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Tasha Lavergne (99)
Sunroof has been broken for about 8 years now. Still makes noise when the button is pushed but does not move.


Taylor Borowiec (99)
My 99 cougar sunroof had the front plastic tabs break first... now the rear. I'm trying to fix it up to sell and its crazy that a replacement for $500-$1000 is my only option


Corey Forbes (02)
Won't close pins are out of track and bracket bent. Only have 160000 and in good condition where do I get parts


Rhonda Puetz (02)
Only one side wants to open. I can hear the motor working but it's like one side is stuck and won't lift up.


Dale Bell (00)
I just bought my Cougar about a month ago and my sunroof has been working but makeing a noise, and then it made a loud noise going back and now it will not go down on one side in the vent position, it has a 161000 miles and it's in good shape. I don't know if this is the same sunroof or not. Please let me know if there is a recall of this or not. Love my car, but I don't have the money to pay out on fixing this.It seems like this has been a major problem that should have been taken care of long time ago. Thank you, Dale Bell


Laura (00)
Sunroof will not open. Only 64,000. miles. Clearly this defect should be a recall!


robert (01)
sunroof levers are out of their slots or pins in holes have come out looks like it was repaired before


Tara (01)
Sunroof broken for about 6 years now. $1200 quote to fix it... definitely not paying that. Broke the other side to somewhat close it a little better...still sticks up about 1-2 cm & interior of the car gets wet during heavy rainfall.


brian white (97)
what's sun roofs are compatible with mine


Ashley (01)
122,000 miles. Purchased 1yr ago from private seller and sunroof was closed, he said it had been "broken" for 4yrs. After purchasing I decided to open it...worked perfectly! Then it wouldn't close afterwards and has been in the vent position ever since. Have tried multiple solutions found online to no avail (removing dome light and attempting to close manually with alan wrench, banging on it with a hammer, etc). In the meantime, I have cut a pool noodle to fit into the opening, and I cram it up there when it rains or I want to wash the car. Motor still makes noise but the moving pieces on the track aren't connected to anything.

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