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Michael (00)
My sunroof will open, but won't close fully. I figured out the mechanism, and managed to close it.
Doesn't someone (or an aftermarket mfgr) make a replacement?


James Wylie (08)
Ford sunroof track broken and now they will throw the entire thing in the trash and toss in a new awefull piece of junk for 2,000$!!!


Alden Duvall (00)
I have replace 3 sunroofs on my car myself. All 3 have had the same failure, guides breaking. 2 of 3 were supposed to be the new aluminum guides instead of the plastic. Also the sunroof motor just failed today for the first time. Just imagine if I went to the dealer to have this fixed. at $1200 a shot that's $3600 on just f%#$ing sunroofs. Good thing I only spent about $600 for all 3. Insane right?


josh (20)
Motor goes. Makes a crackling noise. Track broken? I miss the sunroof


Nigel (01)
Sun roof will tilt but not open


Cory Patrick (99)
The sunroof won't open. I can hear the motor so I'm assuming the plastic pieces in this sunroof are broken because I was able to close it manually. I am unable to find a new sunroof assembly and I don't want to buy a used one for fear of the same problem. How can this be fixed? Is the price still going to be outrageous at a dealership even if its a factory defect?


Tom (99)
Won't close. One side stays open.


Krystal penicaro (01)
Sunroof wont open makes no sound at all


Wurzel (99)
Got hold of a '99 Cougar Nov 2012 and same problems as everybody else regarding the sunroof.Well...i have sorted it...!!!I bought a winder knob for a '99 Fiesta and attached that..(had to mess about with the headlining a bit).I can open the sunroof manually in tilt position and close it tight.Best bit about it is,no flapping in the wind..!!!


Jeff Ramos (01)
While driving with the sunroof closed it made a crack noise. The next time I tried to open it it would open sideways. Only one side worked.

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