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Deborah Nunez (01)
Sunroof is off-track and tilted on one side and won't open or close. Motor works but just makes noise. Car has low mileage and shouldn't be having this problem. Ford should cover these repairs.


Dennis Schäfer (00)
Sunroof is broke.

Ford--> 2200 €


vince anderson (00)
I have a special edition that is in beautiful condition 70000 miles sunroof is broke


Jeffrey Wright (00)
My 2000 Cougar has only 23,000 miles on it and has always been kept in a garage. Obviously it is not driven much, and the car is in outstanding condition in every way, almost like new! The sunroof hasn't worked for at least the last 3 years. With this many complaints and a known issue, ford should take care of this for everyone that has had a problem with this. Since the cougar line ended years ago, it appears Ford doesn't care about this.


Shilo Parker (99)
My sunroof is custom from the previous owner. Never opened when purchased a year ago. Just recently it tilted open, and now I can find a way to close it.:/


Kaathy Kelly (00)
My sunroof flew off of my car while driving down the freeway. I just got a replacement metal one...idk if I should buy more glass? Or put plexiglass/silicone in it instead?


Shane Williams (00)
Sunroof quit working.


Simon Sparks (00)
Sunroof stuck open in Tilt position. Have filled gap with a EPDM Foam filler :-) LH Track broken iirc


Tasha Lavergne (99)
Sunroof has been broken for about 8 years now. Still makes noise when the button is pushed but does not move.


Taylor Borowiec (99)
My 99 cougar sunroof had the front plastic tabs break first... now the rear. I'm trying to fix it up to sell and its crazy that a replacement for $500-$1000 is my only option

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