)
2 pieces of metal on each side broke off the roof will slide up and down by hand but will not work with sunroof electrical

Anthony Cozad (99)
My sunroof will not operate at all. I have attempted to locate a used 1 and all of the parts cars I have found have the "same" problem. I am told that in the 99 and 00 they used plastic pieces and in 01 and 02 they used metal. Ford has a better idea?? Right??

gina weaverling (01)
sunroof suddenly wouldnt close and the motor got hot to where we had to unplug it.

sue (01)
sunroof not working need replacement

Martin (00)
sunroof cracking sound and stopped movement, but motor still running. Had to get another sunroof out of a 2001 model cougar with the metal rails and get the panel painted to match the car

Alexis G (02)
sunroof cracking sound and stopped. Closed the sunroof, pulled the fuse and now no sunroof.

Jeff Ramos (01)
While driving with the sunroof closed it made a crack noise. The next time I tried to open it it would open sideways. Only one side worked.

Wurzel (99)
Got hold of a '99 Cougar Nov 2012 and same problems as everybody else regarding the sunroof.Well...i have sorted it...!!!I bought a winder knob for a '99 Fiesta and attached that..(had to mess about with the headlining a bit).I can open the sunroof manually in tilt position and close it tight.Best bit about it is,no flapping in the wind..!!!

Krystal penicaro (01)
Sunroof wont open makes no sound at all

Tom (99)
Won't close. One side stays open.

Cory Patrick (99)
The sunroof won't open. I can hear the motor so I'm assuming the plastic pieces in this sunroof are broken because I was able to close it manually. I am unable to find a new sunroof assembly and I don't want to buy a used one for fear of the same problem. How can this be fixed? Is the price still going to be outrageous at a dealership even if its a factory defect?

Nigel (01)
Sun roof will tilt but not open

josh (20)
Motor goes. Makes a crackling noise. Track broken? I miss the sunroof

Alden Duvall (00)
I have replace 3 sunroofs on my car myself. All 3 have had the same failure, guides breaking. 2 of 3 were supposed to be the new aluminum guides instead of the plastic. Also the sunroof motor just failed today for the first time. Just imagine if I went to the dealer to have this fixed. at $1200 a shot that's $3600 on just f%#$ing sunroofs. Good thing I only spent about $600 for all 3. Insane right?

James Wylie (08)
Ford sunroof track broken and now they will throw the entire thing in the trash and toss in a new awefull piece of junk for 2,000$!!!

Michael (00)
My sunroof will open, but won't close fully. I figured out the mechanism, and managed to close it.
Doesn't someone (or an aftermarket mfgr) make a replacement?

Shawn (20)
One day, nice and sunny, went to open my roof and I get greet by a loud Crack, a little grinding and the roof didn't move at all. If I hold the button to open the roof fully, it will vent at the end of the opening cycle, and it will close, but that's it. The roof will not vent like normal , and will not slide back. Care only has 124,000 miles on it. This is ridiculous.

PJ (00)
Sunroof just stop working one day. Now it will not close so I can't drive my car when it rains. Ford quoted me $1600 to fix it.

Alvin Vik (99)
Sunroof will not open.

Michael Jones (01)
Stuck on one side. I believe it is the track on the passenger side.

Ashley (01)
122,000 miles. Purchased 1yr ago from private seller and sunroof was closed, he said it had been "broken" for 4yrs. After purchasing I decided to open it...worked perfectly! Then it wouldn't close afterwards and has been in the vent position ever since. Have tried multiple solutions found online to no avail (removing dome light and attempting to close manually with alan wrench, banging on it with a hammer, etc). In the meantime, I have cut a pool noodle to fit into the opening, and I cram it up there when it rains or I want to wash the car. Motor still makes noise but the moving pieces on the track aren't connected to anything.

brian white (97)
what's sun roofs are compatible with mine

Tara (01)
Sunroof broken for about 6 years now. $1200 quote to fix it... definitely not paying that. Broke the other side to somewhat close it a little better...still sticks up about 1-2 cm & interior of the car gets wet during heavy rainfall.

robert (01)
sunroof levers are out of their slots or pins in holes have come out looks like it was repaired before

Laura (00)
Sunroof will not open. Only 64,000. miles. Clearly this defect should be a recall!

Dale Bell (00)
I just bought my Cougar about a month ago and my sunroof has been working but makeing a noise, and then it made a loud noise going back and now it will not go down on one side in the vent position, it has a 161000 miles and it's in good shape. I don't know if this is the same sunroof or not. Please let me know if there is a recall of this or not. Love my car, but I don't have the money to pay out on fixing this.It seems like this has been a major problem that should have been taken care of long time ago. Thank you, Dale Bell

Rhonda Puetz (02)
Only one side wants to open. I can hear the motor working but it's like one side is stuck and won't lift up.

Corey Forbes (02)
Won't close pins are out of track and bracket bent. Only have 160000 and in good condition where do I get parts

Taylor Borowiec (99)
My 99 cougar sunroof had the front plastic tabs break first... now the rear. I'm trying to fix it up to sell and its crazy that a replacement for $500-$1000 is my only option

Tasha Lavergne (99)
Sunroof has been broken for about 8 years now. Still makes noise when the button is pushed but does not move.

Simon Sparks (00)
Sunroof stuck open in Tilt position. Have filled gap with a EPDM Foam filler :-) LH Track broken iirc

Shane Williams (00)
Sunroof quit working.

Kaathy Kelly (00)
My sunroof flew off of my car while driving down the freeway. I just got a replacement metal one...idk if I should buy more glass? Or put plexiglass/silicone in it instead?

Shilo Parker (99)
My sunroof is custom from the previous owner. Never opened when purchased a year ago. Just recently it tilted open, and now I can find a way to close it.:/

Jeffrey Wright (00)
My 2000 Cougar has only 23,000 miles on it and has always been kept in a garage. Obviously it is not driven much, and the car is in outstanding condition in every way, almost like new! The sunroof hasn't worked for at least the last 3 years. With this many complaints and a known issue, ford should take care of this for everyone that has had a problem with this. Since the cougar line ended years ago, it appears Ford doesn't care about this.

vince anderson (00)
I have a special edition that is in beautiful condition 70000 miles sunroof is broke

Dennis Schäfer (00)
Sunroof is broke.

Ford--> 2200 ‚ā¨

Deborah Nunez (01)
Sunroof is off-track and tilted on one side and won't open or close. Motor works but just makes noise. Car has low mileage and shouldn't be having this problem. Ford should cover these repairs.

Ken Kachurka (19)
We have 102,000 miles on our 99 Cougar... Sunroof won't open... Motor will run for a couple of seconds and glass will sound like it's going to open, but nothing happens...

Ashley (99)
Sunroof opens. Have to pull out dome light/harness and push switch with something other than the actual button/switch to close. sometimes it works, sometimes it wont for weeks, then it'll decide to close for me. I quit using it all together. Safer that way. Still disappointing add to the list of problems this car has had. Bought car from dealer, used in 2010, spent over 10k keeping her together since, electrical redone, 2 new alternators, new radiator,  had rpm issues fixed multiple times due to slippage of pin, had intake leaks fixed, even a transmission had to be put in, and many, many little matinances to keep her up. Currently needs new engine due to block crack.

John (00)
Dead sunroof -tilts like the rest then useless - less than 80k miles---OUCH

Albis (00)
moon roof stopped working, hasn't worked for past 3 yrs.
just froze in partial open position.

Kelo Smoke (00)
Fun car horrible Construction and design... Sunroof is broken won't close and wants to fly off at about 60 miles an hour the Ford dealership here in Fairbanks acts as if it's just not their problem...

Wesley Head (01)
The track on the left side the metal piece that actuated the movement is broken

Haynes (01)
Sunroof opened and now it will not close.

Joseph Vasquez (02)
Sunroof partially opened and now won't move anymore. Will move a tiny bit every once in a while if I press the button.

Laurence (00)
Sunroof stopped working. I got it to close, but two engineers have sid it needs a new motor. c£750!!

Javier (99)
An attachment on the passenger side broke off two days ago and I'm looking to see where I can buy the parts to fix it. Water's getting in when it rains hard. Does anyone know, please? Thank you!

David B (00)
I have the same problem as everyone else. The previous owner manually closed the sunroof and removed the fuse for the motor.

My question is -- WIIL the sunroof from a 2001 cougar fit in the 2000 cougar? Could not find an answer for my question anywhere.

ryan brggs (01)
all tracks and plastics ar broken will have to glue my sunroof shut as it is now a potential road hazard and possible flying object. the designs of these sunroofs are horrid. the sunroof is no longer physically attached to the car.

End of List